No Carb Breakfast Foods That Are Still Healthy And Tasty (2023)

No Carb Breakfast Foods That Are Still Healthy And Tasty (1)

Low carb diets are popular. There’s no doubt about that. They offer the chance to improve your health and even lose weight, without giving up any of the foods that you love. To do so, you need to find the right foods, which includes no carb breakfast foods.

Now, as you can probably imagine, very few foods contain no carbs at all. Most will contain some carbs, often in the form of fiber. Fiber isn’t digested, so low carb diets tend to subtract the fiber content when they’re calculating their carb consumption.

You’ll see the same pattern with foods on this list. They’re all low carb breakfast choices, ones where most the calories come from fat or protein. When there are carbs present, most of these will be in the form of non-digestible fiber.

Table of Contents

No Carb Breakfast Foods

  • Eggs
  • Keto Bread
  • Egg Cups
  • Avocado Egg Boats
  • A Fry Up
  • Bacon And Eggs
  • Homemade Granola
  • Frittata
  • A Breakfast Bake
  • Cauliflower Hash Browns
  • Low Carb Waffles Or Pancakes
  • Keto Breakfast Sandwich
  • Egg Burritos
  • Breakfast Bowls


No Carb Breakfast Foods That Are Still Healthy And Tasty (2)

Eggs are the obvious place to start this list, as they’re naturally low in carbs and are already a common breakfast choice. In fact, a single egg contains less than half a gram of net carbs. This is impressive when you consider the number of nutrients that eggs have to offer.

Eggs are versatile too. They can be prepared in many ways, so you’re not going to get bored.

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The other advantage is that eggs are filling. An egg-based breakfast can easily keep you going for hours, even all the way through until lunch. The same can’t be said for a piece of toast with jelly on your way out the door.

Keto Bread

No Carb Breakfast Foods That Are Still Healthy And Tasty (3)

Bread is still a classic breakfast choice for many people, but it's a no-go if you're wanting to cut out your carbs. Thankfully, there are creative low carb solutions to just about every food challenge, so you can still enjoy bread without the carbs.

Well… kind of.

There are various low carb bread options that you can try, such as cloud bread, 90-second bread, and even some keto bagels. They all have their distinct properties. For example, cloud bread largely relies on eggs and cream cheese, so you end up with a distinct eggy flavor.

While keto bread is never going to be the same as carb heavy bread, it can be appealing in some situations.

Egg Cups

No Carb Breakfast Foods That Are Still Healthy And Tasty (4)

Egg cups are an easy choice if you want breakfast that you can simply pick up and take with you. The cups are often baked in a muffin tray and consist of beaten eggs along with some ingredients for texture and flavor.

Popular low carb ingredients in egg cups include spinach, cheese, broccoli, mushroom, ham, and even jalapenos – just not all at once. Most recipes use one or two extra flavoring ingredients and perhaps some spices.

This breakfast has many advantages, including the fact that it is high in protein. The egg cups can also be eaten hot, warm, or cold, which gives you plenty of flexibility.

Avocado Egg Boats

No Carb Breakfast Foods That Are Still Healthy And Tasty (5)

We've already mentioned avocados and eggs on this list, but the ingredients are even more powerful when you combine them. The flavor profiles work exceptionally well together and you end up with a satisfying breakfast that tastes as good as it sounds.

There are already many meals that rely on avocado and egg, including simply adding a poached egg to avocado on toast. The problem is that most such meals contain a decent number of carbs.

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Avocado egg boats get around this problem, as the avocado is used as the base of the meal. No need to rely on anything carb-heavy.

The image really tells you everything there is to know about the breakfast. You're simply placing an egg in the hole of an avocado, then baking the ingredients in the oven until the egg has cooked. While baking an avocado may sound a little odd, the process gives it a delectable texture that you don't get otherwise.

You can, of course, vary how you make this meal. Adding other ingredients is a common technique, such as chopped ham, bacon, or cheese. Doing so adds some extra nutrients and may make your breakfast even more filling.

