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Disneyland Ticket Prices 2023 for your Disneyland vacation in Anaheim, California.Pricing and comparing the cost of Disneyland tickets made easy.

The last Disneyland PRICE INCREASE went into effect October 11, 2022. Other ticket price increases from the past few years have been:

  • October 25, 2021
  • February 11, 2020

As usual, Disney does not give notice of these changes. Keep reading to see how you can pay less even when prices go up!

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When planning a trip to Disneyland, everyone has one question on their mind, “How much are Disneyland tickets?”

I’ve pulled together the top place to buy Disneyland tickets so you never pay full price for tickets to Disneyland.

At The Happiest Blog on Earth, we partner exclusively with Get Away Today, the company who actually started it all with discount Disneyland tickets (fun fact: Get Away Today was the first company authorized by Disney to sell Disneyland tickets back in the 90s).

HOT TICKET DEAL! Get 2022 Pricing for a LIMITED TIME!

Here are the exact savings based on ticket type over current Disneyland pricing, only for a limited time:

  • 5-Day Park Hopper and 1-Park per Day: $55 Savings
  • 5-Day Tickets with Genie+: $80 Savings
  • 4-Day Park Hopper and 1-Park per Day: $40 Savings
  • 4-Day Tickets with Genie+: $60 Savings
  • 3-Day Park Hopper and 1-Park per Day: $35 Savings
  • 3-Day Tickets with Genie+: $50 Savings
  • 2-Day Park Hopper and 1-Park per Day: $32 Savings
  • 2-Day Tickets with Genie+: $42 Savings
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Disneyland Ticket Prices Quick Answers

Disneyland prices, ticket options, savings and Disneyland promo codes for the best vacation ever!

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How much is a ticket to Disneyland?

One day adult Disneyland tickets have a big range. The lowest price tag reflects one park, on a “Tier 1” day admission. The highest price tag reflects a hopper ticket to both parks for is $244 and the lowest is $169. But don’t pay this price, keep reading for LOWER priced Disneyland ticket options.

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Is it free to go to Disneyland on your birthday?

No, valid theme park admission is required for all guests ages 3 and older to enter Disneyland Park and/or California Adventure Park. Read more about celebrating your birthday at Disneyland here.

Can I buy Disneyland tickets at the gate?

Yes, you can buy Disneyland tickets at the gate, but it does not give you a reservation or instant access to the theme parks. It’s better to buy Disneyland tickets in advance.

How much are Disneyland tickets at the gate?

Disneyland Ticket Prices 2022 | The Happiest Blog on Earth (6)

Now that Disneyland has a reservation system, it makes zero sense to buy at the gate because you generally won’t even be able to go to the parks that day. One day Disneyland adult hopper tickets range from $169-$244. The more days you visit, the lower the cost is per day.

Can I get a discount on a one day Disneyland ticket?

Disneyland has demand based prices for one day tickets. If you need a Disneyland day pass for one day, going on a week day in the middle of the school year can save you quite a bit. But there’s usually no special entertainment, no fireworks, several ride closures and limited park hours. So are you really getting a deal?

Keep reading for more ways to save by upgrading your one day ticket for a lot less than you think!

How do I get discount Disneyland tickets?

Pay less than Disneyland gate ticket prices when you buy your multi-day tickets from Get Away Today. Use our link to purchase discount Disneyland tickets here.

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Can I buy Disneyland tickets online?

Yes! Buy your Disneyland Tickets online now, including the lower savings our partner offers. Your tickets will arrive instantly via email. Just show the email and the gate for entry.

No lost tickets, no need to print, no need to stop at will call. Go right to the gate and straight to your favorite Disneyland ride.

Disneyland Tickets Prices 2022 & 2023

Let’s first start with a few things you need to know when comparing Disneyland prices. Exactly how much is a Disneyland ticket?

Disneyland Resort began using a demand-based ticket structure (since 2016) which only comes into play if you need a one day ticket. One day tickets are by far the most expensive option.

You could pay $169-$244for a one day hopper ticket. It only makes sense to go for two days instead and pay a little more with our ticket partner, Get Away Today. Note ticket prices are accurate at time of publishing and frequent updates.

But if you still insist you can see and do it all in one day at Disneyland . . .

