Michelin Guide Comes to Miami (2023)

By: Maika Moulite

An impressive 10 restaurants throughout Greater Miami & Miami Beach received one MICHELIN star, and one restaurant – L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, located in the Miami Design District – received the only two-star rating in the state of Florida.

In the inaugural edition of the MICHELIN GUIDE Miami, Orlando and Tampa, restaurants in Greater Miami & Miami Beach also won the Bib Gourmand distinction, Sommelier of the Year and the Exceptional Cocktails Award.

The MICHELIN Guide Star Ratings

Chefs may receive one, two or three MICHELIN stars for their establishments based on five criteria: product quality, mastery of flavor and cooking technique, harmony and balance of flavors, the chef’s personality reflected in his or her cuisine, and consistency over time and across the entire menu.

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Miami's MICHELIN Guide Two-Star Restaurant

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Restaurants awarded two stars are establishments that MICHELIN deems “excellent cooking,” with skillfully prepared dishes and quality reflected in each bite. L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon’s location in the Miami Design District is the only restaurant in Florida to earn two stars. Named after the French word for workshop, L’Atelier Miami reflects the culinary concept of the late Chef Joël Robuchon and showcases the highest craftsmanship in even the simplest of dishes. The restaurant’s signature counter seating provides guests with a dynamic view of the creative process employed for each meal. You’ll find both tasting portions and large plates at the establishment, but MICHELIN recommends the seasonal prix fixe to fully enjoy the French cuisine offered.

MICHELIN Guide One-Star Restaurants in Miami

Ten restaurants in Greater Miami & Miami Beach were awarded a coveted MICHELIN star. One-star restaurants feature high-quality cooking that is worthy of a stop. Check out the full list of Miami restaurants with one MICHELIN star, below.

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Helmed by Chef Michael Beltran, Ariete in Coconut Grove is just as known for its daring, ever-changing menu as it is for its delectable signature dishes. The Rohan Duck a la Press for Two is an Ariete experience that features the 20-day dry-aged bird along with three sides. The accompanying sauce is prepared tableside by hand-turned press, one of only four restaurants in the United States to employ the traditional French process. MICHELIN Guide highlights the restaurant’s skill which “weaves together new American and classic French influences to dazzling effect.” The tasting menu is the best way to experience “creative combinations and excellent sauce work.”

Boia De

The MICHELIN Guide calls the cuisine at Boia De “surprising” – and with good reason. Nestled between a laundromat and medical center in Buena Vista, Boia De’s chefs Luciana Giangrandi and Alex Meyer have created a “distinctive and impressive” menu that features contemporary Italian cuisine. Though the eatery only seats 30, don’t be fooled by its modest size. The rotating selection of pasta dishes such as king crab tagliolini nero, English pea cestini, and doppio agnolotti will have you glowing brighter than the signature neon pink exclamation point illuminated above the restaurant’s front door.

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Cote Miami

Cote Miami, in the Miami Design District, is the perfect mix of Korean barbecue and American steakhouse. With an extensive wine list of more than 1,200 labels, this is a place where guests can pair their beverages with dishes such as the signature five-day, USDA prime dry-aged beef, the Butcher’s Feast which includes four chef-selected cuts of beef, or the elevated Steak Omakase™ experience. MICHELIN describes Cote Miami as a “highly stylized Korean steakhouse” and recommends the Butcher’s Feast for first-time diners. It's served with banchan (small side dishes of Korean cuisine), multiple cuts of beef and two kinds of stew.

Michelin Guide Comes to Miami (3)

The Den at Azabu Miami Beach

The Den at Azabu Miami Beach is, according to the MICHELIN Guide, “an intimate temple to sushi.” The hidden sushi counter located at the Marriott Stanton hotel in South Beach has fish flown in multiple times per week and includes highlighted dishes such as thinly sliced octopus dotted with a sunny orange miso as well as soy-marinated akami nigiri. The Tokyo-trained chefs adhere to omotenashi, a cultural experience that is more than hospitality, but rather a guest-centered experience conducted with care.

Elcielo Restaurant

Chef Juan Manuel Barrientos' Colombian heritage is on full display at Elcielo Restaurant, in the Brickell neighborhood. Served with a modern twist, dishes are presented in a dramatic fashion with options such as the tableside "chocotherapy,” the "Tree of Life" bread service and a varied tasting menu. Guests should expect a culinary experience that engages all five senses from the very first course. Presentation plays an integral role at Elcielo Restaurant, which features a menu that is 80% pescatarian.


