Does The General Have Glass Coverage? (2023)

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Yes, The General has glass coverage for customers with comprehensive insurance. The General customers can file a glass claim under their comprehensive coverage if their windshield was damaged due to something besides an accident, such as an animal, a weather event, or vandalism. If the windshield was damaged in a crash, drivers can file a claim with their collision insurance if they were at fault or with the at-fault driver’s liability coverage.

Fixing a cracked or chipped windshield is important for safety reasons, since damaged windshields can obstruct a driver’s vision and weaken the car’s frame. But if the damage is minor, you might be able to have your windshield repaired rather than replaced. A general rule of thumb is that windshields can be repaired if there is a chip smaller than a quarter or a crack smaller than a dollar bill.

To encourage customers to drive safely, The General waives the comprehensive deductible for windshield repairs. Several states also have specific laws about car insurance deductibles for windshield repairs and replacement.

State Laws on Deductibles for Glass Coverage

  • Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina require companies to waive the deductible for both windshield repair and replacement.
  • Kentucky and South Carolina require companies to waive the deductible for all auto glass that you can see out of, not just the windshield.
  • Arizona, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New York require insurers to offer customers the option of a $0 glass deductible plan. This option is often referred to as full glass coverage.

If you don’t live in one of these states, you will likely have to pay your comprehensive deductible in order for your windshield to be completely replaced. You can check with The General if you’re unclear about your policy details or your state’s laws. For more information, check out WalletHub’s guides to comprehensive and windshield insurance.

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People also ask

Does comprehensive insurance cover windshield replacement?

Yes, comprehensive insurance covers windshield replacement as long as the windshield was damaged by something other than an accident. If the windshield was damaged in a crash, the cost of windshield replacement or repairs would fall under liability or collision coverage, depending on fault.

Comprehensive Insurance Covers Windshield Replacement Needed Due To:read full answer

  • Vandalism
  • Hail or other weather events
  • Animal damage
  • Road debris
  • Fallen trees
  • Natural disasters

Windshield repairs are generally inexpensive, costing around $50 - $150 for standard cars. Full windshield replacement ranges from $100 to $400 for most vehicles and costs $1,000 or more for luxury cars.

But it’s worth noting that states and insurance companies vary on whether windshield repairs and replacement are subject to a deductible. If your deducible applies, windshield replacement/repairs might cost less than your deductible, meaning that you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket.

When Comprehensive Insurance Does Not Cover Windshield Replacement

If your windshield was damaged in an accident where the other driver was at fault, their liability insurance should pay for repairs or a replacement. On the other hand, if you have collision insurance, it will cover your windshield if you were at fault in an accident or if the fault was unclear.

In these cases, comprehensive insurance will not pay for windshield repairs or replacement. Similarly, if someone damages your windshield in a non-driving related incident, you may be able to file a claim for windshield replacement through the liability portion of their homeowners or renters insurance.

Ultimately, windshield repairs and replacement are essential to safe driving, since windshields are important to a driver’s visibility and a car’s structural strength. And even minor cracks can quickly expand and become expensive to repair, so it’s best to address windshield damage immediately.

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Is comprehensive insurance worth it?

Comprehensive insurance is worth it if the premium is a small percentage of the car’s value. Comprehensive insurance might also be worth it if the policyholder cannot afford to replace the vehicle without comprehensive coverage, or if the car is driven or parked in a particularly risky area.

Although comprehensive insurance is not mandatory in any state, dealerships and lenders frequently require comprehensive insurance, along with read full answercollision coverage, on leased or financed cars. In that case, comprehensive insurance is definitely worth it, because failing to meet the lender’s or lessor’s requirements could result in expensive force-placed insurance or even repossession.

Factors to Consider When Deciding If Comprehensive Insurance Is Worth It

  • Your car’s age, mileage, and value.
  • The cost of comprehensive insurance premiums.
  • The risk of theft, vandalism, and natural disasters in your area.
  • Your ability to pay for repairs or a replacement vehicle out of pocket.

An old rule of thumb recommended dropping comprehensive coverage when a car was five to six years old or had 100,000 miles. But this rule is now outdated, since newer cars have increased longevity alongside higher repair costs. Now, the standard rule is that comprehensive and collision coverage are both worth buying if the combined premium is less than 10% of the car’s value, minus the deductible.

Cost is only one factor, however, so you should also consider how likely you are to file a claim, as well as what would happen to you financially if your car was stolen or destroyed by something other than an accident and you didn’t have coverage. For instance, if theft, animal collisions, or natural disasters are particularly common in your area, you are especially likely to need comprehensive insurance. Similarly, even if your comprehensive premium is 15% of your car’s value, for example, comprehensive insurance might still be worth it if you rely on the car and can’t afford to replace it yourself.

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Why is The General so cheap?

The General is cheap because the company sells directly to consumers and keeps overhead costs low. Not having agents means there are no commissions to pay, and the company lowers operating costs by offering basic coverage options and limited customer support online. The General ranked 4th overall in WalletHub’s cheap car insurance review, partly because it offers discounts for good students and military service members. Plus, The General rewards customer loyalty with discounts for insuring more than one car or bundling multiple policies, such as home and full answer

The General is especially cheap for high-risk drivers in particular. That’s because The General has special savings opportunities for drivers in this category, such as discounts for taking a driver training course or being continuously insured. But even though The General is among the cheapest car insurance companies, the only way to confirm you’ve found the lowest price is to compare quotes from multiple companies. Your final premium is based on a variety of factors, like your driving record, insurance history, the type of car you drive, and more, and all insurance companies can’t offer the same rate.

To get a personalized quote from The General, you can speak to a representative by calling 1 (866) 519-7422.

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