10 Best Restaurants near Logan Airport: Where to Eat near Boston Logan (2023)

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Boston is well-known for its food culture, and whether flying to or leaving the city, you should eat like the locals. To help you on your quest, we have dug up the 10 best restaurants near Logan Airport.

Boston has an amazing culinary history. Despite the city’s longtime image as the birthplace of chowder and baked beans, it’s now a mecca of flavors. Especially with the recent maelstrom of international influences. Nowhere is the most apparent than in the restaurants near Boston’s Logan Airport.

Logan International Airport is located mostly in East Boston and partially in Winthrop. There are several possibilities for a fast meal near Logan Airport. So, if you feel the urge to step out of the airport, don’t hesitate. But you must make sure to book your BOS Airport parking spot ahead so that you don’t have to spend time trying to find parking.

Even though Boston food is much more than chowder, seafood is truly the star of the show here. There are a variety of lobster roll options, many dollar-oyster deals, and outstanding sushi. You can also visit laid-back fried clam shacks (and fried fish sandwiches) that are especially prevalent north of the city.


Best restaurants near Logan Airport

Neptune Oyster, North End, 63 Salem St., 10 minutes from Logan airport

Even though the North End is famous for its pasta, Neptune, one of the best restaurants near Logan Airport, is famed for its seafood. There is no better spot to slurp down bivalves within close reach of Logan.

Be warned, though. Make sure you have time to wait in the inevitable line at Neptune, even though it is a small restaurant that is quite popular and does not accept bookings. Their buttered lobster roll certainly lives up to the title of “best lobster roll in the city.” It is also this restaurant’s signature dish and may be ordered either hot or cold, with mayonnaise or butter, respectively.

Row 34, Fort Point, 383 Congress St., 7 minutes from BOS airport

This well-known establishment in Fort Point was designed to be a “workingman’s oyster bar.” A famished traveler may satiate their craving for the New England seafood that Boston is so well-known for here. The creator of Island Creek Oysters in Duxbury, a leading supplier of bivalves, is also a co-owner of Row 34. The smoked and cured seafood dishes make for an exceptional charcuterie board-style starter.

There are two types of lobster rolls- one is cold and creamy, while the other is hot and buttered. There are also fried clams, crispy oysters, and cider-steamed mussels, all of which are among traveler faves. If seafood is not your thing, the bacon-cheddar burger with caramelized onions is another fantastic alternative. And, did we mention the beer? Because they have an amazing selection, from local farmhouse Saison to German lager to midwest sour.

Santarpio’s, East Boston, 111 Chelsea St., 6 minutes from the airport

Santarpio’s, one of the city’s greatest and oldest pizzerias, has remained in the same location since 1933, with little need to modify its amazing pies or divey atmosphere. They only offer pizza and a few barbecue plates—sausage, sirloin tips, and lamb. The trick is to act like a local, don’t be scared by the occasionally grouchy waitstaff, and order without a menu.

Santarpio’s does traditional East Boston Italian very well. Fresh toppings like garlic, peppers, mushrooms, Italian cheeses, and substantial helpings of ground beef, sausage, or pepperoni are supported by a saucy, crunchy crust. A basic Italian cheese pie is a bold decision, but my personal favorite is sausage and garlic.

So, should you order the grilled lamb? You don’t have to, but the lightly seasoned meat from Santarpio’s charcoal grill is pleasantly smokey. A skewer is an excellent snack to accompany an additional round of domestic bottles of beer or glasses of house wine.

Seabiscuit, East Boston, 256 Marginal St., Building 16, Boston Harbor Shipyard, 7 minutes from Logan airport

Just two words- meat pies. Seabiscuit is a makeover under the new management of the previously closed iconic KO Pies at the Shipyard (at the same site). But it is also something of its own.

