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Best Translation App to DateI’m primarily using this for French, and I have to write a review to say that this has by far been the best app I’ve downloaded for translations. They have just about every translation for every possible meaning of a word, and if that wasn’t enough the examples they give you at the bottom are native speakers using that word in context. It has everything you could need and more when it comes to precise translations.The only gripe I have with this app is how much it freezes and crashes. Searching up a word can take up to 5 whole seconds to process. The web version is much smoother, and if you can, I would recommend using that over the app at the moment. However, if you need translations offline, this is still a great translater app and site in general..TiredPanda7Version: 2.5.3

Perfect tool for any skill levelI am a native English speaker who speaks Spanish well, but not often. For the speaker whose grammar is good, but who needs an active vocabulary of the words you commonly use in English, Linguee is the perfect tool. It’s a very comprehensive translation engine for anyone seeking the context and subtlety that matches the way you normally speak English, without having to flounder around in a static vocabulary dictionary. The beauty is that there are scores of snippets of published speech, so you can easily and quickly choose the translation that most closely matches the closes sense of meaning you intend. I have searched quite a bit, and have yet to find a better product for learning, and for keeping my vocabulary growing. It really works well.-ScottPortland, OR..Ef4tlessVersion: 2.5.3

Contextual clues make it great!For every word there are many examples, many sentences, that show exactly how whatever you are looking up is used in daily life. This is so much better than ordinary dictionary‘s they just give you a definition but don’t show you how people use it to communicate. Ordinary dictionary‘s lead to very stilted and awkward conversational skills in Portuguese.The real value of this program comes when you reach intermediate skills, and can appreciate the value of knowing the many ways a word is used in ordinary conversation. This is not to say that it has no value for a beginner, it does. But it has my conversational skills got better I can do appreciate more the incredible design of this program..Why Did I BeleiveVersion: 2.5.3

Great service, frustrating app bugsI use Linguee dozens of not hundreds of times a day learning German. I am a huge fan! However it also means if I’m running into the same issues all the time, the app freezing, being unable to type / search when returning to the app, it gets really beyond frustrating. I feel like I’m at a point where I don’t want to use another app for my go to mobile dictionary, but I may need to. I think the issue may lie with suspending the app while searching, and it not handling this event properly. Without this one bug of being able to quickly search a term without clicking on a search result causing the app to freeze or sometimes crash, it’s effectively everything I want in a multi-lingual dictionary. Please fix this y’all ;_;.MargaretDaxVersion: 2.5.3

My favorite multi-lingual dictionaryLinguee is a must-have reference app for language learners! It is so easy to use my mom could do it. It offers many languages and it’s easy to switch between them; it even suggests a language if you have the wrong one selected. The example sentences are simple enough to help me understand the connotation of whichever word I’m looking up, and they introduce other new words. Often I can figure out those new words from the context. I love that it automatically looks up whatever is in my clipboard (eg from another app), especially while multitasking with Linguee beside a foreign language text on my iPad. The only thing I would add is verb conjugation. It’s still the best even without that! ¡Muchas gracias!.A'soleVersion: 2.5.2

The only dictionary app I use (for German)This app is amazing. It is very clean looking, easy to use, and available for offline use. My favorite part is the online feature which shows you the use of words in context from the internet. This helps me see how words are used in idioms and phrases, which case certain words take, and reminds me of the grammar rules I’ve forgotten since I last took a language class. My only complaint is that there is no Turkish. I would love a German-Turkish or Turkish-English dictionary on here, especially since I’ve been unable to find any truly trustworthy Turkish dictionary apps. Thanks so much for an amazing product, and hope you add more languages in the future!.Ps.potterVersion: 2.5.1

