1000+ Vocabulary Words for IELTS with Infographics and PDF - MechMass (2022)

1000+ Vocabulary Words for IELTS with Infographics and PDF

1000+ Vocabulary Words for IELTS with Infographics and PDF - MechMass (1)

1000+ Vocabulary Words for IELTS PDF! Below is the list of important vocabulary for IELTs preparation. Vocabulary building is the most essential part while preparing for IELTs.

These are some very important words that are masterly selected from the experience of IELTS experts. Our list has some very essential words for your IELTs preparation. Our list Cover words are for advance to basic level preparation for IELTs students.

So If you are a beginner don’t worry you can trust our collection of IELTs vocabulary words, and you can also download this list in PDF.

List of Vocabulary Words for IELTS

Below is the list of words for Ielts:

1000+ Vocabulary Words for IELTS with Infographics and PDF - MechMass (2)

  • Trustworthy –Reliable
  • Exemplary –extra ordinary
  • Encourage –promote, support, urge
  • Anxious –nervous
  • Adversity –difficulty
  • Sure –Certain
  • Future –coming, tomorrow
  • Fire –to throw out of job
  • Destiny –Fate
  • Calamity –Disaster
  • Violent –forceful
  • Symbolize –Represent
  • Posture –way/position of body
  • Infuriate –enrage, agitate, provoke
  • Finish –Complete
  • Real –Genuine
  • Desperate –fanatic/extremist
  • Delicate –fragile, dainty
  • Crumble –something breaks in small pieces
  • Compress –to press
  • Reluctant –hesitant
  • Freak –insane
  • Baby –Infant
  • Amiable –friendly
  • Push –shove, propel
  • Murals –huge paintings
  • Maybe –Perhaps
  • Invade- attack–
  • Center –Middle
  • Pluck –to break something
  • Native –area in which one is born
  • Land slide victory or thumping victory –victory by huge margin
  • Keep –save, protect, guard
  • Far flung –very far away
  • Viable/feasible –possible
  • Sleepy –Drowsy
  • Eternal –never ending
  • Chaos –noisy situation
  • Abandon/Abort –to leave something
  • Mentor –guide
  • Handsome –Good Looking
  • Contrary –opposite
  • Away –Absent
  • Vary –Differ
  • Terrible –dreadful, horrible, vile
  • Eager –Keen
  • Assets –earnings
  • Amateur –beginner
  • Outgoing –Friendly
  • Mansion –very big bungalow
  • Frivolous –trivial, unimportant, silly
  • Famous –Renowned
  • Exempt –except that
  • Taut –tense, tight, stiff
  • Racket –noise, commotion, disturbance
  • Long –lengthy
  • Enormous –vast, immense, colossal (Big Synonym)
  • Complete –Total
  • Militant –combative, aggressive, warlike
  • Dull –blunt, dreary
  • Crazy –insane, daft, mad
  • Chiefly –Mainly
  • Tap –to stroke something
  • Reveal –show, disclose, divulge
  • Informal –Casual
  • Imitate –Mimic
  • Enquire –Investigate
  • Sorrow –woe, anguish, grief
  • Instructions –Directions
  • Evaluate –Assess
  • Elitist –choosy or selective
  • Beneficial –helpful, useful
  • Subtle –little
  • Listen –Hear
  • Learn –Memorize
  • Fill –load, pack
  • Disagree –differ, dispute
  • Serene –peaceful, tranquil, calm
  • Overwhelmed –very happy with something
  • Obsession –desire to have something
  • Imitate –to copy
  • Envisage –imagine it’s true
  • Rich –Wealthy
  • Glimpse –a brief look
  • Constraint –limitation / compulsion
  • Agree –Consent
  • Glitter –Sparkle
  • Fun -Entertaining–
  • Begin –Commence
  • Angry –Mad
  • Stoic –patient
  • Make –Build
  • Intimate –inform
  • Evil –Bad
  • Comical –amusing, funny
  • Under –Below
  • Spend thrift –who spends lot of money
  • Miniature –very small
  • Inspect –Examine
  • Correct –accurate, right
  • Tavern –pub
  • Innocent –Harmless
  • Immediate –Instantly

