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Most embassies and consulates around the world will ask you to submit proof of accommodation alongside with the other documents, especially if you are applying to visit one of the European countries.

The reason behind such a requirement is that the immigration authorities of every country want to know where you will be staying throughout your trip, and telling them that you will be staying at a hotel or at a friends’ house is not enough. You will have to submit proof where you are planning to stay. However, to many, this requirement might seem confusing and frustrating, especially for the fact that every country has different rules and requests when it comes to proof of accommodation.

What Can I Submit as Proof of Accommodation?

The embassy or consulate that you have to apply at in order to get a visa to your destination country, may require from you for either proof of accommodation, certificate of accommodation, letter of accommodation or hotel confirmation letter.

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However complicated that it might seem, all of the above-mentioned serve for the same purpose: as evidence that you have a place where to sleep during your stay in your destination country.

This proof/certificate/letter can either be a:

  • Hotel booking,
  • Host invitation – if you are planning to stay over at friends or family members/relatives,
  • Confirmation by an organized tour operator or holiday tours, or
  • Rental agreement / contract.

Though most of the countries will require you to submit proof of accommodation, especially in the old continent of Europe, in many other countries you will only have to show Means of Subsistence. Which means you will have to show proof, like a bank statement, that proves you have enough money to financially maintain yourself during your trip, including the stay at the hotel/hostel/guest house.

Hotel Reservation

If you are planning to stay at a hotel in your destination country then you will have to submit proof of the hotel booking, which usually is a ‘hotel confirmation letter’ which is also known as hotel itinerary for visa application. This means that after you book a room/suite, the hotel will issue you a letter which confirms it.

This letter must contain the following information:

  • your full name
  • your entry and exit dates
  • hotel address
  • hotel contact details as phone number, email, etc.
  • a valid hotel reservation code

Every embassy or consulate advises its applicants to make a hotel reservation at a hotel that will fully refund your expenses in case of visa rejection or delay. If you cannot find one like that, then try to find the cheapest hotel reservation. That is because if you book a room at a hotel that does not refund you in case of visa application rejection or delay, then you will lose your money.

You can also submit dummy hotel booking as proof of accommodation. Although this method may sometimes be referred to as a fake hotel reservation, this is by no means a fake booking. It’s just a booking without paying the price before the approval of the visa application.


To make a hotel booking without paying the price you could use the services of VisaReservation.

Should I get a hotel itinerary booking without paying the full price?

Many hotels charge non-refundable fees just for making a booking. This may be inconvenient because you could never be sure that you will get your visa approved, and you will not get refunded even in case of visa rejection.

However, there are specialized companies such as VisaReservation that will support your visa application by providing you with a dummy hotel booking confirmation for a small fee. This service is completely safe and is the most inexpensive way of dealing with hotel bookings prior to obtaining your visa.

Invitation From the Host

Many travelers, when traveling abroad plan to spend their night over at friends or family relatives in order to avoid expenses. It is not a problem for the embassy/consulate if you wish to do so, but you will still have to show proof that your friend or relative is willing to take you in and not only.

The host must write an Invitation Letter, where they confirm that you will be staying over at their place. This letter must contain the following details:

  • Dates when you will be staying,
  • Address of the place,
  • Name and Surname of the host,
  • Contact details of the host as email and telephone number,
  • Signature of the host,
  • The area of the place, and the number of members living in there.

Though not a requirement by every country, your host will also probably have to show proof that he or she has enough room for you. Because, in case you are planning to visit your friends, who are a couple that possesses only one bed at their place, and not even a sofa, then the embassy will most likely not approve your stay there. Actually, it is the host who is obligated to usually apply at the local office of his or her hometown for a document called ‘certificate of accommodation’ that confirms the availability of free room for another person. If the local authorities think that the available room is suitable for another person they will issue the document to the host, but if not then they will refuse to do so.

Invitation letter for Schengen Visa Application

In Europe, though the Schengen Area member states have a common policy on the issuance of visas, when it comes to the host invitation letter, each of them has their own rules. For example:

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  • In France, the host must submit an original of the so-called “Declaration d’Accueil” (guarantee document). The same applies if the host is from Luxembourg.
  • In Austria, the host must request the ‘“Elektronische Verpflichtungserklärung“ at his/her municipality in Austria. He or she has to deliver this document to the Austrian Authorities not earlier than 30 days before the applicant’s visa appointment date.
  • In Belgium, the original “Engagement de Prise en Charge – Verbintenis tot Tenlasteneming 3 bis” must be stamped by the municipality and have the embossed stamp of the foreign office.
  • Whereas in the Netherlands the host must submit the original “Bewijs van Garantstelling”, and also three salary sheets/reports and work contract of the inviting person. If the host is independent he or she must also submit the registration in the trade register of the company, the decision of taxation called “down aanslaginkomstenbelastingen”, an official document from the tax “Belastingdienst”, and its profit and loss account copy.