A Fry Up

No Carb Breakfast Foods That Are Still Healthy And Tasty (6)

Many of the foods in a classic English breakfast are naturally low in carbs, including the meat and the fried eggs. You could easily include some fried veggies or perhaps a bed of leafy greens to create a more balanced meal.

After all, many veggies get most of their carbs from fiber. You'll need to check their carb content first, but a good starting point is to focus on vegetables that grow above the ground. Root vegetables, like potatoes, tend to be much higher in carbs.

Bacon And Eggs

No Carb Breakfast Foods That Are Still Healthy And Tasty (7)

While we're on the topic, let's not forget the breakfast staple of bacon and eggs. Both ingredients are naturally low in carbs and rich in protein. They also taste good together.

Homemade Granola

No Carb Breakfast Foods That Are Still Healthy And Tasty (8)

You can make homemade granola that contains very few carbs. The trick is to choose your ingredients carefully. You'll want to be entirely skipping any grains, as these are high in carbs.

Focus on nuts and seeds as your main ingredients instead. This will give you an energy-dense breakfast. You could eat the mix as cereal, sprinkle it on top of another meal, or even eat it by the handful like trail mix.

Just pay attention to your portion sizes, as most of the ingredients will be high in fat, protein, and calories. While fat isn't as unhealthy as popular culture suggests, keeping an eye on your calorie intake is still very important.


No Carb Breakfast Foods That Are Still Healthy And Tasty (9)

A frittata is a little like a giant egg muffin, one that you can cut into chunks and eat warm or take on the go. Frittatas are perfect if you're serving a crowd, as you just need to throw all the ingredients together and then cook the meal.

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The ingredients in a frittata are similar to egg muffins, including options like spinach, ham, and cheese. The larger size of a frittata makes it easy to experiment with a variety of ingredients, rather than restricting yourself to just a few

A Breakfast Bake

No Carb Breakfast Foods That Are Still Healthy And Tasty (10)

Breakfast bakes and breakfast casseroles come in many forms, with different flavors and ingredient combinations. The general idea, however, is that you're adding a bunch of ingredients together, then baking the finished mixture in the oven.

Many such meals will heavily rely on eggs. After all, eggs are low in carbs and are filling too.

Using eggs is far from essential, as many recipes skip the eggs altogether. For example, you might find a breakfast bake that uses various vegetables, sausage, and cheese.

Once again, you'll need to choose your ingredients carefully to make sure that the meal is low in carbs. Looking for recipes classified as keto is a good place to start, as the keto diet is very low in carbs.

Cauliflower Hash Browns

No Carb Breakfast Foods That Are Still Healthy And Tasty (11)

Potatoes are a poor choice if you're trying to cut down on carbs, but cauliflower makes a surprisingly good replacement. With the right recipe, you can make hash browns using riced cauliflower instead of potatoes. These can even end up having a similar texture to regular hash browns.

Cauliflower hash browns won't taste quite the same as their conventional counterparts, but that goes without saying. Even so, the replacement is a good one. It might even be enough to satisfy your hash brown craving.

Low Carb Waffles Or Pancakes

No Carb Breakfast Foods That Are Still Healthy And Tasty (12)

Regular waffles and pancakes rely on white flour and tend to be quite high in carbs. But, this isn't the only way to make these breakfast staples.

Some recipes rely on low carb ingredients instead. This might include using almond flour or coconut flour. Once again, the texture and flavor of the finished product won't be the same as the version made with regular flour.

Still, it's impressive to be able to have waffles and pancakes on a low carb diet, even if they're not perfect.

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Keto Breakfast Sandwich

No Carb Breakfast Foods That Are Still Healthy And Tasty (13)

Low carb breakfast sandwiches are surprisingly easy to make. You just need to sub out the bread for something that is low in carbs. The low carb breads that we mentioned earlier might be perfect here. You could use a 90-second bread recipe for a small and fast breakfast, or something different if you want a more filling meal.