IELTS Vocabulary Words – Infographic

1000+ Vocabulary Words for IELTS with Infographics and PDF - MechMass (3)

  • Humiliate –hit below the belt
  • Envy –to have something same what others
  • Particular –Specific
  • Overlook –Miss
  • Joy –Delight
  • Inventory –Stock
  • Blend –combine, mix
  • Verdict –result
  • Kind –Benevolent
  • Handy –useful, convenient, skillful
  • Complex –complicated
  • Allure –attract
  • Uncooked –Raw
  • Souvenir –memento
  • Irrelevant –inappropriate, unrelated
  • Fat –chubby, plump, stout
  • Drab –dull
  • Reliant –dependent
  • Ort –used
  • Fair –Unbiased
  • Exaggerate –over pound
  • Change –Transform
  • Passion –hunger to achieve something
  • Modern –Contemporary
  • Intellectual –Mental
  • Dawn –sun rise
  • Blot/stigma –black spot (disgrace)
  • Uncommon –Unusual
  • Sincere –Honest
  • Mild –Gentle
  • Luxurious –extravagant, elegant
  • Close –Shut
  • Timid –nervous
  • Stable –steady, unchanging, settled
  • Nurture –to develop something
  • Before –prior, earlier
  • Hint –Tip
  • Guilt –regret
  • Awful –dreadful, atrocious
  • Accurate –correct
  • Patriotic –one who loves his nation
  • Misery –Distress
  • False –Untrue
  • Exit –Leave
  • Approve –accept
  • Sack –big bag
  • New –Recent
  • Garbage –Trash
  • Fortunate –Lucky
  • Counsel –advise
  • Weak –Feeble
  • Strict –stringent, severe, stern
  • Hire –to recruit
  • Daring –bold, audacious
  • Brave –Bold
  • Quake –Tremble
  • Negligible –very small
  • Intolerant –bigoted, prejudiced
  • Funny –Amusing
  • Deter –hinder, prevent
  • Optional –voluntary, elective
  • Hurry –Rush
  • Epitome –best possible
  • Demeanor –behavior / character
  • Beautiful –Pretty
  • Fragile –week
  • Diverse –different, distinct
  • Deteriorate –something gets worse
  • Big –Large
  • Vague –unclear, obscure, indistinct
  • Vague –Indistinct
  • Sociable –friendly, cordial, gregarious
  • Important –Significant
  • Ignore –Snub
  • Tall –high, lofty
  • Special –exceptional, notable, particular

IELTS Vocabulary Words – Infographic

1000+ Vocabulary Words for IELTS with Infographics and PDF - MechMass (4)

