Top 10 Remarkable Vegetarian Indian Restaurants In Paris (2022)

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Vegetarian Indian Restaurants near Disneyland Paris

Well, Disneyland Resort in Paris, One can easily find vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in Paris like and taste delicious Butter Chicken, Shahi Paneer, Paneer Makhni, Biryani, Masala Dosa in the following Indian Restaurants in Paris.

The aroma of the flavours of India is refreshing to Indians, and we know that very well. Thus, Vegetarian Indian restaurants in Paris near Disneyland Resort Paris can be reached via a taxi or Public Transport.

1. Planète Indienne ( serves delicious Indian Food in Paris )

Prices of a few popular dishes are as followed. Butter Chicken (€13.50), Matar Paneer (€9.50), Naan (€3).
Distance from Disneyland Resort- 8 km.

  • 45-47 Avenue Thibaud de Champagne,77144 Montévrain
  • Opens at 12:00-02:00 pm, 19:00-11:30pm
  • Average Cost for 2 – €25

2. Warsi – Restaurant Indien et Pakistanais

The Royal Fine Dining experience can be taken at Warsi Restaurant in Paris. With a huge variety of curries and tandoor food items, Warsi Restaurants is popular among Indian Tourists for best Indian Food in Paris. Few popular vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in Paris are as follows Butter Chicken (€14), Sag Paneer (€9), Naan (€2)
Distance from Disneyland Resort Paris- 6.5 km
Halal Food Served.

  • 1 a 5 boulevard des sports, 77700 Bailly-Romainvilliers
  • Opens at 12:00–14:00 pm & 19:00–23:00 pm. Closed on Mondays.
  • Average Cost for 2 – €25
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3. Le Kolam

The hunt for Indian Food Paris will end at Le Kolam. The flavours of Indian completes the instil wish to have Indian food in Paris after a long tiring day at Disneyland Resort. Delicious Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food in Amsterdam include Butter Chicken, Shahi Paneer, Naan and Beverages.
Distance from Disneyland Resort Paris- 7.2 km
Halal Food Served.

  • 18 Route de Provins, 77600 Chanteloup-en-Brie, France
  • Opens at 11:30am–14:00 pm 18:30–23:00 pm
  • Average Cost for 2 – €30

Indian Restaurants in Paris near Eiffel Tower

Well enjoyed your experience at Eiffel Tower and Champs-Élysées avenue? Or are you somewhere around Arc de Triomphe? List of Indian Restaurants near Eiffel Tower is huge, we have tried to include Top 3 Indian Food in Paris restaurants as per its distance from Tour Eiffel. You can find the flavours of India from the following Indian kitchens in Paris which are just a walk away. Try these delicious Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Indian Food in Paris near Eiffel Tower.

4. New Jawad Restaurant

Clearly, you will find many options for Indian Food in Paris. This restaurant has a special place in the hearts of people travelling from India and Pakistan. Moreover, Butter Chicken (€15), Samosa (€6), Stuffed Paratha (€ 4).

  • 12 Avenue Rapp, 75007 Paris, France
  • Opens at 11:30am–14:30pm 18:30–23:30pm
  • Average Cost for 2 – €25

5. Restaurant Goa

Restaurant Goa in Paris is one of the affordable and best Indian restaurants in Paris. This specific flavours of India is located 1000 m from Eiffel Tower. Thus, it may take 10-15 min in order to reach here. From Desserts to the delicious menu for Lunch & Dinner, Butter Chicken (€9.75), Palak Paneer (€7.5), Chapati (€ 2), Cheese Naan (€ 3) are few of the popular dishes.

  • 19 Rue Augereau, 75007 Paris, France
  • Opens at 12:00–14:30pm & 19:00–23:00pm
  • Average Cost for 2 – €20

6. Taj Mahal near Eiffel Tower

Well, this will sound weird, but for me, its like imagining Taj Mahal next to Eiffel Tower. Lol. This small, cosy Indian restaurant will make you feel home. Indian Food in Paris is not difficult to find with the rise in Tourism all over the world and Indian tourists exploring places. Taj Mahal restaurant is 850 m away from Eiffel Tower and serve one of the best Indian Food in Paris like Delicious Butter Chicken (€12.5), Dal Makhni (€9.5), Naan (€ 2.20).