Dates and prices for one day tickets are sorted into three categories:

  • Disneyland “Tier 1” Ticket:Practically nonexistent. Very few days during down time. Weekdays only.
  • Disneyland “Tier 2-5” Ticket: Days when the park is not as crowded, but Disney wants to encourage visitors and increase the number of people who visit on these day. Typically only offered on weekdays, no holidays or school breaks.
  • Disneyland “Tier 5” Ticket:Typically Friday, Saturday and Sunday, along with weeks that surround major public holidays, special events and/or school breaks.
  • Disneyland “Tier 6” Ticket:Consistently the highest attending days, you will pay top price for visiting on one day during weekends, holidays, school breaks and special events. Again, pricing is $244 for a one day, peak hopper ticket. Yikes!

Again, the demand-based ticket structure only matters if you’re visiting for one day.

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(Video) New Vegan Option at Jolly Holiday in Disneyland!

Will you be going to both Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park on the same day? You will need a park hopper ticket to go between parks on the same day. For one day tickets, park hopping will cost you an extra $65.

About those huge Disneyland discounts— they don’t exist. Reputable ticket resellers do not give discounts of half price or other “too good to be true” deals. Need more convincing? Read up on Disneyland ticket scams and don’t allow yourself to become a victim.

Disneyland Ticket Prices 2022 & 2023 at Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort tickets are available via the Disneyland Mobile App, Disneyland Ticket Booths and from Disneyland.com BUT . . .

Disneyland Ticket Prices 2022 | The Happiest Blog on Earth (9)

I only buy from Disneyland directly as a last resort. Because buying direct from Disney means you will be paying the absolute highest price since they rarely offer discounts.Contact our Disneyland ticket discount seller to save more instead.

Do I need more than one day at Disneyland? Absolutely. While you can hit some highlights, you’ll be able to enjoy more of what makes Disneyland so magical by visiting over several days. Local to Southern California?

You can actually book a multi-day ticket and use it over 14 days. That way you’re still getting the savings of a discount ticket and you don’t have to take any time off work or school (but why not take a ditch day!?)

Multi-Day Disneyland Tickets Prices 2022 & 2023 at Disneyland Resort

It’s worth stating again,I only buy from Disneyland as a last resort. Because buying direct from Disney means you will be paying the absolute highest price since they do not offer discounts.

Disneyland Ticket Prices 2022 | The Happiest Blog on Earth (10)

Since you’re buying multi-day tickets, I’m going to quickly point out Disneyland’s ticket prices here. But because you know buying direct from Disney is your most expensive option we’ll only use these prices as a comparison tool.Multi-day ticket prices buying direct from Disney(one park per day).

(Video) 3 Mins or Less! Learn How to Make Disneyland Theme Park Reservations

Disneyland Ticket Prices 2022 & 2023 with Get Away Today

Prices current at publishing time and are updated throughout the year.

Now that we’re ready to dive into comparing prices, I want to make sure we’re comparing apples to apples even though you can getfurther discounts with Get Away Todayby adding hotels, more days, choosing to park hop or during special promotions. See real-time price comparisons right here.

Note ticket prices can change any time, but Get Away Today will always offer a lower price than buying direct through Disney.

Disneyland Ticket Prices 2022 | The Happiest Blog on Earth (11)

Get my promo code delivered to your inbox now.

My favorite times to visit Disneyland Resort include:

  • Summer break for all the swimming and water rides
  • Halloween Time
  • Holiday Season

Disneyland Ticket Prices 2022 & 2023 with Hotels

In 2022 and 2023, when you bundle your discount tickets with a hotel stay for two night or more you’ll get more than just a good deal.

  • Disneyland Ticket Prices 2022 | The Happiest Blog on Earth (12)
  • An extra $10 off with promo code (Get my promo code delivered to your inbox now.)
  • $400 in digital coupons for your vacation (emailed from Get Away Today so keep an eye out!)
  • Ability to go straight to the gate, digital tickets are delivered instantly and you’ll receive your paper tickets printed out when you walk through the gate
  • No booking fees
  • Low price guarantee (if there’s ever a deeper discount before you travel they will adjust your ticket price if you contact them)
  • Customer service contact via email, online chat or phone call during your trip

In addition to these savings and fabulous service provided by Get Away Today, all this can be combined with their seasonal promotions like free nights at hotels, adults pay kid prices and more!