Confirmation by Organized Tour Operator or Holiday Tours

If you are planning to go on a tour organized by a tour operator, together with a group of people, then you will have to submit a letter by the tour operator. The letter must show the hotels/hostels/guest houses where the group will be staying throughout the whole tour. The letter must include the following detailed information of each place:

  • name of the place
  • address
  • telephone number & email
  • date of entry and exit
  • name in which the reservations were made

The tour operator must be legal in order for the issued documents to be valid.

Rental Agreement or Contract

If you are planning to rent a place in your destination country, then you should arrange that before you apply for a visa. You can find a place at your destination country online, also sign the contract online and submit it on the day of your interview at the embassy or consulate, alongside with the other documents.

In general, the contract must contain the below-listed information:

  • name and surname of the landlord
  • his / her contact details as email, telephone, home address, etc.
  • address of the rented place
  • the period during which time the place has been rented by the applicant (entry and exit date)

The house/apartment/room must be rented legally, which means registered at the competent authorities at the applicant’s destination country. The agreement must be signed by both the landlord and the renter.

Accommodation Proof for Backpackers

If you have to obtain visas in order to visit the countries you are planning to travel to backpacking, then you must know that visas are not backpacker-friendly. The consulate or embassy will insist for you to show proof of accommodation, and they will not accept reasoning as “I will rent a car, and sleep in it when I get tired!” or “I will sleep in my tent!”

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However, your case is not a lost one. You do not have to change your plans since you can still book a hotel room with free or very cheap cancellation, and then after you get your visa you can cancel it. You are strongly advised to be careful when doing such stuff, because some countries, like Belgium, will check if your hotel reservation is still available when you arrive at the border by calling the hotel. If you have already canceled your accommodation, then you will not be allowed to enter.

Many websites offer fake hotel reservations for very little money, but you are not advised to buy one of them. If the competent authorities find out that you have provided a fake document, then you might get banned from entering that country. It will also damage your other visa applications, especially if you have been banned from a Schengen country.

Sponsored Accommodation

If you are going to attend some kind of professional activity like training, seminar, research etc., and the expenses will be covered by the organizer, you will still have to submit proof of accommodation. In this case, it should be a letter signed/stamped by the organizers, which aside of the main details as the address of the accommodation place, email, and telephone number, it should highlight who is going to cover the expenses of the accommodation.

Proof of Accommodation vs. Means of Subsistence

Proof of Means of Subsistence is usually a document (like a bank statement) which evidences that you possess sufficient funds for the trip, that you will be able to financially maintain yourself during your stay in your destination country. Every country has the appointed sum of money that the traveler must possess per each day he or she plans to spend in that particular country.

There is a very close link between the Proof of Accommodation and Means of Subsistence since if you are going to stay at a hotel, you will be required to have more money rather than if you are planning to stay at some friends or relative’s place. For example:

  • In Belgium, the traveler must possess EUR 95 per day if staying in a hotel, and EUR 45 when planning to get accommodated by cheaper means, in order to be able to get the visa.
  • In France, the traveler must possess the daily money amount of EUR 120 if holding no proof of prepaid accommodation. If the visitor has a prepaid hotel, then he or she must possess EUR 65 per each day. In case the applicant plans to use cheaper forms of accommodation the amount decreases to EUR 32.25 per day.
  • Whereas, for a traveler to be able to obtain a visa to Denmark, she or he must possess EUR 67.24 per day if staying in a hotel. While if staying in a hostel or similar cheaper means, the required amount of financial means is EUR 47.07 per day. On the other hand, if accommodation is covered by a third party (the traveler stays at relatives or friends), the required amount of financial means lowers further.

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How do I prove my visa accommodation? ›

This can be done in 3 ways:
  1. Provide an invitation letter from a friend or relative residing in the country you are visiting.
  2. Book a reservation with a hotel or hostel and use the confirmation letter as proof of accommodation.
  3. Get a dummy hotel reservation through a verified agent.
Sep 16, 2019

What counts as proof of accommodation? ›

It could be a hotel booking, a letter from family or a friend, or a rental agreement stating you have the short-term rent of a home for the duration of your trip.