(Video) The Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in Paris, France

21 Rue d’Ouessant, 75015 Paris, France

Opens at Saturday 12–14:30pm 18:30–23:15pm

Average Cost for 2 – €20

7. Le Palais de Raja Maharaja

Try their delicious grill options (Hot Indian Food in Paris including Tandoori, Iikka), our superb doughnuts/fritters (pakora onions, aloo pakora). Indian tourists also like Indian Food items made from fish, meat, salads, shrimps, naans and desserts. You can also try hot milk tea here.

Indian Restaurants in Amsterdam near Arc de Triomphe

Since we all are well aware of India Gate in New Delhi, you can relate India gate closely resembling this. India gate was built in 1921 It commemorates the members of the erstwhile British Indian Army. After India got its independence, India Gate became the site of Amar Jawan Jyoti – Indian Army’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. You will find some really good options for Indian food in Paris from Arc de Triomphe.

8. Safrane

The speciality about this restaurant is that this is a high-end Luxury restaurant. From delicious starters to having Indian momos in Paris, it will give you a perfect dinner option. Few of the popular Indian Food in Paris include Chicken Korma (€19.50), Daal Makhni (€15), Naan (€ 5)

(Video) The Little India Of Paris || Exploring The Little India || Indian food || Indian Restaurant in paris

1 bis Rue des Colonels Renard, 75017 Paris, France

Opens at 12–15:00 pm 19:30–23:00 pm

Average Cost for 2 – €45

9. Ashiana Restaurant

Ashiana Restaurant is another Vegetarian Indian restaurant near Arc de Triomphe. Few popular Indian food items include Matar Paneer (€ 12), Butter Chicken (€16), Naan (€ 4.50).

229 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris, France

(Video) The Little India or Paris - 400 Rupay Plate! The budget-friendly Indian neighbourhood of Paris

Opens at 12:00–3pm 19:00–23:30pm

Average Cost for 2 – €30

10. Simla Hill Restaurant

Indian Restaurants near Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe is not hard to find. Simla Hill Restaurants will be a little expensive, but when you are searching for Indian Restaurants near Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe, this is another good option. Popular Dishes- Daal (€ 12), Tandoori Chicken (€12).

9 Rue Lord Byron, 75008 Paris, France

Opens at 12–14:30pm 19:00–23:00 pm

Average Cost for 2 – €30

Top 10 Remarkable Vegetarian Indian Restaurants In Paris (1)


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Welcome to Chasing Whereabouts, I'm Ertiqua, an Indian Travel blogger and content creator. I love travelling and I have a knack to try different cuisines from the place where I visit.
I have visited around 15+ Countries in total and I plan on visiting the complete world. *wink* *wink*


Is it easy to find vegetarian food in Paris? ›

There was little more than side salads, green beans, and fries to sustain a vegetarian or vegan while exploring the city. Happily, Paris has recently done a culinary 180, and it's now one of the most vegetarian-friendly cities in Europe.

Does Paris have vegetarian options? ›

But despite being a meat lover, I am here to tell you that it is 100% possible to find vegetarian restaurants in Paris. I'll admit that a lot of stress and anxiety went into finding restaurants that could accommodate my vegetarian boyfriend.

Where is the world's longest running vegetarian restaurant with a strong Indian connection? ›

Hiltl, recognised as the world's longest running vegetarian restaurant, is a much loved Zurich institution with a strong Indian connection.

Which city is known as Indian Paris? ›

Jaipur is also known as the Pink City, due to the dominant colour scheme of its buildings. It is also known as the Paris of India, and C. V. Raman called it the Island of Glory.

Which city is known as India's Paris? ›

Regularly 1000s of tourists come to see this historical fort. This AMER FORT is one of the reason why jaipur is called The Paris Of India. It is 11 kilometre from Jaipur and built in the 16 century is one the most famous forts of Rajasthan .

Is France OK for vegetarians? ›

If you're vegetarian, you likely won't have many issues living in France. You'll be able to have a lot of traditional foods, including pastries, crêpes, and cheeses. If you're vegan, you will have more challenges, but I believe it's still doable as someone who avoided most animal products when I was living there.

Are French people vegetarian? ›

During a survey carried out between July 2021 and June 2022, approximately five percent of French people aged between 18 and 19 said they were following a vegetarian diet. The share of vegetarians among respondents aged between 50 and 59 was at two percent.

