1 Day in Prague | Cool Cheap Things to do (2023)

Do you only have 1 day in Prague? Here’s how to spend a fun-filled, cheap day out in Prague. There’s no need to worry about overspending as most of this Prague itinerary allows you to explore the best of the Czech Republic’s capital city on a budget.

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Things to do in 1 day in Prague

Fill up on bread bowl potato soup

Start the day with a full belly! Whilst it may be gimmicky, Czech goulash in a bread bowl is certainly going to make your taste buds pop and give you the much-needed energy to escapade through Prague in 1 day. Bread bowl soup is a traditional Czech food and can be found in plenty of eateries. We bought one each, but we could have easily filled up on one between the two of us. This Czech classic is the perfect hearty dish to keep warm during winter in Prague.

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Admire the astronomical clock tower

Once you have a belly full of food it’s time to get your feet moving through the Gothic Old Town, to reach one of Prague’s most famous attractions; the astronomical clock tower. This famous medieval clock was first installed in 1410 and is the oldest astronomical clock still operating to date. Make sure to visit the clock on the hour (from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm) to see the clock strike and the apostles and other figures set in motion.

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Walk Charles Bridge

Whether you’re on a day trip to Prague, or even on a wider Czech Republic itinerary, Charles Bridge is a must-visit. Charles Bridge is a stone bridge that links the old town of Prague to Prague castle, with the Vltava river flowing beneath it. If you’re on a bigger budget and are looking for things to do in Prague at night, you may want to consider taking a river cruise to see the magic of the city at night. During the day, Charles Bridge is bustling with tourists and locals that are enjoying a day out. As you stroll down the bridge take time to admire the street artists, bands and dancers that provide entertainment for passers-by.

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Watch the changing of guards at Prague Castle

Prague Castle is one of many fairy-tale castles in the Czech Republic. Once over Charles Bridge, you can make your way to Prague Castle to watch the hourly changing of the guards. Whilst there is a fee to go inside Prague Castle, it is completely free to roam the grounds and admire the pretty architecture. If you wish to go inside the castle, the entrance fee is 250 – 350 CZK ($10.82 – $15.15), depending on which circuit you choose. Or, you could opt for a Prague castle tour! For more information on how to get to the castle and the different circuits, check this post.

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Feel like a princess at St. Vitus cathedral

Whilst Prague Castle is pretty, St. Vitus Cathedral steals the show with its Gothic architecture that dates back to over 600 years ago. The cathedral is the biggest and most important in the whole of the Czech Republic and should not be skipped as it is just a stone’s throw away from Prague Castle. It truly is one of the Czech Republic’s beautiful places.

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Try Trdelnik – A pastry dessert

After working up a sweat walking to Charles Bridge and around the castle and cathedral, it’s time to treat yourself to a well-deserved yummy pastry; Trdelnik. You can find these rolled pastries just about anywhere in the city. They are a common sweet treat and are a must-try on any visit to Prague. You can opt for a plain one with sugar or go a bit extra and add in some melted chocolate. Or, if you have a super sweet tooth, you can get them with ice cream too!

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Stop by at the Dancing house

Do we have any architect lovers out there? This building is strikingly modern and unique compared to Prague’s more historic Neo-Gothic buildings. It’s not hard to understand where this quirky building gets its name from – as the house looks like it is boogying away. The building is now used as an office but there is a restaurant at the top that offers views of Prague and the river.

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Visit Franz Kafka – The moving face statue

Let’s keep with the quirky architect theme and head over to this fascinating statue. The 11-meter-tall sculpture is one of Prague’s newest attractions; built 2014. The enormous stainless-steel statue twists and turns before eventually forming into the face of a famous Czech writer, Franz Kafka. It’s pretty cool to observe!

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Graffiti the John Lennon Wall

In the 1980s, what was once an ordinary wall was turned into the John Lennon Wall, where people paid tribute to John Lennon and his ideas of peace, freedom, and free speech in the form of drawings and lyrics. Over the years the wall continues to evolve as locals and tourists make their mark on the colourfully spray-painted bricks.

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Eat a 3-course traditional meal

Just like we recommended sampling the local food in London, a trip to Prague wouldn’t be complete without sampling some traditional Czech food. Head on down to one of the cute pubs around the old town to tuck into a delicious 3-course meal. The menus are often set to a few dishes and you pay a set price for the starter, main, and dessert. Starters usually consist of soup with bread followed by a traditional main dish of meat and potatoes. Lastly, finish up with some delicious ice cream or cake.

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Watch street performances in the old square with a beer

Finally, end your 1 day in Prague with a beer or a glass of wine in Old Town Square. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the entertainment. Many people go out into the square to perform their music and dance moves.

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Where to stay in Prague

Feeling luxurious: Hotel Kings Court – Want to treat yourself to a swimming pool and some spa time? This hotel is perfect for those who want a luxury stay! It’s also in an excellent location, close to Prague’s hot spots.

Budget private room: Bed & Books Art Hotel – Just 600 meters from the Old Town Square! The vintage rooms provide a cosy stay for those who are on a budget but want some personal space and privacy.

Dorm life: Little Quarter Hostel – A highly rated hostel in the heart of Prague; just 200 meters away from Prague Castle. The hostel boasts a roof terrace, a bar, and a bicycle rental service. It’s perfect for social butterflies!

For more prices and deals on properties in Prague, CLICK HERE.

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