There are other substitutions too.

For example, you can use a thin and crispy sausage patty instead of bread. This gives you the same flavors as a regular breakfast sandwich – the sausage is just on the outside, rather than in the middle.

You can even make sandwiches using avocado instead of bread. While the shape of the avocado means that these look more like hamburgers than sandwiches, they're still appealing breakfast choices.

Egg Burritos

No Carb Breakfast Foods That Are Still Healthy And Tasty (14)

Making a low carb breakfast burrito is fairly easy, once you get the wrap figured out. One trick is to make the wrap out of egg. So, you’re basically making a thin omelet, allowing this to cool and then using it as a wrap for the other ingredients.

You can include whatever fillings you’re interested in, as long as they are low in carbs. For example, you might follow the style of a traditional breakfast burrito, where you are using ingredients like cheese and bacon. Or, you might focus on Mexican flavors, where you rely on salsa and beans as key ingredients.

Breakfast Bowls

No Carb Breakfast Foods That Are Still Healthy And Tasty (15)

Bowl-based meals allow you to combine many nutrient packed ingredients in a single place. Some of these use flavors that you would associate with breakfast, while others would taste just as good at any time of the day.

While cutting down carbs does limit your options for bowl ingredients, there are still many options that you can rely on. Instead of using a carb-rich ingredient like rice or quinoa as the base of the bowl, how about relying on cauliflower rice instead?

A breakfast-themed bowl might rely on ingredients like ground beef and scrambled eggs as well. Or, you could rely on another combination, like a fried egg and fried onions. There are many recipes out there to give you inspiration.

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What is the number 1 healthiest breakfast? ›

The 12 Best Foods to Eat in the Morning
  1. Eggs. Eggs make a simple, nutritious breakfast choice. ...
  2. Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a great option if you're looking for a quick breakfast. ...
  3. Coffee. Aside from water, coffee is the world's most popular beverage. ...
  4. Oatmeal. ...
  5. Chia seeds. ...
  6. Berries. ...
  7. Cottage cheese. ...
  8. Whole wheat toast.
Oct 25, 2021

What foods are highly nutritious but low in carbs? ›

Meat, eggs, and seafood are low in carbs. You can also eat certain vegetables, including broccoli and eggplant, as well as fruit, such as avocado and apricots, on a low carb diet.

Can I eat oatmeal on a no carb diet? ›

Most grain dishes — including rice, wheat, and oats — are also high in carbs and need to be limited or avoided on a low carb diet.

What are the 5 foods that burn belly fat? ›

7 Foods that Burn Belly Fat
  • Beans. “Becoming a bean lover can help you lose weight and whittle your middle,” registered dietitian Cynthia Sass told Today. ...
  • Swap your beef for salmon. ...
  • Yogurt. ...
  • Red bell peppers. ...
  • Broccoli. ...
  • Edamame. ...
  • Diluted vinegar.

What can I eat instead of bread? ›

Here are some bread substitutes to try
  • Corn, reduced-carb or whole-grain tortillas.
  • Cheese wraps or cheese slices.
  • Coconut wraps.
  • Cauliflower bread.
  • Cucumber slices.
  • Sweet potato slices.
  • Bell pepper slices.
  • Portobello mushrooms.
Jun 29, 2022

What is the perfect balanced breakfast? ›

For the most nutritious breakfast, try to choose whole, unprocessed foods from each of the five food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, and dairy. Try to include proteins from foods like yogurts (look for varieties with less sugar added), eggs, nuts and seeds or legumes.

What is actually a healthy breakfast? ›

plain yogurt, fruit, and nuts. oatmeal, fruit, nuts. whole wheat or rye toast with nut butter. black beans and tortilla (corn or whole wheat).