What do vegetarians eat in France? ›

Look below to find our list of typical French dishes that do not contain meat as well as some vegetarian alternatives to well-known French dishes.
  • Tartiflette without bacon chunks. ...
  • Vegetarian Bourguignon. ...
  • Sauerkraut Pie. ...
  • Aligot. ...
  • Rolled omelet with fine herbs. ...
  • Leek gratin. ...
  • Gratin dauphinois.
22 Mar 2021

How do I ask for a vegetarian meal in France? ›

I find it easier to ask, “Do you have any dishes without meat or fish?” rather than saying I'm vegetarian. That way you'll avoid any confusion. Of course, this is more relevant in small towns and rural areas.

Does Paris cater for vegetarians? ›

ALWAYS CHECK THE MENU BEFORE YOU GO. Historically vegetarian dishes have been hard to come by at most restaurants, but the growing awareness of meat-free eating in the city means that plenty of non-vegetarian restaurants in Paris has added a swathe of meat-free options for diners.

Where are the most vegetarians in Europe? ›

According to our study, Switzerland is officially the European epicenter of vegetarianism. Home to Hiltl, the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world, it's the trailblazer for the likes of kale, acai bowls and lentils.

Which country has the tastiest vegetarian food? ›

The Seychelles' top score is driven by its high number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants in relation to its small population, alongside its low annual meat consumption,” says Oliver's Travels. “In the Seychelles the only 35.6kg of meat per capita is consumed annually.

Is Virat Kohli a vegetarian? ›

Later in 2021, during an AMA, the cricketer shared his actual diet, which constituted “Lots of vegetables, some eggs, two cups of coffee, quinoa, lots of spinach, love dosas too. But all in controlled quantities.” A point to be noted here is that despite Kohli's claims of being a vegetarian, he does consume eggs.

Is Virat Kohli restaurant vegetarian? ›

Virat Kohli's new restaurant in Mumbai's Juhu offers vegetarian friendly menu and cocktails and has a light bar snacks menu. The cricketer also noted that the main focus of one8 Commune was to experiment with greens and grains and to convert them into healthy and light dishes with bold flavours.

Where do Indians live in Paris? ›

The La Chapelle district, nicknamed Little Jaffna, was indeed used as a gathering place for Indian, as well as Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi and Pakistani migrants in the 80s.

Which city is called mini India Why? ›

Delhi is a smaller version of political India, often called mini India. It has always mirrored the larger India in the Lok Sabha elections.

Which city is called London of India? ›

A city of commerce, transport, and manufacture, Kolkata is the dominant urban centre of eastern India.

Which city in India looks like Europe? ›

Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh; feels like Switzerland.

Ever since Yash Chopra introduced Switzerland to the masses of India, the stunning European country has seen millions of Indian tourists. However, for those who don't wish to travel too far from home, Khajjiar is the place to go to.

Which city of Pakistan is called Paris? ›

Karachi was being described as 'The Paris of Asia' and it became one of the cleanest cities in South Asia till 1920s. Saeed Buledi and 5,562 others like this.

Which city is known as mini Paris? ›

Pondicherry is like a mini Paris in India.

Which countries are pure vegetarian? ›

The 5 Best Countries in the World for Vegetarians
  • India. Probably a vegetarian's safest bet when it comes to traveling. ...
  • Ethiopia. Most Ethiopians belong to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, which prescribes meat-free Wednesdays and Fridays as well as long periods of vegetarian fasting. ...
  • Israel. ...
  • Jamaica. ...
  • Singapore.

Is there any fully vegetarian country? ›

While there are no entirely vegetarian countries that exist, not every country eats primarily meat. Although eating meat is part of the national identity in many countries, there are destinations that may otherwise be defined as a vegetarians paradise.

What religion is only vegetarian? ›

India's 400 million vegetarians

Plant-based eating is deeply rooted in three of the prominent religions practiced in India – Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. All these religions believe in the concept of Ahimsa, which means kindness and non-violence towards all living things.

Do French eat rice? ›

The starches that you might find on a plate of food in France are many and varied, and include potatoes (there are a hundred ways of preparing them), turnips (an ancient accompaniment to duck), and beans (essential to wintry dishes like a cassoulet). But you rarely see rice.

