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Here’s an English test you’ll actuallywant to take.

I know, I know—it’s hard to believe. Pretty much everyone hates taking tests.

But English level tests aren’t like the scary exams you took in school.

You can take them online, in the comfort of your own home.

You can learn valuable information about your own language skills. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can boost your confidence and help you study smarter.

After you take one of these English language tests, you can prove your language skills to employers or schools. Or,if you don’t want to share your results with anyone, that’s fine! No pressure, no stress.

If you’ve been learning English on your own and you want a reliable way to test your English level, the English proficiency tests in this article will give you a good idea of where you’re at.

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What Are the Official English Proficiency Tests?

There are several English exams that are recognized internationally—you may even be preparing for a few of them. However, each test has a specific purpose and certain countries or schools usually prefer to use one over the others.

Most of these tests are quite expensive, so before taking them, you need to prepare for them properly to know whether you’re ready. Free English tests online—like the ones we’ll discuss later in this article—will surely help you prepare for these big, “official” exams.

  • IELTS: Short forInternational English Language Testing System, IELTS is one of the most well-regarded and widely used English exams and is a must for immigrating to most English-speaking countries.
  • TOEFL: This one stands forTest of English as a Foreign Languageand is very similar to IELTS. However, unlike the other exams, it involves the applicant interacting solely with a computer during the test. A score of 90 or above is considered a good score, but different places may have different requirements for visas, university applications, etc.
  • TOEIC: The Test of English for International Communication is specifically used to test your everyday English skills for a workplace environment.
  • OPI and OPIc: The Oral Proficiency Interview primarily measures your speaking skills, while the OPIc is the same exam, but entirely administered by a computer. You’re usually rated on a scale ranging from “novice” to “superior.”

Here’s a list of some online English tests with answers that you can take to know how good your English is. Of course, there are many ways to test a student’s proficiency, and these tests all focus on different aspects of the language, including grammar, reading comprehension skills, etc.

You can browse through this list and choose the ones that are relevant to your needs. Then, you’ll know if you should use resources that teach English for beginners, intermediate or advanced learners!

Language Level

This site contains a free and short test that focuses on your vocabulary and grammar. You’ll be asked only 15 questions that get harder or easier depending on your responses. Once you complete it, you’ll know your English level from A1 to C2. Based on that info, it tells you what your score would likely be on an official English exam like IELTS or TOEFL.

This test is specifically great for those who want to sign up for an English language course but aren’t sure at which level to start.

ESL Language Studies Abroad

This website includes a more in-depth English proficiency quiz with 40 multiple-choice questions. It only requires around 20 minutes of your time. At the end of the quiz you’ll see the correct answers, so if you make any mistakes, you can learn how to fix them.

This test is perfect for those who struggle with time management issues and are looking for a slightly challenging but comprehensiveEnglish language test.

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This online English proficiency test comes with both free and paid options. The test results will correspond to the CEFR levels of A1 to C2, and you can even repeat the test every month to see how much you’ve improved. Best of all, you even get a certificate that you can attach to your resume or job application to let your employers know how good your English skills are.

The free option offers a 10-minute English grammar test, but the paid option includes listening and reading, provides the certificate and gives you feedback for areas of improvement.

They also have options for your speaking and writing skills to be tested, and you can even get a hard copy of the certificate delivered to your doorstep for a fee.


Here’s something a little different. Looking for a fun twist on the typical English level test? TryFluentU!

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Click here to check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.

The videos are organized into six levels: Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2. Instead of assigning you a specific level, FluentU lets you choose the videos that are interesting to you. After watching a video, you get a fun, brief quiz, and then FluentU determines your fluency level for the vocabulary based on your answers.

(Video) ENGLISH LEVEL TEST | Are you C1 level (advanced)?

FluentU also provides the correct answers for questions you miss, so you can learn from them.

As you continue to watch and complete the video quizzes, FluentU remembers what you’re learning and suggests new videos based on that information. It also reminds you to review vocabulary that you’ve struggled with in the past.