How do you write a proof of accommodation letter? ›

This letter must contain the following details:
  1. Dates when you will be staying,
  2. Address of the place,
  3. Name and Surname of the host,
  4. Contact details of the host as email and telephone number,
  5. Signature of the host,
  6. The area of the place, and the number of members living in there.
Mar 19, 2018

What is detailed travel itinerary for visa? ›

A “Schengen Visa Day-To-Day Travel Itinerary” is a schedule that contains details about your travel plans, such as your travel dates, flight and hotel booking/reservation, destinations you plan to visit at specified times, and means of transportation to move between those destinations.

What is proof of accommodation Cerfa form? ›

Proof of accommodation

This can take the form of a hotel booking or an accommodation certificate supplied by a person hosting the foreign national in their home. The host must apply in person to the town hall in their place of residence, signing Cerfa form no. 10798*03. Cost: €30.

How do I prove adequate accommodation for spouse visa? ›

Evidence should demonstrate how the applicant can legally occupy the accommodation. This could be via a copy of the property deeds, mortgage documents, tenancy agreement and/or letter from the landlord confirming that rent payments are up to date and the applicant is allowed to occupy the property.

Can a hotel sponsor visa? ›

If you're wondering, “Do Hotels Sponsor Visas” – the answer is yes, they do. Hotels and other hospitality establishments are more likely to sponsor workers for H-2B visas or J-1 visas. The H-2B visa allows employers to bring temporary workers to the U.S. to help with seasonal or peak load work (ex.

What are the four types of accommodation *? ›

Accommodations are typically grouped into four categories: presentation, response, setting, and timing and scheduling.

How do I verify a hotel reservation? ›


Just like with an airline confirmation, you can find your reservation via confirmation number on your hotel's website more than likely. If anything, you can always call to have your reservation confirmed with the confirmation number.

Do you need to confirm hotel reservations? ›

Hotel staff will know what they need to do next, and if they don't, you're probably not at a hotel. Call to confirm before your visit. Yes, even if you booked directly with the hotel. Verify and confirm your reservation number.

How do you answer a reasonable accommodation request? ›

Dear [Employee name]: On [date], you informed [name and title] of your medical condition and requested a job accommodation to be able to perform your job functions. [Company Name] complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and we want to support you in continuing to perform your job duties.

What is an example of a reasonable accommodation? ›

Examples of Reasonable Accommodations

Acquiring or modifying equipment or devices such as adjusting a desk height to accommodate an employee who uses a wheelchair or providing an employee with quadriplegia a mouth stick device to type on their computer.

What is reasonable accommodation documentation? ›

Reasonable documentation means that the employer may require only the documentation that is needed to establish that a person has an ADA disability, and that the disability necessitates a reasonable accommodation.

How do I explain my travel itinerary? ›

A travel itinerary is a schedule of events relating to planned travel, generally including destinations to be visited at specified times and means of transportation to move between those destinations.

What is detailed travel itinerary? ›

a detailed plan for a journey, especially a list of places to visit; plan of travel. a line of travel; route. an account of a journey; record of travel. a book describing a route or routes of travel with information helpful to travelers; guidebook for travelers.

What does detailed travel itinerary mean? ›

a detailed plan for a journey, esp. a list of places to visit; plan of travel. 2. a line of travel; route.

What can be used as proof of travel? ›

Proof of confirmed travel plans can be plane ticket confirmation, business letter, or employment letter from the business HR Department. You can submit a copy of your flight itinerary, plane ticket, plane e-ticket, or any other flight confirmation.

How do I know if my visa is rejected? ›

Upon visa refusal, you will get a letter from the consulate stating the reason for refusal. This will help you reapply after a specific period of time by rectifying the mistake. Also, some of the consulate websites provide the visa status with the reason for rejection, if any.

What happens if you change your itinerary after getting Schengen visa? ›

As far as the Schengen rules go, there is nothing odious about making small changes to your travel plans after you apply for a visa, as long as the overall purpose and destination of the visit remain true to what you described in the application. Switching to different hotels certainly falls under that.

What happens if you don't meet the financial requirements for a spouse visa? ›

If you do not meet the financial requirement for spouse visas, you may still be able to apply for a visa or extend your permission to stay if: You have a child in the UK who is a British citizen or has lived in the UK for 7 years and it would be unreasonable for them to leave the UK.