  • Safe –Secure
  • Liable –responsible
  • Bizarre –Weird
  • Intend –Mean
  • Generous –giving, selfless, big-hearted
  • Dire need –huge need for something
  • Deliberate –Planned
  • Alteration –change
  • Strong –powerful, mighty, potent
  • Significant –Meaningful
  • Humble –modest, unpretentious
  • Deliberate –something planned
  • Defend –protect, shield
  • Vibes –signals
  • Temporary –Transitory
  • Sacked –to throw out
  • Loiter –to roam around without aim
  • Abode –place where you live
  • Same –identical, alike, equivalent
  • Mesmerize –hypnotize
  • Illusion –mirage
  • Deceased –dead
  • Retrograde –moving backwards
  • Ravage –devastate, ruin, damage
  • Gain –acquire, obtain
  • Congested –tight area
  • Infect –Contaminate
  • Discount –Reduction
  • Bucket –Pail
  • Assault –attack
  • Ambience –environment
  • Thrifty –economical, frugal, prudent
  • Retaliate –avenge, revenge, reciprocate
  • Nuisance –disturbance
  • Bashful –shy, timid
  • Meager –scanty, sparse, poor
  • Lots –Many
  • Flinches –demerit
  • Brave –courageous, bold
  • Beg –Implore
  • Yell –Shout
  • Vast –Huge
  • Instinct –inner ability
  • ElevateRaise
  • Calm –quiet, tranquil
  • Withstand –Resist
  • Huge –vast, immense, great (Big Synonym)
  • Elevate –lift
  • Disclose –Reveal
  • Acquit –to release
  • Tranquility –mental peace
  • Stop –Cease
  • Mug up –to cram something
  • Malfunction –any failure in machinery
  • Execute –to start
  • Native –Local
  • Kid –Child
  • Invoice –Bill
  • Fraction –part, portion, segment
  • Aid –help
  • Reliable –Dependable
  • Gaudy –showy, garish, vulgar
  • Destitute –poor, penniless
  • Connect –join, link, attach
  • Amicable –helpful
  • Reluctant –unwilling, hesitant
  • Halt –stop
  • Great –outstanding, remarkable
  • Ambitious –aspiring
  • Surplus –excess, additional, extra
  • Prompt –punctual, timely
  • Face lift –to modify something
  • Compassion –ready to serve
  • Chatter box –excess talkative
  • Wrong –incorrect, untrue, mistaken
  • Weary –tired, fatigued, lethargic
  • Niche –identity
  • Glad –Happy
  • Rejuvenate –refresh
  • Loyal –who doesn’t back stab
  • Industrious –hard working
  • Betray –to fraud someone
  • Wisecrack –joke
  • Conform –comply, submit
  • Clarify –explain, simplify
  • Blanket ban –complete ban on something
  • Select –Choose
  • Nonchalant –indifferent, lackadaisical, blase
  • Grim –sounding very serious
  • Enjoy –like, appreciate
  • Rest –Relax
  • Repulsive –hideous, offensive, gruesome
  • Glare –stare in an angry way
  • Furious –angry, enraged, infuriated
  • Rookies –less experienced

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Synonyms for IELTS – Infographic

1000+ Vocabulary Words for IELTS with Infographics and PDF - MechMass (5)

  • Lucid –Clear
  • Dirty –soiled, messy (Dirty Synonym)
  • Behoove –merit
  • Want –Desire
  • Surge –powerful rush of something
  • Sluggish –listless, lethargic, inactive
  • Raise –Lift
  • Gesture –actions we use while speaking
  • Strenuous –vigorous, laborious
  • Robust –strong
  • Glossy –shiny
  • Belly –Stomach
  • Ill –Sick
  • Defy –resist, challenge
  • Dearth/scarcity –lack of something
  • Arrive –reach
  • Shiver –tremble
  • Oversee –Supervise
  • Hazard –Danger
  • Grumble –Grouse
  • Waiver –to cut off
  • Tender –soft
  • Mysterious –elusive, occult, secret
  • Moist –wet
  • Flaw –mistake
  • Prodding –encourage
  • Chubby –plump, pudgy
  • Candy –Sweets
  • Becoming –Fitting
  • Ambition –dreams
  • Rude –Impolite
  • Determined –sure, convinced
  • Collect –Gather
  • Antique –old item
  • Active –energetic
  • Stupid –unintelligent, dense, foolish
  • Numerous –Many
  • Function -Operate–
  • Fiction –fantasy, untruth, myth
  • Try –Attempt
  • Shrewd –clever, cunning, crafty
  • Peal –to remove the skin of a fruit or vegetable
  • Old –Mature
  • Abroad –Overseas
  • Trivial –unimportant
  • Talk –Speak
  • Perception –Insight
  • Ornament –Decoration
  • Confine –contain, enclose
  • Worn –used, impaired, old
  • Steady –Firm
  • Minnow/Nano –very small
  • Extra –Additional
  • Emphatically –forcefully
  • Sustain –to remain
  • Slim –Sender
  • Maiden –something to do at first
  • Ethical –genuine
  • Descendent –next generation
  • Roster –schedule
  • Immaculate –spotless, pure
  • Fluke –bi-chance
  • Bias –Revoke
  • Believe –trust, accept
  • Tiny –Small
  • Tender –delicate, gentle, affectionate
  • Mad –Crazy
  • Incarnation –birth
  • Candid –straight forward
  • Regret –Remorse
  • Gloomy –hazy or blur
  • Docile –tame, gentle
  • Adamant –firm
  • Vendor –who sells commodities
  • Polite –gracious, refined, courteous
  • Outskirts –city’s outer area
  • Normal –ordinary, typical, usual
  • Meeting –Assembly
  • Swift –fast and smooth
  • Infamous –Notorious
  • Hall –Corridor
  • Ask –Inquire
  • Amount –Quantity
  • Prestigious –very important
  • Possess –own
  • Little –Small