(Video) Disneyland Park Anaheim California 2022: The Happiest Place on Earth

Now that you have your Disneyland tickets for the lowest prices possible, be sure to check out our Disneyland 2023 Planning Guide so you know what’s going on during your visit. More questions about which Disneyland ticket is right for you? Leave your questions onDisneyland Ticket Prices below.


How much are tickets to Disneyland? ›

Disneyland Resort Multi-Day 1-Park per Day Tickets
Prices do no include tax.Ages 3-9
2-Day Disneyland Ticket* (1 Park per day)$240 Save $6 vs gate
3-Day Disneyland Ticket (1 Park per day)$310 Save $18 vs gate
4-Day Disneyland Ticket (1 Park per day)$340 Save $20 vs gate
2 more rows

Can you book Disneyland for 2022? ›

Theme park reservations for both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park can be made up to 120 days in advance on a rolling reservation window. For example, as of October 21, 2022, theme park reservations are available for travel through February 18, 2023.

What is coming back to Disneyland 2022? ›

Quick View Disneyland Resort in 2022 and Beyond

Here are a few things COMING soon to Disneyland Resort: Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway, the first major Mickey-themed ride, opening in early 2023 in a reimagined Mickey's Toontown. A 3rd attraction coming to Avengers Campus in California Adventure Park.

What park should you start at Disneyland? ›

We recommend starting in Disney California Adventure and then hopping over to Disneyland. Allow at least 30 minutes from entering one park before entering the other park or you might get delayed at the gate for hopping too quickly. Here are more Disneyland tips on choosing the best ticket.

What month is Disneyland cheapest? ›

When Is The Cheapest Time To Go To Disney World (2023)?
  • The cheapest time to go to Disney World is January, with prices increasing from the end of January into Presidents Day weekend. ...
  • Prices spike at Presidents' Day weekend and never come all the way back down. ...
  • Summer is weird. ...
  • End of year is all about timing.
13 Oct 2022

How much is it to go to Disneyland 2022? ›

A one-day tiered adult Disneyland Ticket Prices 2022 on the Disneyland website ranges from $104 to $164 for Disneyland vacations in 2022 and 2023. Purchased single-day tickets are valid until December 31, 2023. Weekends, holidays, and other high-demand periods have higher ticket prices.

Can you bring food into Disneyland? ›

Guests are allowed to bring outside food and nonalcoholic beverages into Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. However, they must NOT be in glass containers, must not require heating, reheating, processing, or refrigeration and must not have pungent odors.

Is Disney 2022 worth it? ›

Is Walt Disney World Worth the Cost in 2022? No, we'd say at least not right now. Just the idea that a family of 4 would pretty much have to pay an extra $60/ per day for Disney Genie+ with the hopes that they can get 2-3 rides they want without waiting in long lines, is ludicrous.

Do you need a negative Covid test to go to Disneyland? ›

Anaheim's theme parks in the Disneyland Resort do not require vaccination or negative test verification. As of Feb. 17, 2022, vaccinated visitors to the Disneyland Resort are strongly recommended to wear a mask indoors. Masks are required of everyone on shuttles and some other select situations.

What is Disney getting rid of in 2022? ›

Perhaps the biggest change in perks coming to Disney World in 2022 is the discontinuation of Disney's Magical Express, which has provided guests staying at Disney World Resort hotels with complimentary transportation to and from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) since 2005.

Why is Disneyland so crowded 2022? ›

Disneyland is typically most crowded around holidays, weekends, or really just about any time schools are out of session. Here are some of the time periods to avoid, if possible: Any school holiday weeks (February Vacation, Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year's).

How do I skip the line in Disney 2022? ›

How to Skip The Lines At Disney World (and Still Ride Everything)
  1. #1) Use a Crowd Calendar to Plan Your Park Days.
  2. #2) Take Full Advantage of the Lightning Lanes & Virtual Queue.
  3. 3) Get to the Parks Early (Sorry, It's True)
  4. 4) Take Your Vacation During Off-Peak Times of Year.
11 Jul 2022

Can I bring water into Disneyland? ›

I recommend bringing a reusable ice pack to keep your food and drinks cool all day long! And, while you are welcome to bring your own water bottles, water fountains and water bottle refill stations are located throughout both parks. A map of drinking fountains can be found on the Disneyland Mobile App.

