11 Delicious Places to Eat in Prague (2023)

Here’s what you need to know. The food scene in Prague has changed over the years. Just look at the Manifesto Markets! Visit the markets and you’ll find so many different cuisines.

Let's dive right in and explore some of the best places to eat in Prague. Our list includes anything from burgers, Indian food, traditional Czech food, and even a few hidden gems away from the center.

1. Mr. HotDog for a Quick Snack

One of the busiest and best little restaurants in Letna! We recommend grabbing a hot dog, slider, or some french fries and heading over to Letna Park. Enjoy the yummy food with a view over the city.

Mr. HotDog is popular among both locals and expats, so if you want a table inside it’s best to reserve one a day or two before. Without a doubt, Mr. HotDog has some of the best food in Prague. If you’re really in for an American treat, try the Bloody Mary!

Letna Park

2. Taste Classic Czech Food at U Bulinu

11 Delicious Places to Eat in Prague (2)

How about an authentic Czech dish? U Bulinu is located in the beautiful area of Vinohrady and is one of our favorite places to eat in Prague. Try the traditional duck, sauerkraut, and dumplings with a proper Czech Pilsner beer.

You’ll have a wide variety of different Czech meals you can try! In our experience, the service at U Bulinu is always exceptional. If you want to dine like a local, then U Bulinu is the best place in Vinohrady.

3. Indian Dishes for Something Different at Pind Prague

Pind Prague is the best Indian place in town. Stop by for the lunch buffet and you’ll get to try some good and affordable Indian dishes. Once you’ve had a taste, you’ll be coming back for more. But we’d really recommend going for dinner and enjoying some of the tasty authentic Indian dishes they have.

The sauces, naan bread, and main courses are all downright delicious and authentic. If you’re into a little more spice, they can do that as well. Don’t be shy to ask what you’re looking for and the staff will do their best to create what you’re craving.

4. Slurp up Tasty Noodles at Pho Vietnam Slavikova

All we have to say here is order number #12! Basically, the menu at Pho Slavikova consists of 12 different items. They are all delicious but the spring rolls, noodles, fresh vegetables, and delicious sauce make #12 the most tasty dish on the menu. It’s some of the best food in Prague and it’s located right at the beautiful JZP square.

Two things to consider are that Pho only takes cash and there is no seating (takeaway only). Luckily, there are plenty of great spots in the JZP square to sit and eat your yummy pho. Or you can head to Riegrovy Sady for a sunset view while you eat.

Riegrovy Park

5. Marthy’s Kitchen is the Czech Local Brunch Spot

Marthy’s Kitchen is always vibing with a bunch of people sitting outside. It’s because of their breakfast and brunch menus! Here’s a local tip: Marthy’s Kitchen is an especially good place to go on a casual date or meet up with a few friends.

Marthy’s has some great vegetarian options as well that we love to try. Anyone and everyone will find something delicious on the menu. Trust us, this is one of the coziest little eateries in Prague. It’s so good that they have multiple locations around the city! Convenient, cozy, and delicious.

6. Manifesto Market Florenc - The Prague Foodie Heaven

11 Delicious Places to Eat in Prague (4)

Manifesto Market in Florenc is a prime example of the variety of different cuisines in Prague. This little foodie heaven has container box after container box filled with yummy and delicious food from all around the world.

There’s a reason why the market is always filled with people sipping on beer and wine while chowing down on delicious food. Looking for a hang out spot for a big group? Manifesto Market is the perfect choice.

Manifesto Market Florenc

7. Delicious Mexican Dishes at Las Adelitas

Why have one when you can have three? Las Adelitas has three good locations in Prague. We have three words to describe our experience: Authentic, delicious, and fair priced! We could just leave it at that, but we wanna give you the full story. Las Adelitas has the best Mexican food in Prague we have tried.

If you’re thinking of switching things up and having some non-European food, Las Adelitas is a great choice. All three locations are located in beautiful parts of Prague, so we don’t recommend one location above the rest. You won’t be disappointed no matter which one you pick. And you’ll always have something yummy to try there.

8. Mouth-Watering American Style Burgers at The Tavern

11 Delicious Places to Eat in Prague (6)

Wait, there’s American food in Prague? Yes! The Tavern has some of the best hamburgers in town. If you had to close your eyes and think of delicious American food there’s a good chance you’ll find it on the menu at the Tavern.

We’ve been a few times and the food and drinks have never let us down. Give the Zizkov Mule a try. You won’t be disappointed. The Tavern gives you a taste of American cuisine right next to Riegrovy Sady, one of Prague’s most beautiful parks.

9. Traditional Czech Meals at Pivnice U Sadu

Now this is one local place you won’t forget. U Sadu (as it’s called by the locals) is an authentic Czech restaurant in the heart of Zizkov right near the TV tower. U Sadu is always packed outside with locals and expats. It’s a funky restaurant with plenty of seating outside and inside. The atmosphere in the basement downstairs is pretty good too! Sit outside if you want to enjoy the view, though.

Similar to U Bulinu, U Sadu is one of those traditional Czech restaurants with great local food. Bring along some friends and family to try proper Czech food on their visit..

Tip: Ask the waiter what beer they recommend, they have so many great options!

Zizkov Television Tower

10. Lemon LeafTasty Thai Dinner in Prague

What is a food guide without a delicious Thai restaurant? Be prepared to have your taste buds explode. Some of the best food in Prague we’ve ever had has been right inside Lemon Leaf.

The portions are big and the food is amazing. It’d make our list just for that, but (added bonus!) their menu has something for everyone including some great vegan and vegetarian options. Lemon Leaf is the perfect mix of Thai dishes, global dishes and a very good wine selection. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. We recommend trying the spring rolls and the Gang Boom Bia Jay with tofu. Yumm!!

11. Prague Locals love Lokál Chain Restaurant

11 Delicious Places to Eat in Prague (8)

Lokál is a bit of a famous chain in Prague. With a few locations scattered around the city, you can always see locals and expats sipping on beer outside of a Lokál. Everyone (us included!) comes here for the beer, but their local Czech cuisine is something to talk about as well.

Enjoy feeling like a proper Czech in Lokál with a refreshing Czech Pilsner and a nice meal. It’s always been a bit of a status thing eating at Lokál, but the prices are actually very reasonable and more and more expats find themselves in between the locals at Lokál.

Bonus: Try Canada's best fries in Czech Republic at Garage Karlin

Ready to try poutine? One of Canada's most famous dishes is poutine which consists of French fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. Sounds interesting, right? Just poutine it out there, it tastes even better than it sounds.

Poutine in all different forms is served up here. Get it with ground beef, bacon, or even Mississippi style. Garage Karlin may only serve one type of dish, but they make each option original and it all tastes pretty good!

Garage is one of Karlin’s gems and people come from all around Prague to eat this delicious Canadian meal. Better yet, the place is actually owned by a Canadian! Pretty cool, eh?

In town for the wine harvest?

You will definitely want to celebrate the wine festivals happening all around Prague and the nearby areas! Check out our round-up of the best wine festivals here.

As you can see there are so many delicious and authentic places to eat in Prague. All 11 of these restaurants and cafes offer a different and unique experience to the food scene here in Prague.

We hope you enjoy all the different cuisines and help put Prague on the map for the world foodies to come and check out. You can explore our map for even more things to do here in Prague.

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