Synonyms for IELTS – Infographic

1000+ Vocabulary Words for IELTS with Infographics and PDF - MechMass (6)

  • Join –connect, unite, link
  • Chilly –cool, nippy
  • Suggest –Propose
  • Quit –cease, stop, withdraw
  • Moderate –temperate, lenient, medium
  • Hard –Difficult
  • Sheer –very high amount of something
  • Havoc –lots of trouble
  • Daybreak –Dawn
  • Awful –Terrible
  • Remark –Comment
  • Podium –lecture stand
  • Ferry –boat
  • Fast –Quick
  • Allow –Permit
  • Vacant –unoccupied, empty
  • Praise –Compliment
  • Perfect –Flawless
  • Invincible –unconquerable
  • Accord –Agreement
  • Valiant –courageous, brave, heroic
  • Quite –Fairly
  • Couch potato –who watches lot of TV
  • Close –near, imminent
  • Alike –Same
  • Sightseeing –to explore places
  • Ordinary –usual, average
  • Gut feeling –inner voice
  • Dedicated –Committed
  • Transform –Convert
  • Movie –Film
  • Insufficient –Inadequate
  • Except –Apart From
  • Choosy –Picky
  • Sad –Unhappy
  • Proud –arrogant, elated
  • Observe –examine, study, scrutinize
  • Magnify –expand, enlarge, exaggerate
  • Beautiful –pretty, attractive (Pretty Synonyms)
  • Tenets –on rent
  • Portion –part, segment, piece
  • Loving –Fond
  • Frigid –freezing, frosty
  • Charismatic –having magical powers
  • Temper –mental state
  • Prevail –which remains
  • Formerly –Previously
  • Flippant –excess talkative
  • Courage –bravery, valor
  • Gaunt –scrawny, skinny, thin
  • Fate –destiny
  • Curse –to bane someone
  • Cruel –mean, heartless
  • Admit –Confess
  • Premises –area
  • Dumb –stupid, dense
  • Dubious –doubtful, questionable
  • Broad –Wide
  • Always –forever
  • Inevitable –unstoppable
  • Happily –Fortunately
  • Enlarge –expand, magnify
  • Despise –hate, detest, loathe
  • Receive –Get
  • Ratify –approve, confirm, endorse
  • Interesting –provocative, engrossing
  • Confuse –Mixed Up
  • Yield –produce, bear, provide
  • Serious –grave, solemn, pensive
  • Scared –Afraid
  • Fatal –deadly, mortal, killing
  • Confine –Restrict
  • Shrine –holy place
  • Overturned –upside down
  • Help –Assist
  • Appreciation –to applaud one’s effort
  • Usually –Generally
  • Small –little, insignificant, trivial
  • Jubilant –overjoyed, delighted, elated
  • Hallucination –mirage
  • Delicate –Fragile
  • Renew –Resume
  • Obsolete –extinct, dated, antiquated
  • Aggressive –assertive
  • Achieve –accomplish
  • Wardrobe –cupboard
  • Part –Section
  • Jolly –merry, jovial, joyful
  • Insomnia –sleeplessness
  • Impact –Affect
  • Tandem –work together
  • Inroads –affect
  • Escalate –increase
  • Bread and butter –livelihood
  • Berserk –gone mad
  • Vanquish –Conquer
  • Inferior –lesser, substandard
  • Dusk –sun set
  • Bottom –base, foundation
  • Benevolent / magnanimous –kindhearted
  • Resist –oppose, withstand, defy
  • Provide –Supply
  • Minor –lesser, inferior, secondary
  • Lethargic –weak
  • Blossom –to grow
  • Resilient –to resist
  • Nice –Pleasant
  • High –elevated, lofty
  • Get –Receive
  • Annoy –to disturb someone
  • Use –Utilize
  • Rock –Stone
  • Contemporary –modern
  • Blunder –a very big mistake
  • Tragic- something very wrong happened–
  • Spill –for liquid
  • Skeptical –doubtful
  • Maintain –Preserve
  • Elite –most talented
  • Necessary –Essential
  • Logical –sensible, sane, rational
  • Innocent –guiltless, blameless
  • Divide –separate, split
  • Agility –quickness
  • Straits –bankrupt