How do people skip the line at Disneyland? ›

The Disneyland FASTPASS service allows you to skip the lines for some of your favorite attractions in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Parks.

How can I get cheap Disneyland tickets? ›

How to Buy Discount Disneyland Tickets (2022): Top 12 Cheap Ways
  1. Discounted Park Hopper and 1-Park Per Day Tickets (Promo Code)
  2. Disneyland California Resident Tickets.
  3. Discount Combo Tickets with Nearby Theme Parks.
  4. Magic Key – New Annual Pass Program!
  5. Book a Disneyland Vacation Package.
  6. AAA Disneyland Tickets.
24 Oct 2022

What is the most expensive month to go to Disney? ›

Here is a list of the Most Expensive Dates at Disney World in 2022:
  • 1/1 (New Years)
  • 2/19 - 2/27 (Presidents Day & Marathon)
  • 3/4 - 4/21 (Easter & Spring Break)
  • 5/27 - 5/29 (Memorial Day)
  • 10/7 - 10/9 (Columbus Day)
  • 11/3 - 11/5 (Veterans Day)
  • 11/19 - 11/27 (Thanksgiving Week)
  • 12/17 - 12/31 (Christmas)

How much is a 1 day Disneyland ticket? ›

One-day admission tickets will range from $104 to $179, based on the day. One-day park hopper tickets will now cost $244 per day. Many Californians can remember a time when the resort was much cheaper.

How much is it for 4 tickets to Disneyland? ›

How much a family of four will pay to visit Disneyland
One-day, one-park ticketLeast expensive ticket priceMost expensive ticket price
Age 10 and over$104$179
Age 9 and under$98$169
Total cost for a family of four$404$696
13 Oct 2022

Is it cheaper to go to Disney after 4? ›

Disney After Hours tickets are around the same price as regular, full-day theme park tickets. Expensive: Since the event is typically 3 hours long, then the cost per hour is much high compared to normal tickets. Disney After Hours is only available on select dates (see below) Not all rides are open.

Can I bring Mcdonalds into Disneyland? ›

Guests are allowed to bring outside food and nonalcoholic beverages into the parks for self-consumption, provided they are not in glass containers, do not require heating, reheating, processing or refrigeration and do not have pungent odors. Inform a Security Cast Member of any food items when you enter the park.

Are backpacks allowed in Disneyland? ›

According to the Disneyland Resort Rules, all coolers, backpacks, and bags can be no larger than 24” long by 15” wide by 18” high. So, as long as your bag fits within these parameters, you shouldn't have a problem entering the parks with it.

What is not allowed in Disneyland? ›

Prohibited Items

Firearms, ammunition, knives and weapons of any kind. Self-defence or restraining devices (e.g., pepper spray, mace). Marijuana (including marijuana enriched products) or any illegal substance. Objects or toys that appear to be firearms or weapons.

Is Disney losing magic? ›

Disney Parks fans are devoted to the Most Magical Place on Earth, but it's reportedly losing magic for many. News Nation reported that 68% of Walt Disney World Resort fans feel it has “lost its magic.”

Is Disney growing or declining? ›

In the first nine months of fiscal 2022, Disney's revenue rose 28% year over year to $62.6 billion as its adjusted EPS jumped 69%. For the full year, analysts expect its revenue and adjusted EPS to rise 25% and 66%, respectively.

What is the best time to go to Disney 2022? ›

The best times to visit Disney World in 2022 are:
  • Feb 22 – March 4.
  • April 20-29.
  • May 2-13 (Weekdays only)
  • August 15-31.
  • September (the whole month)
  • Most Weekdays in October (except Columbus Day Week)
  • Nov. 1-18 (avoid Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving Week)
  • Weekdays in December 1-16 (avoid Christmas and New Year's)

What capacity is Disneyland at today? ›

O.C. Register reports Disneyland park's capacity hovers around the 85,000 mark and further explains that an average days sees about 51,000 visitors. For California Adventure, O.C. Register reports we're looking at 50,000 for the maximum capacity and an average of 27,000 each day.