How do I write an accommodation letter for a spouse visa? ›

We, Mrs NAME – mother of sponsor and Mr. NAME – step father of sponsor are writing to confirm that we give the above named applicant, Mrs. APPLICANT and her sponsor, Mr. SPONSOR permission to live at our property at ADDRESS, rent free for as long as they wish.

Does spouse visa get rejected? ›

In general, there are two sorts of reasons why spouse visa applications are denied: eligibility and validity. The term eligibility refers to whether you satisfy the conditions for the visa. and Validity deals with the correctness of your program.

What are 3 things you Cannot do with a visitor visa? ›

Travel Purposes Not Permitted On Visitor Visas
  • Study.
  • Employment.
  • Paid performances, or any professional performance before a paying audience.
  • Arrival as a crewmember on a ship or aircraft.
  • Work as foreign press, in radio, film, print journalism, or other information media.
  • Permanent residence in the United States.

Can you book a hotel without a visa? ›

1 Nowadays, nearly all hotels require a credit card when booking—and if not, they'll need one when you're checking in. A hotel takes a security deposit at check-in to cover any damage that may occur while you're staying in the room.

Can I use a virtual visa at a hotel? ›

Those systems were designed to capture a number and hold it until checkout. For hotels, the issue is that virtual card numbers are identical to traditional credit card account numbers. The generally 16-digit card numbers make it impossible for a reservationist or front desk receptionist to recognize them as virtual.

What do you mean by accommodation answer? ›

: something supplied for convenience or to satisfy a need: such as. : lodging, food, and services or traveling space and related services. usually used in plural. tourist accommodations on the boatovernight accommodations.

What are accommodations in hotels? ›

Accommodations means the room or other space provided to transient guests for dwelling, lodging, or sleeping, including furnishings and other accessories, in a facility that is not a campground, hospital, nursing home, emergency shelter, or community mental health or community substance abuse treatment facility.

What type of accommodation is a hotel? ›

Hotel - An establishment that provides travelers with paid accommodation and other guest services. Depending on size, location, and amenities, hotels are generally rated from one-star to five stars, but letter grading (from “A” to “F”) and other rating schemes are also used to categorize hotels across the world.

What to say to confirm a reservation? ›

It's confirmed, we'll see you on [booking date]! Thank you for booking [name of activity] with us on [location]. You'll find details of your reservation and payment details enclosed below. If you need to get in touch, you can email or phone us directly.

What type of guarantee is required by a hotel to confirm a reservation? ›

A guaranteed reservation requires the payment of the room rent or a specified amount in advance, known as pre-payment. As the hotel holds the room for the guest even after cancellation hours, pre-payment protects the hotel from any loss of revenue in case of last minute cancellation or a no-show.

What does it mean to confirm a reservation? ›

Definition of 'confirm a reservation'

If you confirm a reservation, you inform someone who has booked a room at a hotel that the reservation is definite. He phoned the hotel the day before he arrived to confirm the reservation. A written reservation and deposit is required to confirm your reservation at the hotel.

What are the 3 most important pieces of information does a reservationist need to confirm room availability? ›

In formulating the reservation request, the three most important factors are a) the expected date of arrival and departure b) the desired room type c) the number of rooms needed. Using this information the hotel staff can search the room availability file via the designated arrival date.

What happens if you don't show for a hotel reservation? ›

Most every hotel has a cancellation window. If you don't show up, for your stay, yes,they will charge you at least one nights stay. If you have extenuating circumstances, try calling the hotel manager and seeing what they can do for you.

Why is it important to confirm bookings? ›

A good booking confirmation will act not only as a great piece of promotion for the organisation (you have the attention of the individual concerned they are listening to every word you write) but superb quality and clarity reduces confusion, reduces the requirement for clarifying further work resulting in less errors, ...

What are some reasons for reasonable accommodation? ›

The ADA requires reasonable accommodations as they relate to three aspects of employment: 1) ensuring equal opportunity in the application process; 2) enabling a qualified individual with a disability to perform the essential functions of a job; and 3) making it possible for an employee with a disability to enjoy equal ...

What are the 5 common means of reasonable accommodation? ›

What types of accommodations are generally considered reasonable?
  • Change job tasks.
  • Provide reserved parking.
  • Improve accessibility in a work area.
  • Change the presentation of tests and training materials.
  • Provide or adjust a product, equipment, or software.
  • Allow a flexible work schedule.