Good dictionary, fast searchingI am really enjoying the Linguee dictionary so far, and my review focuses on the Portuguese/English portion. The app is very good for finding words quickly—suggestions pop up as you’re typing, and the suggestions even include similarly spelled words. This is particularly useful when you’re not entirely sure how a word is spelled. The translations so far are very good. I really like the examples given below the definitions—seeing words used in the context of a sentence helps cement it in the brain better. However, the dictionary could really use a “favorites” or “flash card” option to review words and phrases. While there is a history of recently searched words, an option to save particular words/phrases would jump this app up to a five star review..Jon_avVersion: 2.5.2

Innovative app in language translationI love that feature where you select and copy a word and switch (or in iPad, multitask) to this app and the appears. Of course it also so helpful to be able to compare multiple translations already done by others. The different approaches taken with similar texts allows you to choose the way you want to go in terms of learning phrases or doing translation yourself. Fantastic! It would be helpful if there were a way to easily choose between the set of translations and the dictionary portion—an ability to switch back and forth..MickmacVersion: 2.5.3

Perfect resource with one problemThere is no feedback option in the app so I am leaving my feedback here. This is one of the best engines I’ve come across for multilingual research but there is one very annoying problem. 90% of the time when you are switching between apps, the Linguee app times out, or whatever is the technical term, and the app freezes when you re-access it—even if you exit the app for only a few seconds. It takes forever for the app to become responsive again—around 5-10 secs, which is not acceptable at all for a normal, functioning app. It should be immediate. Very frustrating and annoying. This would be a 5 star review if not for this caveat..WvtramVersion: 2.5.3

Pretty goodI’ve been using this app for a good while.But the app hasn’t updated in 2 years.These days since the last iOS 14 update, it started glitching. It keeps saying “Linguee pasted from Wikipedia” or from whatever source you paste from - endlessly, and sometimes without even pasting anymore.The auto clipboard-pasting used to be useful while reading, because it cut some time and gestures if you want to do a quick search. But now, I just had to turn it off.If they don’t update a fix, and you like this app, this ⤵️ is the best option. To make it so clipboard doesn’t automatically paste the word you copied from somewhere:—1. Open options ⚙️(gear shape on bottom right).2. Switch off “Look up clipboard content“.3. Close and reopen app. Now it should be fixed.—-I just paste things myself now. No big deal.Regular review:Linguee is very useful while reading in languages like German and Spanish, and you come across something like “ Das hat geklappt “ or “ imitar “ . It gives some examples of how to use words in sentences, as well as other possible meanings..Titanic RockyVersion: 2.5.2

Excellent, but lost quick “share with” feature in iOS 13?Excellent app, particularly for the contextual sentences and list of prominent collocates (the latter of which seems only to be found in Linguee!). It does seem that the ability to look something up directly from another app (say Safari for example) no longer functions with the new iOS 13 update. I really miss that feature, as none of the other translation/dictionary apps quite match what I was getting from Linguee (Reverso is close, and I use it every day in other scenarios, but I prefer Linguee for this particular use case)..Roony45Version: 2.5.2

Great for translators and language learnersThis app is a wonderful recourse for interpreters and translators, as we are continually expanding our professional vocabulary. Along with a very comprehensive dictionary, Linguee contains a database of actual translations of different terms and phrases so you can see in context which works best for whatever you’re working on. The ability to download the dictionaries also facilitates being able to use them at moments notice. I use it every day and if you work in the language industry or are studying a foreign language, you should too!.Dannyboy91Version: 2.5.2

An AMAZING translation App !!!!This app is a surpising gift for any student. You can download its Dictionary, it directs you to all of the top alternative Internet references, it provides an AMAZINGLY practical resource of many contextual uses for most words, it appears automaticaly in different forms for instant reference and use, it allows convenient “drill-downs” for amplification, relevant synonyms, ‘frequent-use’ suggestions, Instant contextual capturing as you type, and more. As far as I can tell, these German developers saw a “need,” and made and fullfilled a commitment to flll it. Congratulations to all! And Thank You!!!.Arboo27Version: 2.5.2