Best of all, FluentU offers a lot more than just assessing your English level. You’ll actually learn while you watch, with interactive subtitles, full transcripts and other tools. And since these are real English videos, you’ll be learning the language as native speakers actually use it in real life.

You can try it out with the full video library for free with a FluentU trial. If you decide not to upgrade after your trial, you can still test and practice your English with FluentU’s collection of free videos.


Most English level tests focus only on certain areas of the language such as grammar or vocabulary, and that may be disappointing for those who want a long and thorough assessment.

In that case, the Bridge English Online Test is your best choice to test your English level.

It has 100 questions and needs to be completed in 65 minutes. In addition to grammar and vocabulary, it also tests listening and reading comprehension skills. After you finish you’ll immediately get your results.

If you’re preparing for an international exam like IELTS or TOEFL, taking this test will prepare you for it.

British Study Centres

(Video) What’s your English level? Take this test!

If you’re looking for a test that solely focuses on grammar, you’re in luck. British Study Centres’ English grammar test includes 40 multiple-choice questions and can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes, after which the results will be emailed to you.

If you’ve been reviewing or even struggling with English grammar, this is the test you should take to check out how things are going.

EU English

This is another option to test your English level in about 20 minutes. This quiz starts off with easy questions before moving onto difficult ones. You’ll be able to view the correct answers after you’ve finished it and figure out your strong and weak points.

If you’re looking for a typical level test with some feedback on your performance, then this exam is a good choice.

Stafford House International

This is another short language test that’s pretty good at figuring out your English level with only 25 questions. However, what sets it apart is that instead of providing correct/incorrect options, a question may have more than one right answer, but the answer that’s most right will receive maximum points.

Thus, this is the perfect test to find out your level of real-life English fluency. If you’re wondering whether you can figure out the subtle nuances of conversations or the closest synonym for a word, take this exam and find out.

Canadian College of English Language

This English proficiency test is unique because it combines the traditional multiple-choice question format along with a written section. It can be completed within an hour, after which your results and corresponding English level will be emailed to you.

(Video) Free English level test. Discover how good your English is with these questions!

If you’re looking for a test that’ll take your writing skills into account among other essential skills, then this is the test for you.

English level tests help you measure your proficiency as well as your progress in learning the language. They also identify your areas of strength and weakness. So if you perform well, congratulations! But even if you don’t, that’s no reason to feel bad, because you know where you went wrong and what you can do to improve it. Also, while taking these English tests online, try your best to not cheat or Google the answers (even if you feel tempted to) as that ultimately defeats the purpose.

Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. (Download)


What is the highest English level test? ›

C2 Proficiency, formerly known as Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE), is one of our Cambridge English Qualifications. It is our highest-level qualification – proof that you are a highly competent speaker of English.

How can I test my English speaking level online? ›

Spoken English Test For Individuals
  1. Record Your Voice and Get Instant Feedback.
  2. Pass English Level Test to identify your CEFR level.
  3. Recieve instant in-depth analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Create your personal study plan using other features.

Which English test can be done online? ›

Linguaskill is a quick and convenient online test to help higher education institutions and employers check the English levels of individuals and groups of candidates. It combines the latest technology with the reliability and quality you expect from Cambridge.

Which is the best free English learning site? ›

Free Websites to Practice English at Home
  • ABCYa. This is a website for kids, but who says adults can't use it, too? ...
  • Activities for ESL Students. ...
  • BBC Learning English. ...
  • Dave's ESL Cafe. ...
  • Duolingo. ...
  • Easy World of English. ...
  • ESL Bits. ...
  • GCF Learn Free.
12 Mar 2020

How do you get an A * in English A level? ›

How do I get an A* in my English Literature A-Level exam?
  1. Always look at the assessment obejctives. (AO1, AO2, AO3 and AO4). ...
  2. What do the assessment objectives really mean? ...
  3. Depth, depth, depth. ...
  4. Have a strong argument. ...
  5. Try to be original. ...
  6. Finally, make your conclusion strong.