Vocabulary For IELTS – Infographics

1000+ Vocabulary Words for IELTS with Infographics and PDF - MechMass (7)

  • Job –Work
  • Fatal –dangerous
  • Fantastic –Great
  • Conflict –fight, battle, struggle
  • Outraged –very upset
  • Mum –be quiet
  • Mate –friend
  • Intrude –trespass
  • Add –increase
  • Smooth –slick, glossy, level
  • Scribble –to write fast
  • Notify –Inform
  • Buy –purchase
  • Grab –Seize
  • Dilemma –state of confusion
  • Correct –Right
  • Abstraction –to deduct
  • Tangible –concrete, definite
  • Strangle –stuck somewhere
  • Jaw dropper –stunned
  • Easy –simple (Easy Synonym)
  • Dash –Sprint
  • Voluntary –willingly
  • Remote –secluded, isolated, distant
  • Nausea –sick feeling
  • Fatigue –tire, exhaust
  • Ample/myriad of/ numerous –lots of
  • Versatile –all rounder
  • Respond –Reply
  • Reputable –honorable, upstanding, honest
  • Loyal –Faithful
  • Courteous –polite, civil
  • Pinnacle –at the top
  • Humiliate –embarrass, disgrace, dishonor
  • Birth –beginning
  • Beginning –start, initiate
  • Astonishing –surprising
  • Near –Close
  • Handover –to give
  • Good –Fine
  • Contrary –Opposite
  • Urgent –crucial, important
  • Possibility –Opportunity
  • Forbid –to deny
  • Fetch –to get
  • Authentic –genuine
  • Plunge –to fall
  • Jealous –Envious
  • Best –finest, choice
  • Below –under, lower
  • Adequate –sufficient
  • Victory –triumph, win, success
  • Noon –Midday
  • Least –fewest, minimum, smallest
  • Curb –to control
  • See –Look
  • Considerate –Thoughtful
  • Coarse –bumpy, rough
  • Answer –Response
  • Stiff –firm/hard
  • Outrageous –preposterous, shocking
  • Naughty –bad, disobedient, wrong
  • Miser –one who doesn’t spend much
  • Exactly –Precisely
  • Unfortunate –Unlucky
  • Odd –Strange
  • Impartial –Neutral
  • Idiot box –TV
  • Deduct –subtract, remove
  • Virtuous –moral, righteous, angelic
  • Simultaneously –together
  • Home sickness –person who can’t live away
  • Disgrace –Shame
  • Adroit –expert
  • Temper –Mood
  • Loo –toilet
  • Lethal –Deadly
  • Detain –punishment
  • Cunning –Clever
  • Ingenious –clever, creative, original
  • Hop –to jump a bit
  • Entrepreneur –own businessman
  • Coy –shy
  • Break –fracture, burst
  • Thrive –prosper, flourish, develop
  • Mean –unkind, malicious, nasty
  • Inconsiderate –Thoughtless
  • Fuddy-duddy –old fashioned
  • Raze –destroy, demolish
  • Poor –destitute, needy, impoverished
  • Mischievous –naughty, impish
  • Blank –Empty
  • Obey –mind, heed, comply
  • Cranky –cross, irritable
  • Collision –collide
  • Brief –short, concise
  • Identical –alike, duplicate
  • Eye opener –show reality
  • Enormous –Huge
  • Dispute –debate, oppose
  • Attire –Dress

Vocabulary For IELTS – Infographics

1000+ Vocabulary Words for IELTS with Infographics and PDF - MechMass (8) 1000+ Vocabulary Words for IELTS with Infographics and PDF - MechMass (9)

Download Vocabulary Words for IELTS in PDF


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How much vocabulary is enough for ielts? ›

How much Vocabulary is enough for IELTS? You must have a collection of around 6000 to 7000 most used vocabulary words as an IELTS Vocabulary. Also, be sure that these words cover every aspect of nature, so that you can articulate about any topic.