What are the top 3 foods in France? ›

Top 5 foods in France
  • Cassoulet. One particular dish that gained popularity in southern France is Cassoulet. ...
  • Oeufs en meurette. If you ever find yourself in Burgundy mid-morning then stop off for brunch and try this French version of poached eggs. ...
  • Religieuse au chocolat. ...
  • Baguette au fromage. ...
  • Bouillabaisse.
22 Jul 2017

What are 3 foods popular in France? ›

The 10 most famous french foods over the world are:
  • The croissant.
  • The baguette.
  • The coq au vin.
  • The ratatouille.
  • The boeuf bourguignon.
  • The quiche Lorraine.
  • The escargots de Bourgogne.
  • The onion soup.
3 Jul 2021

Who pays for dinner in France? ›

Now, if you are a man having lunch or dinner (it can be just as friends: it's not because you have dinner with a woman in France that it's “a date“), French customs dictate that you pay for her.

What can you not ask a vegetarian? ›

10 Things People Should Stop Saying to Vegetarians
  • “Don't you miss meat?” ...
  • “I could never give up meat. ...
  • “But that's why animals are here.” ...
  • “Would you eat meat if…?” ...
  • “How is it all that different from eating plants?” ...
  • “What would you do if I tricked you into eating meat?” ...
  • “How do you get protein?”

Can I take vegetarian burgers to France? ›

France is the latest country to ban the use of meat names on plant-based food products, from October 2022.

Is French onion soup vegetarian in Paris? ›

It's strictly veggie, offering a meat-free twist on the classic French cuisine that draws countless gourmands to Paris each year. There's vegetarian French onion soup, traditional buckwheat crepes and even meat-free “beef” bourguignon. It's got all the comfort of a French countryside home, with none of the meaty guilt.

What 3 vegetarian dishes would you recommend someone serve in their restaurant Why? ›

10 Totally Tasty, Trendy Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes for Restaurants
  • Cauliflower Pizza Crust. Recently, cauliflower has emerged as a versatile, all-star vegetable. ...
  • 2. … ...
  • Fries in Every Form. ...
  • “Zoodle” Dishes. ...
  • Smoothie Bowls. ...
  • Grain Bowls. ...
  • Portabella Mushroom Burgers. ...
  • Cashew Cheese and Fruit Plate (Charcuterie)
12 Dec 2020

Is Paris OK for vegans? ›

From sit-down restaurants to grab-and-go bakeries, plenty of places in Paris cater to a plant-based diet. In the past, finding a vegan restaurant in Paris has been nothing short of a struggle.

Which country is pure non vegetarian? ›

China. This is one of those countries where you will find animal products in almost every dish. They commonly use lard in almost every dish and even chips are not safe for vegetarians.

Which is the vegetarian capital of the world? ›

In a surprise victory, Brighton has been crowned the 'vegan capital of the world' for the first time ever. The iconic seaside city beat out plant-based powerhouses like Seattle and Berlin to secure its top spot in the global rankings.

Which is the largest vegetarian friendly country in the world? ›

Annual meat consumption per capita (kg)

Using these calculations, we found the Seychelles to be the most vegetarian-friendly country in the world for vegetarian travellers, with a total Global Vegetarian Index score of 328.

Which state in India is pure vegetarian? ›

Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat are vegetarian 'strongholds' The NFHS-5 data shows that, on average, only 23 per cent of women and 15 per cent of men never consume chicken, fish, or meat.

Which country is heaven for vegetarians? ›

Israel as a whole has been a leader in vegetarian cuisine, as many of their most popular traditional dishes are already meat free. You are probably already familiar with hummus, baba ganoush, falafel and Israeli salads which are naturally vegan.

What is the most popular vegetarian Indian dishes? ›

The 5 Most Popular Indian Vegetarian Dishes
  1. Channa Masala. This mouth watering chickpea curry is often a staple and regional favorite of North Indian breakfasts. ...
  2. Dal Makani. Dal Makhani is a very popular Indian dish from the Punjab and Northern Indian region. ...
  3. Saag Paneer. ...
  4. Mutter Paneer. ...
  5. Malai Kofta.
8 Jan 2021

Is Deepika Padukone non-vegetarian? ›

Deepika Padukone, the lissome actress, seems to have found the recipe for success with her debut Om Shanti Om. She talks to us about her diet regime and her most memorable meal atop Eiffel Tower. I am a non-vegetarian but I also like vegetarian food.