What is A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2? ›

Explanation of language levels A1 to C2. The three broad levels are A1/A2 ("Basic User"), B1/B2 ("Independent User"), and C1/C2 ("Proficient User"). Let's take a look at what you should be able to communicate at the various levels set out by CERF. Language learning levels explained from A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 to C2.

What are the 10 levels of English? ›

English language levels description:
  • English Basic User (A1, A2) A1 (Beginner) A2 (Elementary English)
  • English Independent User (B1, B2) B1 (Intermediate English) B2 (Upper-Intermediate English)
  • Proficient English User (C1, C2) C1 (Advanced English) C2 (Proficiency English)

Is B1 English level good? ›

A B1 level of English would be sufficient for interactions with English speakers on familiar topics. In the workplace, people at a B1 level of English are able to read simple reports on familiar topics and write simple e-mails on subjects in their field.

Is B2 English level good? ›

Level B2 corresponds to a more advanced, more independent level than previous levels. A B2 user can communicate easily and spontaneously in a clear and detailed manner. This is not yet an experienced speaker, but a B2 user is able to understand and be understood in most situations.

What is A1 level English? ›

English level A1 is the first level of English in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), a definition of different language levels written by the Council of Europe. In everyday speech, this level would be called “beginner”, and indeed, that is the official level descriptor in the CEFR, also used by EF SET.

Is there free English proficiency test? ›

Our online English test

Take our free online English test today to find out your English level of proficiency. This is one of the most detailed free English tests online with instant results that match the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) which standardises assessment of languages.

What is the best online test? ›

The 10 Best Sites For Free Online Quizzes
  1. 1) Beano.
  2. 2) 16 Personalities.
  3. 3) Wizarding World.
  4. 4) Harrower-Erickson Multiple Choice Rorschach Test (Ink Blot Test) by Open-Source Psychometrics Project.
  5. 5) Colour is in the Eye of the Beholder by LenStore.
  6. 6) Visual DNA.
  7. 7) Food Quizzes by HeyWise.
  8. 8) Kids National Geographics.
6 days ago

Which English test is easiest to pass? ›

Between the PTE and the TOEFL test, the PTE has more sections that are specifically gauged towards measuring speaking and also the items are easier compared to that of the TOEFL test. Bear in mind that the TOEFL speaking is an integrated one. So the winner for the speaking section is the PTE test.

How can I study English online free? ›

ESOL Courses offer a lot of free online English courses for learners at any level (beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced). You can choose from a lot of resources to practice the skill you want, from listening to English for work to reading and writing.

How can I improve my English online free? ›

The 7 Best Free Ways to Practice English Online
  1. Study Online English Materials for ESL Students. ...
  2. Practice English Anytime with Mobile Apps. ...
  3. Take a MOOC. ...
  4. Connect with Other English Learners. ...
  5. Speak with Native English Conversation Partners. ...
  6. Follow Educational Websites in English. ...
  7. Have Fun with Online TV, Music and Movies.
3 Jun 2022

Which app is best for online test? ›

Online Assessment Platform for Teachers and Students
  • Skolera. Although Skolera is an LMS designed for virtual classrooms and homework, it also helps you create quick quizzes for your students anytime and anywhere. ...
  • Quizizz. ...
  • Quizlet. ...
  • Socrative. ...
  • Kahoot! ...
  • TypeForm. ...
  • Survey Anyplace. ...
  • iSpring Suite.
9 Sept 2021

Which app is best for online exams? ›

Exam Software
  • Digiexam. 4.3. (14) ...
  • Synap. 4.9. (13) ...
  • YouTestMe GetCertified. 4.6. (16) ...
  • Test Invite. 4.9. Online examination software for recruiters and trainers. ...
  • Brilliant Assessments. 4.9. Assessment platform with builder & detailed feedback reports. ...
  • TestGorilla. 4.3. (204) ...
  • Integrity Advocate. 4.9. ...
  • TestGenius. 5.0.

What is the most accurate quiz website? ›

Here goes.
  • Jetpunk.
  • Buzzfeed Quizzes.
  • Challenge The Brain.
  • Quiz UK.
  • Sporcle.
  • The Pub Quiz Company.
  • Quizly.