Is Disneyland at full capacity? ›

Conversation. Sources indicate that Disneyland Resort will return to full capacity beginning May 1, 2022. This has not yet been confirmed by Disney directly. Disney usually avoids releasing exact attendance and...

Can you use cash at Disneyland 2022? ›

Mya, cash is accepted at Disneyland Resort, though they recommend using contactless payment options when possible. Also, it's very convenient to make in-app purchases when you have a contactless payment option available to you.

Is Disney really getting rid of Mickey Mouse? ›

Mickey Mouse will enter the public domain in the year 2024, almost 95 years after his creation on 1 October 1928 – the length of time after which the copyright on an anonymous or pseudo-anonymous body of artistic work expires.

What used to be free at Disney? ›

Disney World once offered free amenities like airport transportation and FastPass tickets. MagicBands and parking were also free to resort guests in previous years.

Is Disney getting rid of the princesses? ›

Disney diversity and inclusion manager Vivian Ware says the company has eliminated all mentions of “ladies,” “gentlemen,” “boys,” and “girls” in its theme parks in order to create “that magical moment” for children who do not identify with traditional gender roles.

Is Disneyland still limiting capacity 2022? ›

Sources indicate that Disneyland Resort will return to full capacity beginning May 1, 2022.

Is Disney back to normal capacity? ›

Credit: ITM Kelly C. Once Walt Disney World and Disneyland reopened to Guests after temporarily closing due to the ongoing pandemic, the theme parks implemented a new reservation system to help monitor Park capacity called the Park Pass system.

Do Celebrities wait in line at Disneyland? ›

Any Guest willing to pay can have a top-of-the-line Disney Parks experience, skipping lines and enjoying almost any dining experience they desire. Celebrities often employ this pricey service for convenience and to avoid getting mobbed by other Disney Park Guests.

Can you pay extra to skip lines at Disney? ›

A Private VIP Tour is the ULTIMATE way to skip the lines in Disney World. You'll get to pick everything you want to see and do, and your tour guide will customize your day for you. You can park-hop and skip the lines at many attractions, while your VIP Tour Guide shares fun facts about what's around you.

Can you pay to skip the line at Disneyland? ›

Prices vary from $7-20 per person per attraction. Guests are limited to two purchases of paid Lightning Lane per day. While having to pay another fee is never ideal, paid Lightning Lane really can offer some time savings for the most popular Disneyland rides.

How much is lunch at Disneyland? ›

Lunches at Daisy's Diner, Galactic Grill, and Harbour Galley won't cost more than $15. Golden Horseshoe, Hungry Bear Restaurant, and French Market are great dinner options.

How much does a bottle of water cost at Disneyland? ›

There is also a Coca Cola Freestyle refill soda machine inside the Craftsman Grill which is just outside of Disney' Grand Californian Hotel entrance to Disney California Adventure. These are especially useful tips since a bottle of Dasani water costs $3.99 and a vitaminwater costs $4.49.

What do you do with your backpack while on rides at Disneyland? ›

Bags/Backpacks – The nice thing is, you can bring your bag on every single ride at Disneyland! With the exception of Silly Symphony Swings, every ride at Disneyland will have a small pouch for you to stow your backpack, or space at your feet.

Is there fireworks at Disneyland every night? ›

Please note: Each show is unique and not all aspects of each show will be visible from every viewing location. Use the Disneyland app to get the latest updates and check for the best viewing areas for the current show. Fireworks occur on select nights only.

Is genie plus worth it Disneyland? ›

With park hopper tickets Disneyland Genie Plus is absolutely worth the extra money. We routinely ran out of park time, but only rarely ran out of Disneyland Genie+ Lightning Lane options. Disneyland Genie+ also includes PhotoPass downloads for each day you add the service.

How early should you get to Disneyland? ›

What Time Should I Arrive At Disneyland? We recommend arriving no later than 30 minutes before the park is scheduled to open. We typically arrive 45 to 60 minutes early.