Is Priyanka Chopra a vegetarian? ›

Actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas has now unveiled her own hair care line and it is a treat for vegans.

Is jasprit Bumrah vegetarian? ›

Bumrah pointed out that he eats healthy six days a week, and has one cheat day where he eats anything from biryani to Indian sweets. However, he revealed that his diet consists of high-protein meals like grilled fish for the remaining six days.

Is Anushka Sharma vegan or vegetarian? ›

Anushka Sharma said, "Virat and I have always been animal lovers. It's been years since we decided to adopt a meat-free lifestyle. The collaboration with Blue Tribe is a step to tell people how they can be more conscious and leave less impact on the planet by switching to a plant-based diet.

Is Ravindra Jadeja a vegetarian? ›

A pure vegetarian, Pujara is famous for his soya laddoos that are made by his mother in law. Even Ravindra Jadeja, a known meat lover, can't keep his hands off the sweet delicacy.

Is Kedar Jadhav vegetarian? ›

Son of former Maharashtra State Electricity Board employee Mahadev Jadhav, Kedar hails from a vegetarian family. "You can surely give this credit to me.

Does France have Indian restaurants? ›

Le Maharaja

Discover the oldest Indian restaurant in Paris, France in Le Maharajah. It offers yummy and delicious food to all guests. Visitors can let themselves be overwhelmed by the fragrance and flavors of the popular North Indian cuisine here.

Where do Indians live in France? ›

But overwhelmingly, France's Indian population call Greater Paris region of Île-de-France their home. This is by far the most popular region for Indians, with 14,100 of France's 19,000 Indian citizens calling it home (74 percent).

Is there an Indian community in France? ›

A majority of the Indian community hails from Puducherry and Chandannagar, the former French colonies in India. Later arrivals to mainland France were mostly Gujaratis, Keralites and Indians from Mauritius, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, the Seychelles, Réunion, and Madagascar.

Are Indians welcomed in France? ›

In total, France welcomed nearly 25,500 Indian immigrants on its territory in 2019.
Distribution of the number of Indian immigrants living in France in 2019, by age group.
CharacteristicNumber of individuals
4 more rows
20 Oct 2022

Which city of India is French? ›

In 1674 the Governor of “La Compagnie française des Indes orientales” (French East India Company) François Martin, set up a trading centre at Pondicherry and this outpost eventually became the chief French settlement in India. Wars were raged among the European companies for their share of trade with India.

Is France good for Indian? ›

Study in France for Indian students leads them towards good career opportunities internationally, after graduation. France is better known for its high level of technological development, culture and reputation in the education system, which attracts number of young aspirants every academic year.

Is France cheaper than India? ›

Cost of living in Paris (France) is 210% more expensive than in Delhi (India)

Is France rich than India? ›

India is not richer than France. India( $2.59 trillion) has a bigger economy than France($2.58 trillion). Which does not make India a richer country. Even after having a bigger economy India is far far behind France in terms of per capita GDP due to India's massive population.

How many Indians stay in France? ›

Overseas Indian Population
Indians in Europe
CountryIndian population% of total population
Republic of Ireland91,5201.9%
20 more rows

Can Indians move to Paris? ›

As a non-EU national you will have to figure out how to get a French visa and a work permit. Please keep in mind that it is illegal to move to Paris on a short-term Schengen visa and then apply for a long-term visa after you have settled in the country.

Which foreign country has highest Indian population? ›

Saudi Arabia

Indians living in Saudi form 9.8% of their overall population, thus being the highest expatriate population in the country. The agreement to balance recruitment of workers from both nations in Saudi workforce has maintained pleasant and friendly relations between the two countries.

Where do French rich people live? ›

Archamps, on the Swiss border in France's Haute-Savoie department, is the wealthiest village in France.

How many Hindus are there in Paris? ›

Hinduism is a minority religion in France, which is followed by more than 150,000 people in France. Most of the Hindus in France are mainly Sri Lankan Tamils (Tamils in France). Though there are many Hindus from India (Indian diaspora), Nepal, Afghanistan, Mauritius and other nations.

How do Indians settle in France? ›

PSW visa after bachelors

Students who are already employed are only eligible to apply for a residence permit. For students from non-EU backgrounds, who do not have any permanent employment, can apply for a temporary resident permit, APS (Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour).


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