What does D * mean in A levels? ›

This type of qualifications is given a ranked grade, this is because the awarding body recognises that the student has achieved the qualification and recognises highest to lowest levels in performance. The highest-grade being Distinction star and the lowest grade Pass. Possible grades: DS* = Distinction star.

Is a * a Grade 8? ›

Grade 9 is the equivalent of above an A* Grade 8 is the equivalent of in between grades A* and A. Grade 7 is the equivalent of a grade A. Grade 6 is the equivalent of just above a grade B.

How many A * Do you need for Cambridge? ›

Entry requirements

Certain grades may be required at Higher Level. Cambridge usually requires A*A*A for most sciences courses and A*AA for arts courses or 40–42 in the IB, including core points, with 776 at Higher Level. AAA is usually required at Advanced Higher grade, for students in Scotland.

Is B2 fluent or C1? ›

Difference between B2 and C1

Based on a CEFR scale, the B2 level corresponds to the term being fluent. If a learner is fluent in their target language, then they know between 5,000 and 10,000 words in that language. As for the C1 level, it corresponds to being proficient in the target language.

Is C1 better than B2? ›

Side-by-Side Comparison

The B2 is the better choice if you need something to use in a well-lit room because it gets brighter in SDR. However, their HDR brightness is similar, and the C1 has better gradient handling, so if you watch HDR content, it's better to go for the C1.

Is B2 better than A1? ›

The LG B2 OLED has more features than the LG A1 OLED, so if you're a gamer and need HDMI 2.1 bandwidth and VRR support, the B2 is the better choice. The B2 also performs better in well-lit rooms as it gets brighter, and highlights pop more in HDR.

Is B2 fluent? ›

Level B2: Basic Fluency

Reaching B2 is generally considered by most people as having basic fluency. You'll have a working vocabulary of around 4000 words.

What is C1 level English called? ›

Skills at C1 English level (advanced)

They can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes. They can produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects.

Is B2 the highest level of English? ›

B14-5G/T Adv
B25,5-6,5G/T Adv
C17-8G/T Adv*
2 more rows

Can you fail B1 English test? ›


You can take this exam in many parts of the world. The result is either pass or fail. If you receive a fail, then you cannot use the test result in your application for a visa.

Is Level 1 English a pass? ›

Level 1 English is a government accredited English course equivalent to GCSE English grade GCSE 'pass' grade 1 to 3 (grade D-G).

Is B1 test easy? ›

Passing the B1 writing exam is not an easy task. You need advanced preparations to successfully complete this English test. Languages are the most complex subjects. You need lots of patience and practice to learn a new language.

What are the 12 levels of English? ›

  • A guide to English language levels.
  • Beginner: CEFR Level A1.
  • Pre-Intermediate: CEFR Level A2.
  • Intermediate: CEFR Level B1.
  • Upper-Intermediate: CEFR Level B2.
  • Advanced: CEFR Level C1.
  • Mastery: CEFR Level C2.
  • Achieving your English proficiency goals.
24 Sept 2022

Which is better B1 or B2? ›

Generally speaking, a B1 visa is for business-related projects, while a B2 visa is for tourism and pleasure-travel. The government can also issue a B1/B2 visa to business travelers who plan to travel within the US for tourist activities during their stay in the United States.

How long does it take to get from B2 to C1 English? ›

How long does it take to learn English?
Level of English (CEFR)Number of hours of instruction
A2 to B1300 hours
B1 to B2200 hours
B2 to C1200 hours
C1 to C2200 hours
2 more rows
25 Jan 2019

Is A2 English good? ›

An A2 level of English is sufficient for tourism in an English-speaking country and socializing with English speakers, although to develop deeper friendships an A2 level is not adequate.

What is better A1 or B1? ›

The LG B1 OLED is a higher-end TV than the LG A1 OLED, so it performs better overall.

Is C1 English good? ›

Level C1 corresponds to proficient users of the language, i.e. those able to perform complex tasks related to work and study.