What's the best keto breakfast? ›

What to Eat for Your Keto Breakfast
  • Veggie Omelet. 1/10. ...
  • Avocado. 2/10. ...
  • Crustless Quiche. 3/10. ...
  • Sausage. 4/10. ...
  • Greek Yogurt Parfait. 5/10. ...
  • Macadamia Nut Pancakes. 6/10. ...
  • Bacon and Eggs. 7/10. ...
  • Flaxseed Porridge. 8/10.
Nov 2, 2021

What happens if you only eat oatmeal everyday? ›

There are no negative physical health effects associated with consuming oatmeal for long periods of time. In fact, eating nothing but oatmeal for a period of time is probably one of the better things you can do for your body.

What foods make you full and lose weight? ›

High-fiber foods not only provide volume but also take longer to digest, making you feel full longer on fewer calories. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains all contain fiber. Popcorn is a good example of a high-volume, low-calorie whole grain. One cup of air-popped popcorn has about 30 calories.

What kills stomach fat fast? ›

The following sections look at specific ways to help get rid of belly fat.
  1. Focus on low calorie foods. ...
  2. Eliminate sugary drinks. ...
  3. Eat fewer refined carbs. ...
  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables. ...
  5. Go for lean proteins. ...
  6. Choose healthful fats. ...
  7. Develop a workout. ...
  8. Boost overall activity.

What foods will shrink your stomach? ›

Eight Delicious Foods That Help Fight Belly Fat
  • Belly Fat-Fighting Foods.
  • Avocados.
  • Bananas.
  • Yogurt.
  • Berries.
  • Chocolate Skim Milk.
  • Green Tea.
  • Citrus.
Jan 17, 2011

What melts belly fat? ›

Drinking less alcohol, eating more protein, and lifting weights are just a few steps you can take to lose belly fat. Having excess belly fat can negatively affect health and may contribute to several chronic conditions.

What is the healthiest sandwich? ›

Turkey Sandwich comes in at #1 for the most healthy. Turkey contains less fat than most other meats and is rich in protein and potassium, needed for strong muscles.

Are wraps better than bread? ›

Bread. There isn't much nutritional difference between bread and wraps. Both contain similar ingredients, except the bread is leavened with yeast and a wrap is flat. The Nutrition Facts labels show similar nutritional profiles for one wrap and two slices of commercially baked bread.

What happens to your body if you stop eating bread? ›

When the body's consumption of carbohydrates decreases, it begins to burn energy stored in the form of “glycogen”, which is the image in which it is stored carbohydrates in the liver and muscles), and this leads to water loss, and weight loss.

What chips have no carbs? ›

Pork rinds are the perfect carb-free chips and the supreme snack on keto. They are made from fried, baked, or roasted pig skins and contain large amounts of fat and protein. Most importantly, they contain zero carbs, which makes them keto superstars.

What is the most filling low-carb snack? ›

Protein: cottage cheese, hard-boiled eggs, grilled chicken, cheese squares. Nuts: almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts. Fresh veggies: celery sticks, sliced cucumber, bell pepper slices, broccoli. Low carb fruits: berries, cantaloupe, avocado slices, olives.

Is popcorn OK for low carb diet? ›

Low-carb diets and popcorn

You can still enjoy a serving of popcorn while on a low-carb diet. The fiber content will help keep you full and the volume might prevent you from giving in to cravings for cake and cookies.

What is sweet but no carbs? ›

Stevia: Stevia is a natural, zero-carb sweetener that comes from the South American plant stevia rebaudiana, which is part of the sunflower family. Stevia won't taste exactly like sugar, but it has no carbs or calories and won't raise your blood sugar or insulin levels[*].

What is a good balanced breakfast? ›

For the most nutritious breakfast, try to choose whole, unprocessed foods from each of the five food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, and dairy. Try to include proteins from foods like yogurts (look for varieties with less sugar added), eggs, nuts and seeds or legumes.

Is it better to Eat protein or carbs for breakfast? ›

If weight management and body composition is your primary objective, then a high-protein breakfast is probably best for its ability to keep us feeling fuller for longer. But if you're planning to go on an early morning jog or gym session, then a high-carb breakfast might be a better idea.


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