Best foreign language everI've been through several dictionary apps but Linguee is the best of them. Like other dictionaries, it shows lots of alternative meanings and their examples; besides, there are examples for rare words even when they dont appear their meaning ('cause the word is too long), so that I can understand. The word appears on the app right after being copied from the text is another plus, how convenient!Just on the way to conquer another language but it feels like I'm such a lucky beginner with Linguee-fellow alongside.NeugiersstudioVersion: 2.5.2

Amazing app, needs small changes and fixesThe app is truly amazing, the content is well written and the design is fantastic, but I wish that the “pronounce” button is right beside the word without the need to press on the word and then press the pronunciation button, this will save a lot of time and effort when reading a hard article and you need to translate and hear the pronunciation of a lot of words. Also “look up for clipboard” option does not work in split-screen and sliding view. Other than that everything is amazing..Asem HizzaniVersion: 2.5.3

Excellent translation app, minor UI bugsI use Linguee a lot to translate from Spanish, and it’s really helping me a lot, especially when the text involves idiomatic expressions — which generally don’t translate well in word by word format. I like almost everything about the app. There is into a small UI glitch when typing text on latest iOS and latest app version, which hides part of the typed text under the left corner of the input field. This makes it hard to correct mistyped letters in the beginning of words. Except for this minor UI glitch, everything is amazing though..GkeramidasVersion: 2.5.2

Great app! Offline dict; sample sentences; related searches; sometimes limited in scope for slangI love this app. Besides the big database of real example sentences, my favorite feature of the app is the drop-down list of phrases using the search word, that updates while you’re typing. You can also download dictionaries for offline use. The only downside I’ve encountered, it doesn’t do well (for Spanish at least) with slang words and phrases; for those, I typically have to look somewhere else. Still 5 stars for a GREAT app!.SteiloppVersion: 2.5.2

Get the true meaningWhen I was in Japan, I asked a couple if they would like a picture together. The boy protectively grabbed his girlfriend and ran off. Without realizing it, I used the inclusive form of “together”- I asked them to take a picture with me!If I had this, I wouldn’t have had that problem! Linguee gives you verified translations that help you find the matching nuances between the two languages. It surpasses dictionaries and gets you closer to asking a native speaker.I can not recommend this enough..LiraDaerisVersion: 2.5.2

Used for English-French TranslationI use this app all the time. I’m American living in France, learning the language. I loved being able to download the vocabulary because I don’t have data most of the time. The example sentences were also one of my favorite features. However, I found that there were not very many food name translations (this could be because of many reasons), however it would have been nice to be able to use this app more for understanding menus. Overall, really love it, so helpful but can still improve!.C'est NinaVersion: 2.5.2

The best German dictionary, held back by extreme stability issuesLinguee is my absolute favorite German dictionary. Great examples, great layout, and overall much more reliable.However, as a rating for this app, it has absolutely horrific stability issues. Switching between apps, to copy a word for example, will cause the entire app to freeze. If the app is restarted while frozen, it will crash the next time it opens. This may not sound so bad, however with the frequency I switch between apps while using Linguee, it holds it back from being as useful as it could be..Squad Of SquidVersion: 2.5.3

Crash often, poor privacyThis app used to be good, but after it starts to require my local network permission it starts to crash frequently. I use my iPhone 8 to study German, now it is to a degree that affected the fluency of my study. A fact that might be relevant is that I use 3D Touch to switch between other apps and this app.1 As a dictionary app, it requires local network access without explanation.2 It crashes often..Josh-xieVersion: 2.5.3

Happy UserIn order to keep up with my German, I’ve made a commitment with a friend to read at least five minutes of German every day, and then I sent her a text. She does the same thing except she is reading Swedish. This accountability is fun and it also works. I found the Linguee app extremely helpful, easy to use and very satisfying. I feel like I’m learning so much from it. I highly recommend it to other friends who read foreign languages..LonetenorVersion: 2.5.3

