Dressing For a Big Bust: Modest Style Tips for Fuller Breasts - Hybrid Fashion (2023)

Dressing for a large bust and looking modest can be near impossible if you don’t know what you are doing.

Women come in all shapes and sizes, however for those with a bigger bust it can be a little harder to dress conservatively.

Ladies with bigger boobs often run the risk of looking too heavy and often too exposed.

It can be a real challenge to find clothes that fit your chest without putting it on display.

We all know the struggle of gaping cleavage.

However, having bigger boobs doesn’t mean you have to compromise on confidence, style or modesty.

Through a few nifty illusion tricks, we’re going to make dressing for big boobs a breeze.

If you are adorned with big breasts, we’ll show you how to choose a selection of pieces that can suit your body frame and also shape it to minimize the appearance of your bust line.

What Should You Look for Before Choosing Clothes?

Choose the Right Fabric

Certain fabrics can draw more attention to your bust.

You want to avoid adding any extra bulk to your frame and chest area.

Chunky knit, satin and velvet fabrics can emphasize your bust and even make it appear bigger.

So, if you want to draw attention away from the ladies, opt for softer fabrics that can stretch and mould your curves.

Look out for structured fabric that Is fitted throughout and holds everything in place.

This includes fabric such as cashmere and cotton.

Opt for Darker Colors

When dressing a big bust, consider choosing darker colours as opposed to lighter ones.

Wearing solid, dark coloured pieces will slim the look of your body as also minimize the impact of your breasts.

(Video) How To Dress Well Big Bust | 10 Outfits

Contrarily, light colours can draw attention to the bust.

But, for a pop of colour, pair your outfit with bright accessories such as shoes, bags or jewellery to give your outfit a touch of glamour.

Embrace Prints and Patterns

Don’t shy away from prints.

Print-heavy dresses may sound like it may be unflattering for those with big boobs.

But, prints are by no means a no-go.

Prints and patterns should be embraced as they can distract attention away from your bust and thereby minimize its appearance.

Find the right one that works with your silhouette.

Pick the Right Type of Sleeve

You may not think this, but the length of the sleeve and strap of your outfit can make all the difference when it comes to the appearance of your breasts.

So, try and opt for pieces with thicker straps and long sleeves.

This will balance out your bust without making your outfit look vulgar.

Avoid thin strapped dresses and tops that will only exaggerate the appearance of your bust.

However, if you do want to go for the sleeveless look, opt for thicker straps that can give your bust more supportive.

Opt for Clothes with a Lower Neckline

You may think that high tops are the way to go when you have big boobs and that V necklines should be avoided at all costs.

But, this is not the case.

A lower neckline will elongate your neck and slim down your chest area to make it appear smaller.

A sweetheart neckline is the best as it flatters the bust area and also extends the look of the body to compliment your figure.

So, it is best to opt for V-neck, scoop or sweetheart necklines.

(Video) 20 TIPS FOR STYLING A BIG BUST // Full Chest Style Guide + Recommendations ♡

However, make sure that the neckline isn’t too low and doesn’t show any cleavage as this can revert the attention back to your breasts.

But, if you feel that a low neckline is too revealing for you, wear a camisole or bralette under your dress and top and it will work just as well.

What to Avoid When Dressing for a Bigger Bust

Avoid Baggy Clothes

When dressing for a big bust, be extra sure that you choose clothing that is tailored to fit your curves.

You may that wearing loose clothing will hide your breasts and look the best for your body type.

However, you should actually try and avoid baggy, boxy or shapeless pieces.

These types of dressing can actually make you bigger rather than disguise your body.

In addition to thus, it can make your chest appear droopy underneath the baggy clothing.

So, ensure your clothes fit well.

Avoid Ruffles

Women with larger breasts often tend to hide their bust behind ruffles and frills.

But, it’s actually best to avoid any fuss when it comes to clothing.

This won’t do any favours for your figure.

Extra fussy detail can actually create more volume around the chest area to make your bust look bigger than they actually are.

So, it’s best to steer clear of any ruffles and frills.

How to Improve Your Overall Bust Appearance

Invest in a Good Bra

Never underestimate the impact of a good bra.

Finding the right bra can really transform your wardrobe.

It is also one of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your bust overall.

However, when It comes to big busts you need one that can support it well.

(Video) My style tips to dress a big bust | Bras, Tops, Dresses... | Justine Leconte

The last thing you want is for your breasts to slump down.

So, make sure you choose a good bra that lifts and supports your breasts.

Invest is a full coverage option that covers the whole breast while providing a supportive base beneath.

It’s best to go and get your chest measured to ensure you are wearing the correct size and this will make your clothes sit and look better overall.

Try Wearing a Minimizer Bra

If you want your breasts to appear smaller in size, then think about investing in a minimizer bra.

A minimizer bra is engineered to distribute breast tissue evenly to create the impression of smaller bust size.

However, make sure you get one in the correct size so that it doesn’t flatten your breasts.

How to Accessorize to Make to Make a Big Bust Appear More Modest

Wear a Statement Necklace

Revert attention away from your bust by using a statement necklace as a focal point.

This will draw attention to the necklace rather than your chest.

However, make sure the necklace is a short length and sits just below your collar bone.

If a necklace is too long, it can sit awkwardly over a large bust and shift more attention towards it.

Therefore, shorter chains or collars are the best to go as they are short enough that it will not draw the eye downward to your chest.

Wear a Blazer

Jackets that flatter larger breasts can be hard to find.

However, blazers can be incredibly flattering and can minimize the appearance of big boobs.

They are perfect for camouflaging big breasts and removing them from the centre stage by helping to obscure the view from the chest area.

Their long, straight lines can minimize your curves too without making you look shapeless.

In addition to this, it can do wonders to transfer a drab outfit in seconds by adding extra sophistication to your look.

(Video) 12 Must Know Clothing Hacks if you have Big Breasts

Find the perfect style that fits your shape snugly, while also keeping you looking ultra-stylish.

Wear a Belt on Your Waist

If you don’t want to wear clothing that is totally skin tight, choose looser and flowier pieces of clothing and add a thin belt to your waist to give your outfit a more fitted look.

This will accentuate your waist and give your figure a bit more definition to give it a bit of shape to keep the whole look nice and balanced.

What Dress Styles Are More Flattering for Women with Bigger Breasts?

Shift Dress

Shift dresses are a timeless trend and a must have for every wardrobe.

If you don’t want your dress clinging to your figure, it is best to opt for a shift dress style.

This dress creates a harmonious fit between the bust and the waist.

But, if you aren’t keen on the low-cut style of the dress, then don’t worry.

What you need is narrow, high-cut shift dress that subtly follows the contours of your body without revealing too much of your curves.

This will keep you looking modest, and also incredibly stylish too.

Wrap Dress

A wrap dress compliments all body types.

Embracing the wrap style dress will bring focus to your slim waist to give you a more flattering, hourglass figure.

This dress works wonders to ample the bust because of its elegantly elongated neckline, which will delicately cover your curves.

Look out for one with long sleeves and a slightly higher neckline depending on how much you want to cover up.

Shirt Dress

A good shirt dress is super-versatile and effortlessly chic.

This dress style clinches slightly at the waist and can be adjusted depending on how figure-hugging you want your dress to be.

This will slightly enhance your curves while keeping your chest nice and covered up.

Make sure you choose one that is the right size for a comfortable and easy fit.


Now that you have found the right fit styling tips for dressing a bigger bust, you can feel confident in what you wear without the fear of being over-exposed.


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