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Using text-to-speech (TTS) software to make a voiceover for a video is becoming more popular with ever-improving AI technology.

And it is quite logical.

We already have AI writing tools that can create video scripts in a minute (Jasper, Rytr), we also have AI-powered tools that can transform the written text into an engaging video (inVideo, Pictory), so the next step is adding AI to create a human-like voice over.

So, where is the problem?

Why you are reading this article? Let’s create a video completely with AI!

To be honest, the question, of whether you can monetize text-to-speech videos on YouTube, is a little more complex than it may sound.

If you’re expecting a simple answer, yes or no, then I cannot get it to you.

This is because there is no simple answer.

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What is Text-to-Speech Software?

Text-to-speech is the process of converting text into spoken words. Common uses of text-to-speech are in assistive technology, computers, and mobile phones. The most well-known example is Siri, which is a speech recognition software for AppleiPhonedevices.

This can be done manually or through the use of advanced AI technology. If we’re talking about voiceovers for YouTube videos, we’re talking about using AI technology like Murf or inVideo. (Read my detailed Murf AI review)

What are YouTube Monetization rules?

YouTube has a variety of monetization rules that are unique to the platform. These rules can be found in YouTube Partner Program Policies.

YouTube monetization rules are not straightforward and can be quite confusing for both content creators and advertisers.

This is because YouTube has different types of ad formats, which means that content creators need to understand what type of ads they should upload in order to make money on YouTube.

There are three types of ads on YouTube: non-skippable, pre-roll, and mid-roll. Non-skippable ads are the most popular type with over 80% of impressions on YouTube coming from these ads. Pre-roll ads are only shown before a video starts playing while the mid-rolls show at the beginning and end of a video.

Here are the most important rules and policies you have to follow to get monetized:

  • Community Guidelines
  • Terms of Service
  • Copyright
  • Google AdSense program policies

Is Text-to-Speech Allowed on YouTube?

Does YouTube allow text-to-speech software use in videos? To be honest, in any of these policies and guidelines, YouTube has not made a direct statement on disallowing monetization for channels with text-to-speech videos.

However, YouTube has issued guidelines on the type of content that violates its policies.

Here’s a list that seems to apply to the usage of text-to-speech voices.

  1. Content that exclusively features readings of other materials you did not originally create, like text from websites or news feeds.
  2. Songs modified to change the pitch or speed, but are otherwise identical to the original.
  3. Similar repetitive content, or mindless content with low educational value, commentary, or narrative.
  4. Templated, mass-produced, or programmatically generated content.
  5. Image slideshows or scrolling text with minimal or no narrative, commentary, or educational value.

Which Criteria Are Important to YouTube Review Team

While there are minimum requirements you need to meet, to really get accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, your channel will be reviewed by a YouTube team.

(Video) Can You Monetize Text to Speech Videos in 2022?

If your YouTube channel is high quality, you might be accepted into the YouTube Partner program in a matter of days.

However, if you are using any AI tools, you are definitely wondering what criteria this platform emphasizes for successful adoption.

They review and focus on a few things about your channel like:

  • Main theme
  • The biggest proportion of watch time
  • Most viewed videos
  • Newest videos
  • Video metadata (thumbnails, including titles and descriptions)

However, these aren’t the only things the YouTube team can review. They might review other things about your channel as well.

Can You Monetize Text To Speech Videos On YouTube

Let’s get back to the main question. There are people that are saying that using text-to-speech voices is not allowed on YouTube and will not get accepted into their partner program.

However, there are still tons of channels that are running ads and using other features that only monetized channels can.

Here are some examples:

  • Luca Roblox
  • IT Magic
  • Top Compared

In my opinion, you can use AI-generated voice overs, but you have to add value to your content.

In the past, many creators have used simple and robotic voices for their videos, but what they did wrong is that they used text from Wikipedia articles, Reddit posts, or blog articles and add robotic voices to create spammy content.

I have recently started two faceless YouTube channels with the use of AI voiceovers, but I’m making highly engaging videos from my own scripts.

This is important because I’m adding value. So in a near future, I’ll see if it works or not.

(Video) SECRET Method to Use AI Voice to Monetize YouTube Videos

What Text-to-Speech Do YouTubers Use?

Text to speech is a tool that reads text aloud with a voice synthesizer. Some people use it for accessibility purposes, but YouTubers have found it to be very useful in creating videos. They can use it to create videos that are entirely audio-based without having to rely on hiring actors or narrators.

This method is used to save time and money.

There are tons of YouTube channels that are using this technology to narrate the video and here are the best text-to-speech AI generators that are available even for you.

inVideo – This is a complex AI-powered software that can convert written text into an engaging video with AI voiceover. And the result is quite good. So, if you are looking for an all-in-one tool, you should definitely check inVideo software.

Murf – This is one of the best online tools on the market. It offers studio-quality AI voices that you can use for podcasts, videos, and professional presentations. Their realistic voice generator can help you turn your text into professional voiceovers. And the pricing to get access to all the tools in Murf is also reasonable.

WellSaid – This is the most expensive AI tool with high-quality voice overs on the market, but it is worth every penny.