Great additional app to utilize for Language Learning NeedsAs we all come short in perfection, so does this App, ... however, utilizing his app alongside a regular translation app like Google Translate will absolutely help you cross examine your target language adequately enough to maintain a high level of interpreting and understanding texts. I personally believe that this is how the app should be intended to be utilized. This app helps gives everyday usage and perspective while a translator gives more direct translation and linear thought..ParagonLike123Version: 2.5.2

Real Life ToolI speak fluent German. I learned it in school and studied it as a college student. I use German almost everyday in my work. But even for the best foreign speaker of a language there is sometimes a certain phraseology or wording that you know would be better in a certain situation. Knowing these nuances is what sets apart native speakers from fluent foreign language speakers.This app bridges that gap and makes it possible, especially in writing, to express yourself more clearly, precisely and in a way that a native speaker would..HerrweaverVersion: 2.5.2

Muy útil!One of the better translation apps out there, especially for tricker words. Example- the English word “cell” has at least 4 common meanings. Jail cell. Cell, as in microorganism. Cell- short for cellular phone. Cell- a group of spies/terrorists in a country. These different uses are listed, and the appropriate translation listed. Then, you are provided numerous examples in context.This app is NOT MEANT to translate large phrases! It is designed as a dictionary. Use it as such, and you will be very satisfied!(Native USA English, learning Spanish and Portuguese).The Texan2022Version: 2.5.2

Practical and helpfulI use it for German-English, and find its translations to be reliable, the examples very helpful in understanding context and usage. But my favorite feature is that it asks you later (on the lock screen) if you remember words you’ve recently looked up. Spaced repetition like this is well understood to improve recall. It’s great to see that the app developers understand that when I look up a word, I don’t just want to see the translation. I want to *learn* it. Love the app!.GordonotspanishVersion: 2.5.2

Awesome!I use it for English to German translations. I can enter a word or two and the app provides a number of choices. Additionally, there are English sentences which are translated into German so that I can find the word being used in various circumstances. This is so helpful in finding the correct useage!It’s very handy when reading online. I don’t have to find my dictionary or open another website-just go to the app and check.An additional useful feature is the back arrow. It allows you to revisit the translations of words you recently looked up so that you can reinforce your memory.And yet another feature is pronunciation. You can press the button and the pronunciation will be supplied. It’s a wonderful app!Thank you very much!.Gobbles!Version: 2.5.3

Bad Pronunciation - unclear word stressingI’ve been using Linguee for a long time now and I’ve been using the German-English part which is definitely very good and everything. However two things bother me:One of which: I don’t know why but whenever I write something in the searchbox it removes what I wrote and writes me previous search in it again and that’s just too annoying.Secondly, although the pronunciations are good and all, you CAN NOT AT ALL find out the word stressing..Swedish rabbit wholeVersion: 2.5.2

Best language dictionary appIt’s the best language dictionary app. I have bought and tried every one I could find and Linguee is the best by far. I am a student learning French and I use it every day. I use it less since I have moved into intermediate level but when I started a year ago Linguee was a huge helper for me. Having tried every other app I could find I can say confidently that they are not as easy to use. There is nothing even close..T NettVersion: 2.5.2

One of my favorite app for many reasons!Love this app. I’ve never had a problem with it. It’s quick, I’m able to find different popular true meanings in many languages, never has crashed, ever! I love how it gives you many translations of on word, tells you the most common to least common, with written examples. This app is great for anyone who is learning another language, who knows another language or just for fun..Beachy BeesVersion: 2.5.2

Great app but slow on older phonesI love this app, and will continue to use it to see if my issues get better. I’m on an older iphone and it takes an average of 3-5 seconds for the app to start responding to input. this generally starts unnoticeable, and as i search more it compounds until it’s faster to restart the app. I love the design, content and UX but the delay makes this app really frustrating for me to use. No hate towards the developers, y’all did a great job and it seems most people are loving it c:.- a Ghost.Version: 2.5.4