How can I enrich my vocabulary for ielts? ›

Four Tips to Improve your IELTS Vocabulary
  1. Read Material in English. Reading helps with building vocabulary and with the proper usage of words. ...
  2. Watch English Movies and TV with Subtitles. ...
  3. Write a Daily Diary and Practice English Writing. ...
  4. Speak to Yourself in English. ...
  5. Shadowing.
16 Mar 2021

What are important vocabulary for ielts? ›

Here is a list of popular words and their synonyms to help you expand your vocabulary for the IELTS reading and writing sections.
Reading and writing vocabulary list.
TellNarrate, Inform
19 more rows
2 Nov 2021

Is 2000 words enough to be fluent? ›

To attain a so-called fluent level, a vocabulary of more or less 3,000 words is required.

Is 4000 words enough to speak a language? ›

People who know 250 to 500 words are beginners. Those who know 1,000 to 3,000 words can carry on everyday conversations. Knowing 4,000 to 10,000 words makes people advanced language users while knowing more than 10,000 words puts them at the fluent or native-speaker levels.

How can I refresh my vocabulary? ›

7 Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary
  1. Develop a reading habit. Vocabulary building is easiest when you encounter words in context. ...
  2. Use the dictionary and thesaurus. ...
  3. Play word games. ...
  4. Use flashcards. ...
  5. Subscribe to “word of the day” feeds. ...
  6. Use mnemonics. ...
  7. Practice using new words in conversation.
23 Aug 2021

How can I refresh my English vocabulary? ›

7 Ways to Quickly Improve Your English Language Skills
  1. Watch movies in English. ...
  2. Immerse yourself in English language news. ...
  3. Start a vocabulary book of useful words. ...
  4. Have conversations in English. ...
  5. Practice, practice, practice. ...
  6. Curiosity doesn't always kill the cat. ...
  7. Don't forget to have fun while you learn.

What are the 4 types of vocabulary? ›

Educators often consider four types of vocabulary: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Listening vocabulary refers to the words we need to know to understand what we hear.

What are 1000 synonyms? ›

  • chiliad.
  • millenary.
  • millennium.
  • millennial.

How much of a language can you understand with 1000 words? ›

In this case, at least, understanding 1000 words means you recognise 65% of the words written on the paper. But you'll have difficulty with 76% of the sentences.

How long should 1000 words take to speak? ›

How minutes is 1,000 words? 1,000 words is 6.67 minutes of speaking time.

Is 10000 words enough for a language? ›

Native speakers of any language hold anywhere from 10,000-30,000 words in their repertoire, depending on education level and ability to live a comfortable life with their language skills.

Which language has richest vocabulary? ›

A major uniqueness of Arabic language lies in its richness. While English, French, and Russian languages have around 500,000 words, 150,000 words, and 130,000 words in its vocabulary respectively, Arabic language has 12,3 million words in its own, making it the richest language in vocabulary, by far.

Can you learn a language with 1000 words? ›

Why 1000 words might be the best way to learn a language? Professor Webb, who has studied language learning at the University of Western Ontario says for BBC “the most effective way to be able to speak a language quickly is to pick the 800 to 1,000 lemmas which appear most frequently in a language, and learn those”.

How many words does a C1 speaker know? ›

When you reach C1, you should have a working vocabulary of about 8000 words – almost double that of B2! It takes approximately 700-800 hours with the language to pass the C1 Cambridge examination.

How can I learn vocabulary in one day? ›

Put the words in context

A good idea to learn more words faster is to put them in context: Instead of writing lists of random words, try to put them in sentences. That way, you know how the word is used in real life. Plus, if you come up with funny sentences, it will be easier to memorize.

Why my English is not improving? ›

Top 7 reasons why your English is not improving

You are not reading enough English content or books. You are expecting results overnight. You are relying too much on your native language. You are not learning the same amount as when you were a beginner.