Is there free IELTS online test? ›

Our online IELTS tests are always free. We are here to help users for study abroad, immigration and finding jobs.

Is Duolingo test better than IELTS? ›

Although IELTS is much more popular than Duolingo, having said that, in the light of Covid-19, the Duolingo English Test is also being accepted by more and more universities abroad.
Proficiency Level.
Proficiency LevelIELTSDuolingo
Very Good8135-140
7 more rows
21 Jan 2022

Is Duolingo test harder than IELTS? ›

But is the Duolingo test easier than IELTS? IELTS certainly is a lengthier and more comprehensive test – designed to get a full picture of your proficiency level.

How can I pass an online test? ›

Here are some additional tips to help you succeed at your next online exam:
  1. Check your computer. ...
  2. Find a good spot to take the test. ...
  3. Make sure you understand the test guidelines. ...
  4. If available, take practice exams. ...
  5. Study. ...
  6. Practice good time management while taking the test. ...
  7. Use logic when test taking. ...
  8. Keep track of time.

Which is best online or offline exams? ›

Comfort: The online mode is easier for both students and teachers in many ways. With an online setup, the students can give their tests from the comfort of their homes. This reduces stress and saves time. Online exams also benefit teachers since they save time from preparing piles of exam sheets.

Are online exams easier or harder? ›

Online exams are easier because there's less pressure. Extra weight is added into a student that could easily be avoided by taking the exam online. There's nothing to worry about from being watched, proctors tend to have more patience, and it just feels easier to take an exam without anyone else around.

What is the hardest test to pass? ›

Here are the Top 10 Toughest Exam in the World :
  • Gaokao.
  • UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE)
  • Joint Entrance Examination.
  • Master Sommelier Diploma Exam.
  • All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam.
  • Mensa IQ Test.
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE)
27 Apr 2022

What is the hardest test to pass in the world? ›

Top 10 Toughest Exams in World To Crack in 2022
  • Mensa.
  • GRE (Graduate Record Examination)
  • CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)
  • CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert)
  • GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, India)
  • All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam.
  • Exam for the Master Sommelier Diploma.
  • FAQs.
16 Aug 2022

Which free app is best for improving English? ›

Our list of top five favorite apps to improve your English will help.
  1. Rosetta Stone – Most versatile app. ...
  2. FluentU – Best media-based app. ...
  3. Hello English – Best app for intermediate learners. ...
  4. Duolingo – Most fun app. ...
  5. HelloTalk – Best conversational app.
14 Oct 2019

Is duolingo test better than IELTS? ›

Although IELTS is much more popular than Duolingo, having said that, in the light of Covid-19, the Duolingo English Test is also being accepted by more and more universities abroad.
Proficiency Level.
Proficiency LevelIELTSDuolingo
Very Good8135-140
7 more rows
21 Jan 2022

Is British Council English score free? ›

EnglishScore – take a free English test | British Council.

How can I improve my English speaking skills at home free? ›

But like any other skill, you can improve your spoken English if you practise regularly and follow these simple techniques.
  1. Listen. The first step in improving your speaking skills is actually working on your listening. ...
  2. Imitate. ...
  3. Read. ...
  4. Reflect. ...
  5. Prepare. ...
  6. Speak. ...
  7. Practise.
18 Oct 2021

Is B1 good in English test? ›

However, a B1 level is not adequate to function fully in the workplace in English. According to the official CEFR guidelines, someone at the B1 level in English: Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc.

What is the pass mark for Duolingo? ›

The minimum score is 10 and the others are 15, 20-25, 30-40, 40-50, 55-60, 65-70, 75-80, 85-90, 95-100, 105-110 and 115-120. The highest band corresponds to IELTS 7.0. The highest possible scores in Duolingo are also 125-130, 135-140, 145-150 and 155-160.

Can I get visa with Duolingo? ›

There are currently no online language tests that are acceptable for immigration purposes. Duolingo is not acceptable.

Is Duolingo accepted in USA? ›

Some of the countries accepting your Duolingo scores are: USA. Canada. United Kingdom.


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