A Study HelpFor the past several years I have tried to keep my Portuguese language skills sharp. As I read Portuguese and try to improve my comprehension of vocabulary as well as grammar, I find that Linguee facilitates the process. I would recommend this app to anyone trying who has similar goals for staying current in a language that they do not use on a daily basis..FC137Version: 2.5.3

Have not found anything that even comes close!Linguee is the app I have wanted for years and only in the last year discovered. The way words are laid out (I’m mostly using the German to English and English to German) with lots of examples in context is so helpful for teasing out the nuances that you want to employ or avoid. I do a lot of checking of my translations and word usage and Linguee is spot on..ProfBill2Version: 2.5.2

Linguee is a great dictionaryI typically use more than one source when I am studying. Typical dictionaries give you different definitions and some examples but infrequently do they give you context. Linguee gives you that context in a variety of actual examples drawn from actual texts. Other dictionaries can “tell” you what a word means but rarely can they give you the “feel” of the word and it’s proper use. Definitely I recommend Linguee!!!.T10050Version: 2.5.2

Best and deepest translation engineThe best and deepest translation engine I have ever used. It defines the word, sure, but it also pulls actual usage from real texts. This is extremely valuable for understanding words in proper contacts and in many different usages. I use it every day and my studies of German, usually multiple times a day. It has become a sensually for me. I highly recommend it to anyone studying or speaking German..Guillermo RealVersion: 2.5.2

Excellent AppI use Linguee all the time for studying German and French. I’ve downloaded the German and French dictionaries in order to have access even when I don’t have internet access. The user interface is very intuitive. One of the most useful features is the “history” feature. I can easily go back and see all the words I have searched, which is very helpful for review..The other nicknames are takenVersion: 2.5.2

Best, easiest translations tool I've used so far.I am a professional interpreter and translator, and I can tell Linguee is coming up with better in context choices than other translating tools.I teach Fundamental of Translation and Interpretation and, I not only use Linguee everyday, but I recommend it to all my students.It’s very user friendly and I always tell them “you have to see the word in context”. Linguee does that..FairqbanVersion: 2.5.2

Awesome and easy to use!I use it for all of my language studies and love it! It gives multiple word choices and examples of how to use each one. It also gives real life examples of the word you searched in actual documents, which can be extremely helpful! It’s super easy to use and has an offline option if you need to take it on the go. I definitely recommend it..Sophia35160Version: 2.5.2

Used in Europe. The best one there is.I was using Linguee online for awhile as I moved to France, and when I discovered they had an app that could save and use their dictionary while offline, I was ready to drop money. Luckily this app is free, amazingly effective, and the most authentic when it comes to translations, slang, examples, and more. I will never use another cross-language dictionary. This is the one to beat..JeesMangoVersion: 2.5.2

Almost all good. Two stars off for asking for unnecessary permission.Almost all good but I am taking two stars off since the app doesn’t function when access to local network is not given.This app should not need to connect to other devices in my network… it’s a dictionary app that should just work on the phone.Making the app not function simply because I refused to share the local network is an odd design decision..RadioFemur2440Version: 2.5.3

Fantastic language appI’m not one to often write app reviews, but this app has been beyond helpful in learning Dutch. With really practical examples and a user friendly interface, it pretty much blows other Dutch vocabulary and dictionary apps away. For Dutch, i do notice that some words in Dutch are missing, or have a limited set of translations. But overall, the app is great! Thanks for making this!.JustJaaamesVersion: 2.5.1

Almost all I needLinguee is fast and great at usage--giving many examples of different contexts/usage for the word. It also offers all the forms of the word, synonyms (with their usage examples), and of course search help via proximate words. The one thing I miss is a bit of insight into the history/origins of the word. Often, Knowing that info is what I need to remember the meaning. Thanks for a very useful tool..AutumndancerVersion: 2.5.2