How can I improve my English speaking skills PDF? ›

Some things I can give are:
  1. Listening to English Music. ...
  2. Watching Movies in English. ...
  3. Using English in Daily Life. ...
  4. Make Friends with People who are Good at English. ...
  5. Join the Event in English. ...
  6. Reading English Books. ...
  7. Setting the Language on the Device with English. ...
  8. Writing in English.
3 Nov 2021

How do I master a new vocabulary? ›

Here are ten strategies to help you make words stick in your mind and use them in conversation.
  1. No random words. ...
  2. Learn in chunks and scripts. ...
  3. Use your inner voice. ...
  4. Visualise what the word or phrase looks like. ...
  5. Create mnemonics. ...
  6. Use spaced repetition. ...
  7. Dive deeper into etymology. ...
  8. Challenge yourself with word games.
16 Feb 2017

What are the 5 new words? ›

You'll be able to communicate more clearly and by using fewer words, people will understand you more easily.
Here we have some new English words or vocabularies for you which you should use frequently while communicating and will also advance your knowledge bank.
  • Hellacious. ...
  • Fast fashion. ...
  • Supposably. ...
  • Hygge. ...
  • Long hauler.
23 Dec 2021

What are the 1000 most common words in English? ›

Our list of the 1000 most common and frequently used words in English IN ORDER OF FREQUENCY.
  • action.
  • support.
  • wife.
  • decision.
  • receive.
  • value.
  • base.
  • pick. phone.

What are the hardest words? ›

7 most difficult English words that will let you forget what you wanted to say
  • Rural. ...
  • Sixth. ...
  • Sesquipedalian. ...
  • Phenomenon. ...
  • Onomatopoeia. ...
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. ...
  • Worcestershire.

What are the 7 types of words? ›

Understanding parts of speech is essential for determining the correct definition of a word when using the dictionary.
  • NOUN.
  • VERB.

What are the 7 word classes? ›

Word Classes
  • Verbs. Verbs are action or state words like: run, work, study, be, seem.
  • Nouns. Nouns are words for people, places or things like: mother, town, Rome, car, dog.
  • Adjectives. Adjectives are words that describe nouns, like: kind, clever, expensive.
  • Adverbs. ...
  • Prepositions. ...
  • Pronouns. ...
  • Interjections. ...
  • Suffixes.

What is the largest type of vocabulary? ›

  • Listening vocabulary. Largest type of vocab; made up of words we can hear and understand.
  • Speaking vocabulary. Second largest type of vocab; composed of words we use when we speak.
  • Reading vocabulary. ...
  • Writing vocabulary. ...
  • Word consciousness. ...
  • Academic knowledge domain vocabulary. ...
  • Screening assessments. ...
  • Vocabulary definition.

What is the word for 100000? ›

Therefore, the number 100000 in words is One Hundred Thousand.

What do 1000 words look like? ›

1000 words is around 2 & 1/3rds of a page visually, single-spaced, and 4 pages double-spaced.

What are 10 powerful words? ›

My Top 10 Most POWERFUL WORDS and Why
  • #10. STRUGGLE. Struggle is a precious gift. ...
  • #9. ADVENTURE. This is a topic which is always sure to excite me, my next adventure. ...
  • #8. NATURE. There are few things in life from which I gain more satisfaction than being outdoors. ...
  • #6. CURIOSITY. ...
  • #4. CREATIVITY. ...
  • #1. FREEDOM.
9 Nov 2016

What are the 12 powerful words? ›

12 Powerful Words
  • TRACE List in steps; outline.
  • ANALYZE Break Apart; study pieces.
  • INFER Read between the lines; a good guess.
  • EVALUATE Judge; in your own words.
  • FORMULATE Create; put together.
  • DESCRIBE Tell ALL about.
  • SUPPORT Back up with details; give facts.
  • EXPLAIN Tell how; put it in your own words.