Using text-to-speech voices for your videos doesn’t mean you cannot get accepted into YouTube. Even people on YouTube don’t give you a straightforward answer.

In my opinion, to avoid complications with your channel, you should create engaging video content from your own scripts.

If you use text-to-speech voices in your original video and the vocalizations will help to enhance its educational value, then it is highly unlikely YouTube will penalize you for using TTS voices.

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Are text-to-speech voices copyrighted? ›

In short, no; a voice cannot be copyrighted. Midler v.

Do voice overs make money? ›

According to ZipRecruiter, industry averages include: Entry-level voice actors: $13,500–$31,999 per year. Mid-level voice actors: $69,000–$87,499 per year. Experienced voice actors: $111,500–$199,000 per year.

How many seconds of copyrighted audio can I use? ›

Any use of copyrighted material without permission is, according to U.S. copyright law, copyright infringement. It does not matter if you use one second or the entire song, using copyrighted materials without the consent or permission of the copyright owner, constitutes copyright infringement.

Can you use text-to-speech commercially? ›

Text-to-speech solutions offer a seamless way to read textual documents from smartphones and computers. These solutions are becoming popular these days as they provide a high level of convenience to the readers both for personal and professional uses.

Is Google text to speech copyright free? ›

Technically, you would not be prohibited to generate speech and use it however you like. Under normal circumstances any output generated by the system that does not contravene the service agreement would be your intellectual property. This would include the text and speech generated.

What do streamers use for TTS? ›

How to get text to speech on Twitch. Users can add TTS to their Twitch channels in two primary ways: via Streamlabs or StreamElements, which are two well-known streaming platforms that most streamers use.

Is Google TTS free for commercial use? ›

The software Global TTS is based on utilizes Google's text-to-speech (TTS) API as well as Google's translation API which are all part of Google's Cloud Computing software. Google's software API is made freely available to anybody with the wherewithal to implement.

How do you monetize speaking skills? ›

Seminar leader.

You can create a seminar based on your speaking skill. You can host a workshop where people that aspire to be professional speakers like you can be trained to become public speakers. You can become a trainer that has an academy where you share detailed information and exercises with your students.

How do you monetize audio content? ›

How to Monetize a Podcast
  1. Find sponsorship deals. ...
  2. Become a sponsor for another podcast. ...
  3. Join an advertising network. ...
  4. Sell show merchandise. ...
  5. Offer premium paid content. ...
  6. Create tiered premium content. ...
  7. Accept donations. ...
  8. Use affiliate marketing.
Sep 6, 2022

Are voice overs copyrighted? ›

The Court of Appeal held that a voice is not copyrightable per se in the copyright act, but common law rights could be enforced since a voice is as distinctive as one's face.

Are voice overs in demand? ›

Voice-Over Rates & Marketplaces

There are indeed a lot of voice actors out there, but the industry isn't as oversaturated as some may suggest. Just as the amount of talent has increased, so has the global demand for content and the number of jobs.

What qualifies as fair use? ›

For example, in the United States, copyright rights are limited by the doctrine of "fair use," under which certain uses of copyrighted material for, but not limited to, criticism, commentary, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research may be considered fair.

Are Text to Speech voices copyrighted? ›

In short, no; a voice cannot be copyrighted. Midler v.

What are 2 restrictions that can be placed on commercial speech? ›

Under the “Commercial Speech Doctrine,” a state may totally prohibit misleading advertising and may impose restrictions if the particular content or method of advertising is inherently misleading or if experience demonstrates that the advertising is subject to abuse.

How do you monetize speaking? ›

  1. 10 ways to monetize your professional speaking business. ...
  2. 10 ways to monetize your expertise and experience.
  3. Offer consulting. ...
  4. Write a book. ...
  5. Train your audience. ...
  6. Sell your message. ...
  7. Create an online course. ...
  8. Get paid to be a guest for interviews, webinar hosts, discussion panels, and blog posts.
Feb 26, 2018

What skill can I monetize? ›

Top 13 Highly Profitable Skills to Make Money:
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Website Development.
  • Content Writing.
  • Copywriting.
  • Email Marketing.
  • SEO.
  • SEM.
Aug 22, 2022

Can free speech be copyrighted? ›

Fair use concept eases tension with copyright laws

The law, however, makes clear that copyright only protects the particular expression or form of the author's ideas, not the ideas themselves. Thus, others are free to use the same ideas, as long as they express those ideas in their own words.

Are there limits on free speech? ›

Second, a few narrow categories of speech are not protected from government restrictions. The main such categories are incitement, defamation, fraud, obscenity, child pornography, fighting words, and threats.

How much do people get paid to speak? ›

Here's a rule of thumb for appropriate pricing: Newbie speakers might earn $500–$2,500 for a talk. Beginning speakers, or those just establishing a brand with their first book, might earn $5,000–$10,000. Those with several books and other forms of “social proof” might draw $10,000–$20,000.

How much should I get paid to speak? ›

You'd charge a flat fee (~$1,500) for one talk and a little more (~$500) per additional talk. Your time and expertise are valuable so you should be charging as such. The more times you speak, the more you should be paid. You've spoken between 11-50 times in your career, so you should be compensated for your experience.


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