A great app for translating + word referenceI would highly recommend this app- it is one of the best language learning tools I’ve come across. They provide helpful examples and a variety of external sources to reference for any word/phrase you look up, as well as audio to demonstrate the proper pronunciation. If you want to make sure you’re grammatically correct, I would recommend this over google translate..AlexandermichelleVersion: 2.5.2

Excellent online and offline optionLinguee’s ability to translate both words and phrases in multiple languages, as well as to provide multiple dialectic options and examples from the internet, make it a powerful tool. It is quick and easy to use, and the ability to download dictionaries makes it incredible handy for all kinds of situations. Thanks, Linguee!.Kermit the GrofVersion: 2.5.2

Application doesn’t work probablyHi,I usually use Linguee for finding the meaning of germany words.It’s about 2 months that when I type a word, the application does nothing and the page of the result is blank.I activated the option to use internet and downloaded de-en dictionary, but it’s still out of service.Would you please help me?.ZabanamaVersion: 2.5.2

Excellent free multi language dictionary!I use this app all the time to see how a word or expression is really used, or to see how to say something (you can enter an expression as well as just one word). It displays multiple examples taken from published articles where the word or expression has been used. This is one of the most used language Applications on my phone!.Queta1Version: 2.5.2

An indispensable online tool for writing FrenchI am good at French but writing important documents needs this app.This app replaces your constant use of French Dictionary and gives you instant different layers of meaning of different words.The outstanding feature of this app is providing you instant diverse linguistic references which help you use your required french word in appropriate context.The best part of this app is that it is FREE :).UtcvjVersion: 2.5.2

C’est super!Il m’a aidé beaucoup à appendre les langues!.AnniethereVersion: 2.5.2

HcfdvgherhI like it because it helps me learn French.BbkathyVersion: 2.5.4

Great app, if only it wouldn’t keep freezingThe beauty of Linguée is the list of source references for each word that gives you some context. This is very helpful when a word has a secondary, figurative meaning. A combination of the various dictionary meanings of a word and usage examples is unbeatable.The only problem is that the app freezes regularly - maybe every half-dozen times it’s accessed. Closing and re-opening the app fixes it, but it is *by far* the worst app on my phone in this regard..Paddle BoyVersion: 2.5.4

Not working with IOS 16I updated my iphone last night with the new ios 16, and ever since this morning, I couldn’t use the search bar to search translations. Please update because this has been one of the most helpful apps to me.LecrazymeVersion: 2.5.3

Excellent resourceI frequently need to translate English into French on technical documents. Not only is this a very convenient app for this purpose, but I find it useful to see a variety of options and their source to know which is most appropriate..ImpkinVersion: 2.5.3

I can’t do without itWhich is why it is bad that it has some glitches, like freezing and crashing.Nock333333333333Version: 2.5.3

An indispensable tool for transpatorsWhat did we do before Linguée? I shudder to think. It makes work much easier, and provides concise, real-world examples of alternate terminologies to cover almost any context. No more hammering square-peg terms into round-hole instances! It helps you find just the right term. A real time-saver, and having this useful app as a dedicated resource on a handheld device helps to eliminate disruptive switching on your computer between word-processor and browser, so you can stay in Focus mode..SpellingstarsVersion: 2.5.3

Highly practical and realistic toolFantastical app to use as a compliment.OllyOlly2Version: 2.5.3

Incredibly usefulI really enjoy this app for quick and current translations of English to French. I have used it daily for years!.HezziegrlVersion: 2.5.3

Excelente para aprendizadoExcelente app para aprendizado. Uso muito. Recomendo..AL.M.A.Version: 2.5.3

Can’t download offlineVery nice app but I can’t download the offline German English dictionary.TntmopVersion: 2.5.3

RatingFunctions well as a dictionary and gives useful examples. Does not provide audio nor exact translation of phrases..JannewpVersion: 2.5.3