What is reasonable accommodation denial? ›

Can an Employer Deny Reasonable Accommodation? If your employer refuses to provide a reasonable accommodation, it must be because the accommodation would cause undue hardship to the employer or company. Generally, undue hardship would result when the request is too difficult or expensive for the employer to implement.

What is reasonable accommodation and how is it determined? ›

A reasonable accommodation is a modification or adjustment to a course, program, service, or activity that enables a qualified student with a disability to have an equal opportunity to access and use benefits, privileges and services that are available to similarly-situated students without disabilities.

Which of the following reasons are legitimate reasons to deny a request for a reasonable accommodation? ›

The agency may reject an employee's request for a reasonable accommodation for the following reasons:
  • The employee is not an individual with a qualifying disability. ...
  • The employee is unable to provide requested documentation from a medical professional that demonstrates that he/she has a qualifying disability.

What does disclose a need for accommodation mean? ›

An individual with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation at any time during the hiring process or during the period of employment. The need to disclose and request accommodation will become evident when an individual knows there is a workplace barrier due to a disability.

How long should it take to finalize a request for reasonable accommodation? ›

A request for a reasonable accommodation will be processed and a decision made to approve or deny a request for reasonable accommodation within 20 business days of the initial request, unless there are extenuating circumstances warranting extensions of time frames and/or additional medical documentation is needed to ...

What would be an example of reasonable accommodation by an employer? ›

Changing a regular work schedule or establishing a flexible leave policy may be a reasonable accommodation unless it would cause an undue hardship. Modified work schedules may include flexibility in work hours or the work week, or part-time work.

What is travel itinerary for visa? ›

A flight itinerary that is needed for a visa application is a document that shows your travel plans and includes information such as your flights, dates of travel, and destinations. It is usually issued by the airline when you book your flights.

What is an itinerary give example? ›

An itinerary is your travel plan — where you will go and when you will be there. If you make plans to fly to Paris from Beijing or take a train to Chicago from Mexico City, you will need an itinerary.

What are the 3 types of itinerary? ›

22.1.2 Types of Itinerary

Thus, the five types of itinerary can be tourist's itinerary, tour manager's itinerary, escort or guide's itinerary, vendor's itinerary and coach driver's itinerary.

Is itinerary receipt same as ticket? ›

An itinerary receipt is a confirmation of an e-ticket purchase. Using e-tickets, passengers do not have to present their itinerary receipts at check-in. All necessary information is already in the reservation system, and only a valid ID (passport) of the passenger is required.

Is a travel itinerary a ticket? ›

Is a flight itinerary the same thing as a ticket? The itinerary can be a proposed route or a confirmation of your travel plans, but you'll still need to check-in and get a ticket to board the plane.

Is an itinerary a receipt? ›

Related Definitions

Itinerary/Receipt means a travel document or documents the carrier or its agent issues to the passenger travelling on a ticket. The itinerary/receipt contains the passenger's name, flight information and notices relevant for the journey.

How do I make my itinerary detailed? ›

Make a section for each day that has a detailed outline of the schedule, including time stamps, locations, and contact details, if needed. If you're making a travel itinerary, be sure to include flight info, hotel addresses, and backup plans for specific activities.

How do I prove my accommodation in France? ›

The person hosting you must go to their local town hall in France to obtain the proof of accommodation document on your behalf (more information about which documents to provide can be found on the following website: - in French only).

How can you prove you have ties in your home country when applying for a b1 b2 visa? ›

How To Demonstrate “Ties To Home Country”
  1. Recent pay stubs from employment in your home country.
  2. Bank statements showing your financial stability.
  3. I-94 travel document with travel history to and from your home country.
Jun 28, 2022

Do you need proof of accommodation to enter France? ›

Documents to be presented on arrival in France

A valid visa, if required; Proof of accommodation covering the whole duration of the stay (hotel reservation and/or certificate of staying with a relative validated in the town hall); Sufficient financial means.

Is AirBnB enough for visa? ›

You have to provide a letter from the person who owns the property, stating the length of your stay and showing a paid receipt. Since AirBnB doesn't allow payment in full before arrival, it's doubtful that the government would accept this as a bona fide residence for your visa.

What is proof of sufficient funds for travel France? ›

Proof Of Sufficient Funds To Visit France

If you have a hotel booking/ booked accommodation, you need to show that you have 65 euros per day for daily expenses. If you DO NOT have a hotel booking/ booked accommodation, you need to show that you have 120 euros per day for daily expenses.


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