Hiden is hidden in more than just name. Chef Shingo Akikuni’s eight-seat counter is located behind a taco stand in Wynwood and accessible with a time-sensitive passcode. The chef-selected eight- to 10-course menu includes hot and cold dishes, sushi and dessert, and is updated periodically to accommodate changes in availability of seasonal ingredients. The omakase restaurant pays homage to its Japanese roots and includes cuisine made with high-quality ingredients, many flown in from Japan.

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Le Jardinier

Chef Alain Verzeroli’s Le Jardinier is stylishly decorated with a dining room described as “a celebration of the seasons.” The Miami Design District restaurant’s French contemporary cuisine is lauded by the MICHELIN Guide as “a study of vibrant tastes and smart compositions that pack big flavor minus the heaviness.” The vegetable-driven menu also includes sustainable seafood, poultry and meat selections. At this retro-glam, light-filled restaurant designed by architect Pierre-Yves Rochon, be sure to enjoy a high-quality spirit, fortified wine or carefully thought out non-alcoholic beverage.

Los Félix

Modern, organic and youthful, Los Félix features Mexican cuisine served amid vibrant décor and plenty of art. MICHELIN highlights staples such as the “hearty pork cheek carnitas with a myriad of salsas; snapper crudo topped with shavings of jicama and avocado aïoli; and grilled octopus with beetroot mole.” The Coconut Grove restaurant honors the traditions of indigenous heritage by cultivating a multi-sensory experience embedded in time-honored native ingredients, biodynamic wines and craft beers, and an inviting atmosphere influenced by curated tunes. You can even listen to Los Félix’s transcendent sounds via their Spotify playlists.

Michelin Guide Comes to Miami (5)

Stubborn Seed

Chef Jeremy Ford’s Stubborn Seed features American cuisine with a contemporary twist in Miami Beach’s South of Fifth neighborhood. Menu items such as the ricotta gnudi are just as tasty as they look, with dishes that are artfully presented and almost too beautiful to eat. Though the menu is frequently updated, MICHELIN recommends the truffle chicken, a signature dish, as well as the yellowfin crudo and black grouper tartare. While your meal will undoubtedly be the focus of your visit, be sure to try a cocktail, whiskey or sake drink. And with options such as milk chocolate chile cremeuz and caramel rum cake, you won’t want to skip dessert.

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The Surf Club Restaurant

The Surf Club Restaurant is led by Chef Thomas Keller and located in the Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club in Surfside, providing classic Continental cuisine for the modern diner. Old school glamour shines brilliantly throughout the historic property without feeling stuffy. The MICHELIN guide suggests the scallop crudo with buttermilk-basil dressing, Maine lobster thermidor with sauce Américaine, and the coconut chiffon cake with lime-flecked crème anglaise. Indulge in their extensive wine and cocktail menu and toast to the good life.

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Bib Gourmand

The MICHELIN Guide recognizes restaurants with great food at great value with a Bib Gourmand award, and 19 locations throughout Greater Miami & Miami Beach were honored with the distinction. Guests can expect two courses and a choice of dessert or glass of wine to go for less than $49 at Bib Gourmand establishments. Restaurants include dining options ranging from Mediterranean to barbecue and can be found below.

Sommelier Award

The MICHELIN Guide’s 2022 Florida Sommelier Award was presented to Victoria James, beverage director and partner at Cote Miami, one of the Miami restaurants awarded one star in the inaugural edition of MICHELIN Guide Miami, Orlando and Tampa. When she was 21, James became the youngest sommelier in the United States; she eventually relocated to Miami after opening Cote in New York, which has one MICHELIN star.

Exceptional Cocktails Award

The MICHELIN Guide’s Exceptional Cocktails Award was presented to Ruben Rolon and his teams at MICHELIN two-star L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Miami and one-star Le Jardinier Miami. As head bartender at both starred establishments, Rolon is inspired by and uses seasonal ingredients.

History of the MICHELIN Guide

The MICHELIN Guide was founded in the late 1880s as a way to encourage tire sales in the newly developed French automobile industry. The little red guidebook contained helpful information for travelers such as maps, restaurant and hotel listings, and even tire-changing tips. Today, The MICHELIN Guide includes restaurant selections in more than 35 countries and is arguably the world’s most revered restaurant rating classification. The inclusion of Florida restaurants in the MICHELIN Guide reflects the fine-dining guide’s expansion across the United States.

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The culinary expertise of Miami’s chefs has long been appreciated by locals and travelers alike. Whether you’re looking for rustic flavors or fine-dining selections, Miami’s restaurants are sure to impress.


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