Do people in wheelchairs go to the front of the line at Disneyland? ›

ANAHEIM, Calif. People with disabilities will no longer go straight to the front of lines at Disneyland and Walt Disney World after growing abuse of the system, park officials said.

Is the genie pass worth it? ›

I can say, after the fact, that it was definitely worth it at The Magic Kingdom and Epcot. While I did purchase it for both Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom as well, I didn't feel it gave us that much. Probably because there are not as many attractions at those parks.

What do you do while standing in line at Disneyland? ›

If you find yourself waiting in line at a Disney park, here are some constructive ways to pass the time.
  1. Select Your Next FastPass. ...
  2. Apply Sunscreen. ...
  3. Take and Go Through Pictures. ...
  4. Have a Snack. ...
  5. Enjoy the Interactive Line Queues. ...
  6. Find Hidden Mickeys. ...
  7. Map Our Your Next Adventure. ...
  8. Play Games and Apps.
12 Apr 2019

Do you still need reservations for Disney in 2022? ›

Since the parks reopened, all guests require reservations to access the park (subject to very limited exceptions discussed soon). Reservations can be made through the Disney Parks Pass System. In order to visit the parks, you'll need to use the parks pass system.

Why can't I book a Disneyland hotel for 2022? ›

Currently, Vacation Packages and Disneyland Resort Hotel reservations are only available through December of 2022, so that's why you're not able to see past that date in the online reservation system. Reservations for the following year tend to open up by the end of summer, typically by the end of August.

Do you need reservations for Disney 2022? ›

To enter a theme park, you will need a park reservation and valid admission for that park—for each day you'd like to visit.

How far in the future can you make a Disneyland reservation? ›

Note that reservations can be made up to 120 days in advance but are limited, subject to availability, and differ between ticket types.

Can you buy Disneyland tickets at the gate 2022? ›

If you're going to be visiting the Disneyland Resort and you're wondering if,” can you buy Disneyland Tickets at the Gate?” I have a very quick answer for you: yes! Disneyland tickets can be purchased at the gate by visiting any box office that's located near the park gates, about a 30 second walk from each park.

Is Disney still limiting capacity 2022? ›

As of 2022, Walt Disney World is at full operations and not putting in any capacity restrictions due to COVID-19.

Is Disneyland going to get rid of the reservation system? ›

Don't expect Disney to get rid of its park pass reservation system anytime soon. The system, which was implemented in 2020 when Disney began reopening its park from their pandemic shutdown, helps the company create a better guest experience, according to CEO Bob Chapek.

Does Disney ever sell out? ›

You might find yourself in a situation where every single Disney World park is completely sold out. If that's the case, the best thing you can do is check the park availability calendar periodically to see if any park reservations become available.

Do you get penalized for not showing up for Disney reservation? ›

Well now, Magic Key holders who don't show up for three reservations within a 90-day period are barred from making any new reservations for 30 days after the third no-show. If you want to avoid the no-show penalty, you can — as long as you cancel your reservation by 11:59PM on the day before.

Does Disney charge when you can't go to a reservation? ›

The fee is currently $10 per person for missing your reservation, though prices are subject to change at any time. If I'm lost in the magic of the day and realize I'm not going to make it to my dining reservation, I use the My Disney Experience App to cancel or modify my reservation.

What does Disney parking cost? ›

The parking fees for the parks (as of January 2022) are: Preferred parking: car or motorcycle – $45-$50 per day (varies by season) Standard parking: car or motorcycle – $25 per day. Oversized Vehicle Parking: Shuttle, Limo, Camper Trailer, RV, Bus or Tractor Trailer - $30 per day.

Why is it so hard to get a Disneyland reservation? ›

While tickets were (and still are) available for purchase, it was the theme park reservations that were the most difficult to come by. Both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park are currently only able to operate at 25% capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions in the state.

Is Disneyland at full capacity with reservations? ›

Disneyland is operating at lower capacity than in years past with the new reservation system in place. This allows them to better control crowds, traffic flow, staffing and more.

Can you go to Disneyland without a reservation after 1pm? ›

Theme park reservations are limited and subject to availability; reservations are not guaranteed until a reservation is finalized. Guests with Park Hopper tickets may visit the other park after 1 PM. Learn more about Park Hopper tickets. A park reservation must be made for each day of entry.


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