What is the most used word in 2022? ›

10 trending English words of 2022 with meaning
  • SHARENT. ...
  • STAN. ...
  • LOW-KEY. ...
  • METAVERSE. Meaning: A virtual reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.
6 Jul 2022

Is it okay to write 400 words in IELTS writing? ›

IELTS Writing: Word Count Rules

IELTS have set a task of writing OVER 150 words for IELTS writing task 1 and 250 for writing task 2. However, there is no upper word limit.

Can I write less than 250 words IELTS? ›

Writing a short essay which is under 250 words will definitely impact your score and not in a good way. The requirements of good band score are that you develop your ideas sufficiently. This means you must have enough words to develop your main points. A short essay doesn't do this.

Can we write 200 words in IELTS writing task 1? ›

1. IELTS says that you should write at least 250 words in writing task 2 and 150 words in writing task 1. There is no penalty anymore but I advise writing more than 250 words to fully develop your essay.

Is 7 in Writing a good IELTS score? ›

Your IELTS band scores decide the level of competence in the English language. It tells how much you understand English Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. So, if you have scored 7 or more then you are marked as a good user.

Can I retake ielts writing only? ›

Can I retake only IELTS writing or reading when I re-apply for the test? A: No, you cannot retake just one module. Regardless of the number of attempts that you make, each time you must answer all the 4 modules of any standard IELTS exam [there are 2 writing tasks in IELTS general].

How can I get 8.5 in ielts writing? ›

My 3 Step Tips for IELTS Band Score 8.5

Go through the test format. – Spend some time and understand the question patterns in each segment. – Keep in mind the time limit for every segment. – Do an initial sample test (download from IELTS official website) just to see where you stand.

Do IELTS examiners count words? ›

No, Examiners do not count the number of words on IELTS essays. This is something that has changed. In the past, IELTS essays were required to have a minimum number of words. The scoring system no longer contains anything about number of words.

What happens if you dont speak for 2 minutes in IELTS? ›

Because there is not a separate score for Speaking Part 2, there's no exact number of points that you lose if you cannot fill the two minutes. However, having said that, it might be difficult to get a 7 or higher for Fluency if you can't keep talking.

Can I skip a line in IELTS writing? ›

It's 100% guaranteed. So, you can skip a line between paragraphs, or you can just indent the first line of each paragraph about 5 spaces. Another issue to consider is how you feel most confident writing essays, because that does improve your score.

Is it OK to write in all caps in IELTS? ›

Can I write in capital letters? We recommend you write all your Reading and Listening answers in capitals, so it is clear for the examiner. However, in Computer-delivered IELTS handwriting is not an issue, so you should try to write all words using upper and lower case.

How can I get 7.5 in IELTS writing? ›

IELTS Writing Task 2: 7 steps towards a band 7
  1. Step 1: Answer all parts of the question.
  2. Step 2: Present a clear position.
  3. Step 3: Structure your essay.
  4. Step 4: Use linking devices.
  5. Step 5: Use a range of vocabulary.
  6. Step 6: Use a range of grammatical structures correctly.
  7. Step 7: Check your essay thoroughly.
16 Feb 2022

Can you get a 9 in IELTS writing? ›

According to the IELTS Writing Band Descriptors, an essay is Band 9 for Task Achievement if it: Fully addresses all parts of the task. Presents a fully developed position in answer to the question with relevant, fully extended and well supported ideas.

What is the lowest score in IELTS writing? ›

They are designed to be simple and easy to understand. They are reported as band scores on a scale from 1 (the lowest) to 9 (the highest). All formats of IELTS use the same scoring system.

Is 6.0 A good score in IELTS for Canada? ›

Minimum Ielts Band Requirement for Canada Study Permit. A study visa for Canada requires the Student to score at least 5.5 in each of the four IELTS bands requirements with an overall minimum score of 6.0 and above for undergraduate & diploma programs.

Why do I always get 6.5 in IELTS writing? ›

It is simply a by-product of the IELTS method of scoring. If someone receives a band 6.650, it gets rounded down to 6.5.

Is C1 good in IELTS? ›

Candidates who have secured a C1 Advanced grade C, having scored between 180 and 192 on the Cambridge English Scale, are at Level C1 of the CEFR and can be expected to be comparable in ability with candidates who have secured 6.5 or 7.0 in IELTS.

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