Don’t worry; the well-known KO Australian meat pies are still available to order, although Seabiscuit has begun adding more of its dishes to the menu. This means that visitors may sample both the familiar and the novel at this establishment. If the weather is nice, pack a picnic and enjoy it at the adjacent Piers Park, which offers stunning panoramas of the Boston cityscape.

Angela’s Cafe Eagle Hill, East Boston, 131 Lexington St., 6 minutes from the airport

Angela’s has been for a long time the real deal for neighborhood-style Pueblan cooking such as chicken mole gorditas, albondigas, pozole, and micheladas. Although Boston has had a surge in Mexican food in recent years, Angela’s has been there for a long time and remains the real deal. They do have another outlet, which is in East Boston. However, this restaurant is closer to the airport.

Rincon Limeño, East Boston, 258 Saratoga St., 6 minutes from Logan airport

After being cooped up on a long flight, you’ll enjoy this restaurant. This restaurant near Logan Airport features a patio with seating for up to a dozen guests. The menu of piqueos, or small plates, features a variety of options. This includes ceviche flavored with lemon and mussels that are seasoned with lime juice.

These citrus characteristics are carried over to bigger meals, such as the Clasico Rincon Limeo, a sharing array of lemon-marinated, deep-fried calamari, shrimp, and other seafood items. Naturally, the ideal cocktail for pairing is Pisco Sour since the harshness of the drink is mellowed out by the topping of foam made from egg whites.

Tawakal Halal Café, East Boston, 389 Maverick St., 15 minutes from the airport

After or before bland airline food, their authentic Somali cuisine served in a cozy setting is a welcome respite. Try the tawakal dish, and don’t forget to order the shaah, a sweet tea with spices. All of the dishes, including the soups, biryanis, and curries, are spiced with East African spices, and they are delicious.

But lunch at this restaurant isn’t complete without beef sambusas, beef hilib chapati wraps, and heaping spoonfuls of the most incredible handmade spicy sauce you’ve ever tasted. So visit Tawakal instead of the terminal’s $8 chocolate-covered pretzels to do yourself a favor before your next trip instead of the terminal’s chocolate-covered pretzels.

Tertulias Café, Fort Point, 348 Congress St., 6 minutes from BOS airport

This Fort Point classic, owned by the renowned chef and restaurateur Barbara Lynch, is the ideal place for a relaxing bowl of pasta after a tiring flight.

Don’t pass up the savory tomato soup with a kick. Try the delightfully fatty rillettes served on thick-sliced crostini, the gnocchi covered in velvety mushroom ragu, and the new aperitivo bar waiting for you with negronis after work.

The Quiet Few, East Boston, 331 Sumner St., 10 minutes from the airport

Do you feel like you deserve a glass of whisky after that long flight? After leaving the airport, make a pit stop at this eccentric and cozy small whiskey bar. It’s the ideal spot for a drink and a burger. The Quiet Few is a restaurant that purposefully presents itself as a dive bar to its customers.

It features all of the typical bar foods that you would expect. But you can also add on some unique items. In addition, you can customize your meal to your specifications. For instance, you can add Cheez Whiz to your waffle fries or caviar to the top of your burger. There is also a whiskey list available, including about one hundred distinct pours. On the weekends this place may get quite noisy and crowded. This is especially true when a major sporting event is on the numerous televisions,

Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar, Fort Point, 253 Summer St., 9 minutes from Logan airport

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Lolita Cocina serves exciting cuisine loosely based on Mexican cuisine. They have an upscale setting and serve plenty of ice-cold margaritas. Make sure you save some space for dessert. Because it will come your way in the form of sour apple cotton candy topped with Pop Rocks.

Lolita Cocina is a Mexican restaurant near Logan Airport. It does have the appearance and atmosphere of a dungeon. That is, if dungeons served margaritas and tacos! It is both a restaurant and a lounge bar. Lolita Cocina gets busy quite quickly in the evenings during the week. The tacos made with fried cauliflower are fairly satisfying when it comes to vegetarian options.

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