Un des meilleurs dictionnaires avec le contexte du mot recherché à l’appui!Le meilleur!.NiceniceoneVersion: 2.5.3

The best translator I’ve ever met!We know some words are really hard to translate because their indistinct meanings and contexts, however this app allows me to find the word in the right context I needed to use it. Definitely worth it!.Marile2005Version: 2.5.3

Excellent resourceAs a french-canadian, i am fluent in french but sometimes need a quick double-check for spelling or to find the best word for the context in which i wish to use it. Linguee is fantastic. It's not only reliable and portable, but can be used offline and provides contextual examples from the web! This app is a must-have..Leo.ruleroffrogsVersion: 2.5.3

Nice little app that I’ve been using for GermanIn the morning when I listen to German radio and don’t understand a word, I use this app to figure out what the news is. Only glitch is that it sometimes freezes, but that might just be my old smartphone..JustinVTYVersion: 2.5.3

Love it!This app is really helpful. It is so easy to use and beneficial while you are learning french..AyRppppppVersion: 2.5.3

Amazing AppGreat application, I improved my English vocabulary thanks to this applicationI really like the offline mode, I highly recommend this application to all those who want to learn a new language.Vieux mogoVersion: 2.5.3

Great app but constantly crashesGreat app with a plethora of translations, but the app constantly needs a reboot when opening it anew after having it closed some time. It ends up crashing every time i need to search a new word..GjrjgVersion: 2.5.3

Searching…. C’est le françaisEasy to type in a word or partial phrase in either language and voilà, a plethora of possibilities. Then simply peruse choices that make sense to your situation.TubafaanVersion: 2.5.3

ConsultationRapide précise et informativeO.SodjossiVersion: 2.5.3

Bon appHelpful.Sarjana28Version: 2.5.3

LingueeIt has a sure and certain ability to translate from English to other languages and vice versa; it is free as well apparently….OttoHorstVersion: 2.5.3

Je t’aimePar contre y vaudrait pouvoir écrire des textes comme dans Google traduction.The nulVersion: 2.5.3

Great translatorLinguee is a really useful online dictionary that helps me express my self in different languages. Very good app..A human that uses this appVersion: 2.5.3

Just the second of none!My favourite translation app... by far..Etienne8007Version: 2.5.3

Pls explain Access to local networkAlso please explain why your app is requesting access to my local network in order to run. You don't mention it anywhere in your description..RolltunesVersion: 2.5.3

Ready to pay for it!I’ve been using it for many years now, opening it 5-6 times a day. It’s impossible to live without this app especially if you’re a professional who gets their data from English articles, but has to convey the meaning in the country’s working language. Excellent translations from excellent sources!.Ann458Version: 2.5.3

Always helpfulExcellent for translating variety of meanings in both English and French; also great for phrases..IlandAngloVersion: 2.5.3

Great Free French ResourceI use Linguee as my main English-French dictionary thanks to it’s collection of definitions and example sentences. It even has pronunciation for many words. I hope in the future they can add verb conjugations and expand their definitions and pronunciations but for free it’s really good so far. Only other complaint I have is that the iPad app sometimes freezes when using split screen unfortunately..VCan25Version: 2.5.3

Recommend from Gr. 8 class 👍My English-French teacher recommended my class to use it, and I used this for a year! It look boring & classic, but it gives you appropriate value/context 💖. I wish there was the translator installed in this app too, because my old phone is getting slow in internet..Bam Bam Foxy GirlVersion: 2.5.3

The best app for translatingPowered by the best traduction plateform, DeepL, this is by far the best translating app. Use it for reading, talking, learning, writing, A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Love it. The kind of app you could have to pay like 20$.🤩👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼.Alien from the 80Version: 2.5.3

Amazing ResourceReally impressive resource which does a great job at translating words. I love to use this to double check words for my French classes on my homework and schoolwork. 13/10 would use again👌👌.Jay The EggVersion: 2.5.3

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What do you think Dictionary Linguee ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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